Cottage Living

Sims 4 Cottage Living Expansion Pack (Download) – 2024

The Sims 4 Cottage Living is one of the most awaited expansion packs in the game because of the refreshing take it brings forth. A countryside lifestyle where characters can start their life away from the city’s hustle and bustle and lead a simple life.

Farming would be one of the main occupations of the characters living in this brand new town, Henford on Bagley. It’s a cozy and friendly town where everyone knows everyone. 

Players can hang out at the pub, explore the town, and play with animals. Let’s know more about when and at what time does cottage living come out

Date and Time Details

Cottage Living EP will be released worldwide on 22nd July 2021, and the timing in different parts of the world will be as follows – 

  • 6 pm BST
  • 10 am PST
  • 12 pm CT
  • 1 pm ET
  • 5 pm UTC
  • 6 pm BST
  • 7 pm CEST

This pack is available on PC, Xbox, and PS5 only, and players would require the base game for it to work. Unlike other EPs, this pack would release globally at once instead of in a staggered release. You can download this pack from Origin, Steam, Microsoft Store, and Playstation Store. The pack would also improve the loading screen time and frames per second. 

More About Sims 4 Cottage Living

As I mentioned earlier, this cute little town would allow your character to lead a stress free, happy life with their animal companions, such as chickens, llamas, cows, etc.

They can even interact with them and sell their produce to earn money. The produce of these animals would depend on your avatar’s actions; for instance, if your character has to complete a challenge and it requires them to change the color of their cow’s milk or the color of their llama’s fur, then they can do so. 

There are other rural activities besides domesticating animals, such as growing crops, participating in contests for their produce, hanging out at the local pub, preparing fresh farm meals, etc. 

Pre Order Bonus

Pre Order Bonus

Players who order this pack before it’s released or before 2nd September will enjoy certain perks, and they are as follows – 

  • Scenic commuting bicycle to wander around the town.
  • ‘Onward’, the adventurous gnome, is an ugly piece of garden furniture featuring a chicken.
  • Bramblewood’s deLIGHTful tree, which is covered in lights. 


Now that you know at what time does cottage living come out, the wait would become even more challenging, but it’d be worth the wait. There are so many new features and interactions that would change your gameplay in the most significant way and would also give you something to look forward to.

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