Sims 4 Adopt A Pet

Sims 4 Adopt A Pet | How To Adopt Pet – (Updated) 2024

Animals add colour to our lives, and how can we pass up this opportunity of having one in the virtual world? The Cats and Dogs expansion provides you with a chance to own a companion, but instead of buying them from an animal shop, the Sims 4 adopt a pet would let them be a part of your household only if you acquire them. 

How to buy a pet in Sims 4

Those of you who did not ‘create a pet’ during CAS can still get pets in Sims 4 through these steps –

  • Click on the computer or phone of your character.
  • If you’re using the computer, go to household and select Adopt.
  • Two options would be provided to you, cats and dogs. Choose any one of them for $200 if you want. 
  • While using a phone, navigate to the household/career tab and choose ‘Hire a Service’.
  • As their call finishes, choose either ‘Adopt a dog’ or ‘Adopt a cat.’
  • You can take up to three of them. An adoption agent would visit your house along with the pets.
  • Click on the Official and press the End Evaluation tab when you’ve finished.

You’d have a chance to connect with the new members and know their traits as well. When you’ve made your final decision, choose the animal as your furry friend and click on the Adopt option. 

Sims 4 Adopt A Pet | How To Adopt Pet - (Updated)

How to adopt pets Sims 4

If you aren’t willing to expend on an animal, you can embrace a stray. If an animal isn’t owned, ‘stray’ written in red font would appear on their nameplate.

But to embrace it fully, you’d need to befriend him and make progress in the relationship meter until an option ‘adopt social interaction’ appears. Go for it and add them to your household. 

Although if their offsprings aren’t on your list, then adopting a pet might not be the right choice as strays tend to breed. 

Sims 4 adopt stray

There might be a lot of dogs who don’t have an owner or a house to live in. Therefore, it is suggested that you consider the option of embracing a stray.

It won’t cost you money, and you’d also have a beautiful furry friend. You can also use cheats for the CAS of that furry friend and confirm if they belong to someone. 

But you can also use cheats to add them to your family depending on whether you want them or not.

How to adopt a dog& Cat in Sims 4

The procedure for cats and dogs is the same as mentioned above. All you have to do is follow those steps efficiently, and you’d be the owner of a dog or a cat in no time. 


Animals complete the family portrait. It’d be an exciting addition to the family whether you embrace or buy a pet through the Sims 4 adopt a pet feature.

Try it out and see how interesting they make the whole experience. If you want to go an extra mile, know all about numerous pet mods.

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