Sims 4 Pride Flags and Decor CC

Best Sims 4 Pride Flags and Decor CC (Download) – All free – 2024

All the players who want more LGBTQIA+ representation in the game would be happy to download these Sims 4 pride flags and decor cc, which celebrate the pride month in the best way possible.

The Sims has always moved with the times, and therefore, it also gives the players the option to choose pronouns for their characters.

So here are a few custom content that would add liveliness and brightness to your homes in the form of pride colors. 

Sims 4 Pride CC

Here’s a list of some of the most incredible CCs that you’d want to download for your avatars or the game in general. So let’s take a look. 

1. Yamachan Says Pride! Posters

Yamachan Says Pride! Posters

If you love Yamachan, then you’d love it even more when it comes holding pride flags. These posters are available in two background swatches, colorful and black, and the flags are available in 10 different colors. So you can choose the one that you wish to add to your house in the game. They are all base game compatible as well.

2. Pride Bubbly Drink

Pride Bubbly Drink

How can we not have a bubbly drink during pride month, right? So download this drink cc, which features the pride colors on the bottle and is located in the Build/Buy menu’s Miscellaneous & Clutter” category. It’s a decorative item and not a functional one, though. However, it still makes for an excellent addition to parties.

3. University Plants

University Plants

Who doesn’t love plants, right? Well, they are about to get even more gorgeous and lucrative when you buy these plants in potted plants featuring rainbow colors.

You can either get the cactus or succulents that are available in 23 swatches. There are 2 recolor sets, and each set contains 6 potted plants, including both cacti and succulents. They only cost 5 simoleons.

4. Pride Park

Pride Park

When celebrating pride month, you obviously need a location to do so, and this pride park is the perfect spot as it includes an arch, balloons, prints, a rainbow colored stage, and a lot more.

It screams PRIDE in every way, so what’s better than planning a party here itself? There’d be music, dance, vendors selling merch and food, and there’s also a selfie station. How cool is that!

5. Pride Flags

Pride Flags

This cc offers you pride flags and fairy lights to decorate your house, especially when you’re planning an LGBTQIA+ party. Flags are available in two sizes: big and small, and the lights are available in two lengths. So you can use the ones that fit in best with the rest of your decor.

6. Happy Pride Month Pose Pack With Flags

Happy Pride Month Pose Pack

This option is simply adorable as it includes 4 poses for your characters to try out with their partner or with the pride flag. It even includes characters in wheelchairs, which is absolutely amazing, but you’d have to place two teleporters in the middle of the wheelchair to try out these poses.

7. Polyamorous Flag

Polyamorous Flag

There’s no better flag than this one because it celebrates diversity in an incredible way. There’s only one swatch available, which is base game compatible, and you can use this flag as a wall decoration at your place. It celebrates the love of all kinds, and that’s what makes this an impressive addition.

8. Base Game Pride Flag Recolor

Base Game Pride Flag Recolor

This pride flag is a modern one with love written all over it and is perfect for decorating indoors or outdoors of the house. You can choose from the 30 swatches available, which one suits your vibe and decor items the most. It’s compatible with the base game, and all the swatches are related to pride only.

9. Pride Flags

Pride Flags

As the name suggests, this pride custom content includes 50 flags for everyone, such as – 

  1. Greysexual
  2. Greyromantic
  3. Grey-AroAce
  4. Demisexual
  5. Demiromantic
  6. Demi-AroAce
  7. Alternative Aromantic Flag 1
  8. Alternative Aromantic Flag 2
  9. Akoisexual
  10. Akoiromantic
  11. Fraysexual
  12. Cupiosexual
  13. Aegosexual
  14. Aegoromantic
  15. AroAce 1, and so on.

It celebrates a person’s unique identity, and what more could we ask for. Download this content right away because it doesn’t get better than this.

10. The Pride Juiceback Recolor

Pride Juiceback Recolor

Those who have the Get Together pack can download this cc, which includes a colorful juiceback featuring pride colors that’s available in 2 variations, along with distinct wood patterns.

It’s a comforting and welcoming decor that you can hang in a bar or when you’re planning some pride events. It’ll fit right in wherever you place it, so don’t think too much before getting this cc.

11. Flags & Pride Month Posepack

Flags & Pride Month Posepack

Here’s another pose pack for couples as well as those with pride flags that accentuate the love between two people by including lovey dovey and affectionate poses. There are three poses and 3 flag variations available. It’s the perfect way to emphasize that love is love.

12. Romantic Spectrum Flags

Romantic Spectrum Flags

This cc is specifically for aromantics, which comes in 10 pride flag colors indicating 10 different identities to accommodate every person who is a part of the aro spectrum.

This base game compatible option is an excellent addition to the game that represents the aro spectrum in an inclusive way.

13. Pride Pillows & Shower Curtains

Pride Pillows & Shower Curtains

Who said to stop at flags and wall decor only? You can even add pride pillows and shower curtains in your home that are available in 20 swatches each, and the pillows consist of 27 solid colors as well.

You’d also require the Parenthood pack to use the shower curtains and Myra Throw Pillow to use the pillows. Both items can be downloaded separately as well.

14. Pride CC Set

Pride CC Set

There are so many items that this option includes, such as a tote bag, a wall flag, a coffee mug, protest signs, and so on, and the highlight is that they all are pride themed.

They are all compatible with the base game and consist of 8 items in total. You won’t get a better set than this because it includes a variety of items.

15. Pride Rugs

Pride Rugs

These are one of my favorite CCs because they add vibrancy and warmth to the whole place. It’ll personalize your space, and you can choose from the 21 swatches available.

The size of the rug is 4×3, so it can easily fit anywhere. Once you download this cc, there’s no going back because you’d be obsessed with how beautiful it makes your place look.

16. LGBTQ+ Bedroom

LGBTQ+ Bedroom

You can download this entire bedroom, which is LGBTQIA+ themed with various posters, unicorns, rainbows, and other decor items.

It’s base game compatible and is a 6×8 room where your character can spend their entire day. Just a click of your mouse, and this whole room would become yours without any effort from your side to customize it. Isn’t that tempting?

17. Pride Screens

Pride Screens

This is a unique and distinctive cc that features TV and PC backgrounds, giving the place a vibrant and gorgeous appearance.

You can take your pick from the 23 flags available, depicting every character’s identity. This base game compatible option would cost you simoleons, but it’s worth it. Whenever you’re not watching TV, the pride flag would appear.

18. Pride Fence Decor

Pride Fence Decor

Instead of decorating the interior of your house, why not paint your exterior with pride colors as well? There are 7 flag variations that you can opt for to decorate the entire outdoor area, but you require the Seasons pack for it. These flags would be functional and won’t override other mods and CCs.


These were some of the most popular and loved Sims 4 pride flags and decor cc that are a must have for players because June is when the pride month is celebrated, and you should download some of these custom content to show your support. They add vibrancy and beauty to the whole game and also bring in love and warmth.


Are there pride flags in Sims?

Yes, after the release of patch 81, Sims 4 included pride flags as wall decor in the game. These 20 pride flag swatches are inspired by real life pride flags.

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