Sims 4 Age Down Cheat

Sims 4 Age Down Cheat (Updated) – 2024

The natural progression of life is upward, where you move from one life stage to another. However, the perk of playing a virtual simulation game is that you can also enjoy features that go against this idea, and instead of aging up, your avatar can reduce their age. It’s more of a Sims 4 reverse age; isn’t that incredible? 

This article will help you know all about the Sims 4 age down cheat and how to use it so that your sim can remain in its young age forever. 

How to Age Down a Sim Using Cheats?

How to Age Down a Sim Using Cheats?

So a pretty common misconception that a lot of people have when they hear Sims 4 age cheat is that there’s a specific code that can help their avatars progress from one life stage to another. However, that’s not the case.

To know how to change sims age, the cheat that is used is the CAS cheat. Players can access the Create a Sim menu using this shortcut and edit the features and attributes of their character, along with their age. 

Here’s how to make sim younger Sims 4

  • PC users can click Ctrl + Shift + C, Mac users can press CMD + Ctrl + C, and console users can hold down all four trigger buttons. 
  • Now, type “testingcheats true.”
  • Input “cas.fulleditmode” in the dialog box to open the CAS menu.
  • In the CAS, drag the age line of your avatar to the point where you want it. 
  • Return to the game after saving the changes. 

You can reduce your character’s age as much as you like. You can even turn an elder sim into a child, and so on. You can’t age a toddler down to a baby, though. 

However, don’t forget to go to the Game Options, select Gameplay, and then disable the Auto Age feature from there. 

Another cheat that you can use for the same purpose is – 

Turn Off Death

If you don’t want your character to die of old age, then you can use this option to ensure that. All you have to do is input “death.toggle false” to disable death. However, this only prevents death from old age, not from other causes, such as natural disasters, starvation, etc. To enable death again, enter “death.toggle true” instead. 

Aging Down a Sim Without Cheats

There are specific methods that you can opt for if you don’t wish to use a shortcut method to acquire this feature, and they are as follows – 

Make Lifespan Longer

So, if you want your character to age but at a slower pace, then you follow the steps mentioned below to extend your avatar’s lifespan. 

  1. Click on the three dots in the upper right corner.
  2. Navigate to Game Options>Gameplay>Sim Lifespan.
  3. The lifespan aspect has three options: Short, Normal, and Long. By default, this setting is set to Normal, but you can change it to Long.
  4. Now, click on Apply Changes.

Your character would now live for 348 days instead of 114 days.

Potion of Youth

This potion of youth is one of the most effective ways to reduce your character’s age, and it costs 1,500 satisfaction points. It’s located under the Aspirations tab in the reward store. Also, it doesn’t age down your sim from adult to teenager, etc.; instead, it resets their age to their current life stage.

For instance, if a character only has 10 out of 24 days left in the young adult stage, drinking this potion would help them regain those 24 days, and they can remain a young adult for as long as they want. It’s more of an anti-aging potion, where it halts the aging process.

There’s also an easier way to gain this potion for free, which is to use bb.showhiddenobjects cheat.

Essence of Life

This elixir is obtained from the cow plant after it consumes another sim and works in the same way as the potion of youth by resetting your character’s age to its current level. You can find the seeds of this plant in Oasis Springs’ Forgotten Grotto. Once you plant it, you can milk it for the essence of the sim they ate. 

Age Away Serum

Those who have the Get to Work expansion pack can access this serum, which resets your sim’s age. Apart from the expansion pack, your character must also have level 10 in the Scientist career to create this serum. The ingredients required to make it are 1x Quill Fruit, 2x Alien Crystals, and 1x Xenopetrium.

Turn Off Aging

Those who are wondering how do you freeze aging in sims? Then, here’s another way of preventing your characters from growing up, and that is to go to the game settings and turn off aging. 

  1. Go to Game Options>Gameplay>Auto Age(Played Sims)>No. This would disable aging for that particular avatar. You can also do the same for Unplayed Sims. 

Sims 4 Age Up Cheat

Sims 4 Age Up Cheat

Now that we’ve understood how to reduce the avatar’s age, you should also be aware of how to age them up. Here’s a Sims 4 aging cheat for that, 

  • Click Ctrl + Shift + C.
  • Enter “testingcheats true.”
  • Input “cas.fulleditmode.”
  • Click ESC to exit the cheat console.
  • Shift click on the character you wish to age up.
  • Select the “Modify in CAS” option.
  • Now, you can edit your avatar’s age to whatever you want in the CAS menu. 

To age up characters without cheats, try out these methods.

Bake a Birthday Cake

Your character must bake a cake and place candles on it. Once they blow out the candles, they’ll age up.

Change Game Settings

Instead of making your avatar’s life longer, as we discussed earlier, you can make it short so that they grow up quickly. 

Via a Baby’s Crib

To age up a baby, place it in the crib and select the age up option from the More Choices category. That’s how simple it is.

Floral Arrangement

Those who have the Seasons expansion pack can use this method as it allows the characters to master the floral arrangement skill, and at level 9, they can add a scent of the Death Flower to their arrangement. Whosoever is gifted this arrangement would age up instantly. 

Play Different Households

If you have more than one household in the game, then you can play with the other household for a while and let the avatars in the first one age up naturally. However, you must make changes in the settings to enable unplayed sims to age up as well. 

Avoid Getting Pregnant

When your female avatar is pregnant, their aging process halts for that duration, so avoid pregnancy if you want your character to grow up. 

Stress Out Your Sim

Sims who are in stressful situations tend to age up faster than usual, so try to create such conditions for them where they feel stressed out, such as an accident, etc.

Use Mods

Players can also use the Age Manipulator mod, which can help you age up your character quickly. 

Aging Up Pets

Aging Up Pets

There are also features that can help you in aging up your pet, and they are as follows. 

Using Cheat

The age up cheat, cas.fulleditmode, that you use on regular characters can be applied to pets as well for increasing or decreasing their age. 

Pet Treats

There are age up and age down treats that players can create if they have Dr. Magi-Heal’s Medicine Craft-o-Matic machine. It costs 1200 simoleans, or you can find them in vet clinics. Players also need level 6 in the Veterinarian skill.


Those who have been playing this game for a significant amount of time know how connected they are to their virtual avatar and prefer playing with them as long as they can. Therefore, this age down cheat is a boon in disguise as it extends the time players have with their avatars.

However, don’t think that using the Sims 4 age down cheat would make your character immortal. They could still die of unnatural causes, such as accidents, natural disasters, etc.


Why is my sim aging up fast?

Sometimes, due to a glitch in the patch, the lifespan of your character might change to short, which leads to them growing up quickly. To fix this, load your saved game and navigate to Game Options>Gameplay>Lifespan> Normal and select Auto Age (Played Sims)> No.

Now, apply changes and then play with your household for a while. Afterward, go to Game options again, select Gameplay and opt for any lifespan, short, normal, or long for your avatar, and choose if you want to enable the auto age feature or disable it.

How do you age down a pre existing SIM?

To age down a sim that already exists in the game, navigate to the Other Households Tab and choose the household with the pre existing sim. Now, open their profile and select the edit option available in CAS. You can now modify your avatar in any way you want.

Is there an age down potion in Sims 4?

Yes, the potion of youth is an age down potion, which resets a character’s age to the beginning of their current stage. It freezes the aging process.

Can I age my sim back down? 

Yes, you can do so by using the cas.fulleditmode cheat on the avatar you wish to apply this feature to.

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