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Sims 4 Cow plant | How To Get a Cowplant in The Sims 4 – Updated

The following article focuses on the Sims 4 cow plant, which is one of the exciting activities in the game. The below information tells you about the harvesting of a cow.

But before you start playing just read the article below to know how to get the cowplants in the Sims 4 and how you could grow the plant. Read about its main interactions and rules which you need to remember while maintaining your plant.

The article below has some cheat codes too to attain the plant and start the game quickly. The report further tells you about the growth of the plant and how to maintain the plant. Read along to know more and download it. 

Sims 4 Cow plants

The Sims 4 has many unpredictable activities and farming practices. As you can plant your personalized flora in the game, but you also get to harvest a cow. Yes, you read it right. The Sims 4 has cow plants now and considered to be the most difficult plant to find. Before you start searching for The Sims 4 cow plant, search for a berry/seed of the plant instead. Now, there are many ways you could find the seed. 

How To Get The Cowplant In Sims 4?

The following would be some activities through which you could get the seeds. They are as follows:

FISHING: The berries would found through fishing in the Oasis Springs Desert Bloom Park’s watering hole. The seeds could also found in the Forgotten Grotto, which may take a while. You could also found the cowplant sims 4 berries in Magnolia Promenade, only if you have The Sims 4 Get To Work.

EXPLORING THE SPACE: The Sims 4 cow plant berries could also found while exploring the space through a rocket and the time you’re back, you might have a seed.

DIGGING FOR TREASURES: The seeds could found in the digging spots, which you dig for the treasures.

CHEAT CODES: You could quickly acquire the berries of the plant through the cheat codes.

GRAFTING: Your Sims must have level 7 of gardening skills. You must have grafted a dragonfruit with the help of snapdragon.

Once you’ve found the berry/seed for the Sims 4 cow plant, then all you have to do is plant the seed just like the way you would plant any other berry in the game.

How To Get The Cowplant In Sims 4?

How To Get The Cowplant In Sims 4 Through Cheat Codes?

Cheat codes are always the most comfortable and quickest way to achieve anything. If you want to get The Sims 4 cow plant quickly, the cheats are your way through it. You could buy the plant from the debug mode. The following cheat is responsible for the triggering of the debug mode:

· bb.showhiddenobjects: This cheat should be typed after you have input the cheat code ‘testingcheats true’ in the command console (without the quotes).

Press CTRL+SHIFT+C for kick-starting the cheat console. Then input the code testing cheats true in the box given and hit enter. Type the code Cowplant in the search button, which placed on the left of the screen and there you’ll find the plant. Your cow plant would start its harvesting from the first stage. Also, you could own more than one plant at a time.

Debug mode is the mode through which you could access all the items involved and prepared in the game like the collectables, distinctive buildings which made for the venues for parties and other events. Also, you can access the prepared food and your cow plant. 

How To Grow A Cowplant In Sims 4?

The Sims 4 grow a cow plant has three growth stages, which is Horn (first stage), Stem (second stage), and the fully developed plant (last step). It can be harvested and grown at any level of gardening but recommended to have some skills to help you improve the plant better. Also, based on your Sim’s gardening level, you could Weed, Fertilize, Talk To, Water, and tend to plant.

The fully grown plant enables you with some unique interactions, which is Feed, Play, Eat Cake, Collect Sample, Milk, and Pet. The child Sims will only have the play option for the plant.

Now, there are some things you need to remember while taking care of your plant, which is that your plant needs to fed after every 12 hours. At this time, if your plant is not fed, then it would stick out its tongue in a cake shape.

Now, it’s up to you that if you want to feed them the cake or eat it instead. If your Sim ate the cake, then the cow plant would either spit out or swallow you. Sims that got swallowed has possibilities to die and be back as ghosts.

While the Sims that has got spat out will exhibit their essence of the feeling of whatever mood they were in when they got stuck in the plant. So, in order to attain that feeling, a sim could milk the plant and drink it. 

Also, as there are possibilities of getting killed by the plant so the death of the Sim would leave the essence of life, which could immune any sim who would drink it. Now, make sure if your cow plant has not got fed after an additional 12 hours of sticking out the cake shaped tongue then it would die and leave its skeleton behind. 

 How To Milk The Cowplant?

Last but not least, how to milk the cowplant? Every time a plant swallows or spat out a sim, it produces milk. It isn’t that the selected Sim has to be dead. If the Sim is spat out by the plant, then it produces milk of the ‘essence of emotion’ the Sim felt when it was inside the plant. So, if you want to feel the same then drink the produced milk.

Also, if the plant kills the Sim, then it generates ‘essence of life’ in the fluid which immunes the Sim who drinks it. 

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