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Upcoming Sims 4 Expansion Packs – Download (2024)

Sims 4 has always been famous for its expansion packs and the updates and features they bring forth, keeping the players engaged and intrigued the entire time.

A life simulation game is incomplete without updates, and this game understands that completely. So let’s see what the next Sims 4 expansion would include and how it benefits the players. 

What Is Next Sims 4 Expansion Pack?

EA has leaked one of the most significant hints about a new expansion pack, which is the Sims 4 High School Expansion Pack. Fortunately, this leak was possible because of The Sim Society’s Demi, who posted a survey from EA and asked about the packs that the players have played.

Surprisingly, this list mentioned several EPs that have been released already, along with the High School pack, which had not been released till now. 

Apart from this EP, there were two new packs that were introduced by Maxis in the Behind the Sims Summit. That consisted of two new worlds; where one of them is inspired by San Francisco as it features the Golden Gate Bridge. It also boasts of room layouts, new outfits, and bedside storage space as well.

They also kept some of the information censored with a “more to come” sign to tease the players and consider us teased. There’s one more thing that we know of, which is that these packs are going to be sizable additions to the game. 

There’s one more feature that Maxis showed players a glimpse of, which is of a baby crying and the mother coming to pick up the infant. This was truly a happy moment for every simmer because; otherwise, the infants were always linked to their bassinet and couldn’t leave its surrounding area at any cost. This change in infants would be implemented by early 2023, though. 

There are already a total of 50 packs in the fourth installment, and there are promises for more related to toddlers and other exciting aspects to enhance the gameplay.

Upcoming Sims 4 Expansion Packs

Upcoming Sims 4 Expansion Packs

2023 would also welcome several future expansion packs; however, there have been no hints or rumors about what it’s going to be, but the players are hopeful. Everyone has their own idea about what the EPs would bring with them this time, and there are certain expectations regarding the same as well. 

1. Expand All Life Stages

One of the aspects where the game lacks is that there isn’t a lot of depth when it comes to children and elders. Players expect more features and for them to pay more attention to these two ages along with others as well.

For instance, when the EA enables children to have a more vivid imagination, like having imaginary friends, playing pretend, and so on.

Moreover, adults and elders don’t have much differentiation except the gray hair in elder sims, so there’s a lot that can be improved, more objects and attributes, such as retirement plans, golden anniversary parties, etc. 

2. Add More Personality to Sims

Even though there are already several features that enhance your character’s personality; however, there’s no harm in having more. The new packs could consist of more hobbies, career options, traits, and so on. It’d improve an individual character’s narrative as well. 

EA could also introduce secret lots, where the avatars could travel whenever they gain the maximum level of enthusiasm for a hobby. It would make them more engrossed in their pursuits and indulge more in them. 

3. Improvement in Careers

One thing that the EA could do is to link a character’s career with other sim’s story progression. So if someone needs to refer to an interior designer to plan a room in their house, then they could reach out to characters in that career. There’s so much creative space to be utilized, especially in regard to careers. 


We know that now that you know about the next Sims 4 expansion packs, it’ll be difficult to contain your excitement but trust me, they’d be worth the wait. The 2022 expansions promise a lot to the players, and all we can do is hope that it delivers.

As for 2023, all you can do is wait for the announcement of the next pack, and it might just exceed your and every other player’s expectations. Fingers crossed!

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