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25+ Sims 4 Toddler Hair CC & Mods – (Download) 2024 (All Free)

Have you ever noticed that there’s so little content when it comes to toddlers? I mean, that is the most adorable life stage when you can dress them up the way you want or accessorize them as you like, etc. But unfortunately, the 4th installment of the game only adds a little to the CAS in terms of toddlers, and a lot of players are disappointed about that.

However, don’t lose hope yet because in such cases, we can always rely on the excellent custom creators in the Sims community who bring forth some beautiful options for you to try out, and one such custom content they’ve worked on is the Sims 4 toddler hair cc. So let’s take a look at some of the best work you’ll come across for your little ones. 

Best CC Picks for Toddler Hair 

Here’s a list of toddler hair cc that would tempt you to download them asap and try them out on your adorable little avatars.

1. Dahyun Hair

Dahyun Hair

First on the list is this creation by Casteru, which features a cute little bun on top of your avatar’s head with two bangs coming out from the front. It might seem a slightly mature look for a toddler, but it’s ideal for special occasions and doesn’t take away your character’s innocence.

You can even see the baby hair peeking out from underneath the bangs, which gives it a more adorable look for a child. There are 16 swatches available for this hairstyle, and it’s hat compatible as well.

2. Libi Hair

Libi Hair

You can’t get over this absolutely endearing hairstyle by Ravensim with two tiny space buns on either side of the head and bangs on the forehead to complete the entire look. It’s the ultimate hairstyle for small kids and is available in 15 colors to choose from. It’s a hat as well as a base game compatible cc.

You should undoubtedly have this feature in your CAS; otherwise, you’d be missing out on an excellent look for your sim.

3. Hyemi Hair

Hyemi Hair

Braids are the go-to look for every child and this option features the same simple hairstyle, which makes your avatar appear innocent and naive. Two long braids from either side of the head come down, along with some stray hair strands and accessories to exude a cute vibe.

You can choose from the 16 swatches available, which are hat compatible as well. The pom pom accessory is located in the hat accessory category, which is also available in 17 colors.

4. Curly Hawk

Curly Hawk

How can we not recommend hairstyles for male toddlers, right? Now, imagine your little boy in a curly mohawk hairstyle. This cc would only curl your character’s top half of the hair paired with shaved side hair, and it’ll make them look slightly tall and undoubtedly adorable. So give it a chance, and you’d fall in love with this option.

5. Heejin Hair

Heejin Hair

This hairstyle is somewhat similar to the Hyemi hair; however, instead of two braids, it features two cute ponytails on either side of the head, above the ears, with a side bang on the forehead. It’s the most simple yet beautiful look that most people prefer for their children because it makes them look playful and adorable. It’s available in 16 swatches and is hat compatible as well, so you can even add accessories to it.

6. Mildred Hair

Mildred Hair

Those who like their children’s hair length to be short would love this gorgeous hair cc, which offers textured hair to your toddler and even includes a bow to accessorize them. The hair would end above their shoulders and exude a charming and lovable vibe, which is what we want for our kid avatars. You can take your pick from the 9 swatches available; this feature is base game compatible but not hat compatible.

7. Josephine Hair

Josephine Hair

This option doesn’t feature one of the simple hairstyles that we mentioned previously. The detailing in this child cc is what we love the most about it. It flaunts two dutch braids coming down from either side of the hair and merging into a ponytail.

The highlight is that this option is available in 3 variations; so instead of the ponytail, you could go for a bun or a long braided pony. It’s the ideal choice for school going characters because it’d make them the center of attention. It’s accessible in 9 colors and they are base game ad hat compatible as well.

8. Briony Bun and Curls

Briony Bun and Curls

Curly hair on toddlers looks adorable, and this option features two variations of curly hair. One of them is a small mature on top of their head with the baby hair framing their face, whereas the other option is an open curl hair style with one side tucked behind their ear.

It’s a cute look and is perfect as an everyday look or for special occasions as well. The bun hairstyle isn’t hat compatible, but the open hair option is. There are 6 colors to choose from.

9. Alyssa and Chandelier Hair

Alyssa and Chandelier Hair

This is another detailed custom content, which features your avatar with bangs on the forehead that are held back by a beautiful twisted band of their hair on either side of the head. Now, there are two variations to this: one of them culminates into two pigtails on both sides of the head, and the other leaves the rest of the hair open. Both options are equally appealing. There are 9 swatches to choose from, and it’s base game and hat compatible.

10. Toddler Hair Dump

Toddler Hair Dump

You must definitely download this cc because it doesn’t feature one or two, but 6 hairstyles. This option covers a wide variety of hairstyles, including bangs, braided hairstyles, a bun, two braided ponytails, and so on. It’d make everything so much easier for you because you’d find everything in one place.

It’s accessible in 9 colors and is compatible with the base game. These hairstyles aren’t hat compatible, except Bianca hair, for which you can use the flower accessory from the hat category.

11. Oscar Hair

Oscar Hair

Here’s a maxis match haircut for your male toddler, which would give them a neat ad groomed look. It features medium length hair, slightly parted off the center with a wavy bang on the right hand side. It’d make your avatar look handsome and stylish and ready for an event.

You can choose from the 15 natural shades available, such as blonde, brown, brunette, etc. This cc is base game and hat compatible as well, so download it asap

12. Memphis Hair

Memphis Hair

When it comes to this option, features wavy hair with a curly tousled bang at the front, making your character look stylish and cute at the same time. This cc is inspired by Okruee’s Memphis hair for adults, but the toddler version’s too cute to resist. There are 9 swatches in neutral colors available, and it’s compatible with the base game as well. You won’t be able to get over this look on your sim.

13. Naevys-Sims X NotDaniella Collab

Naevys-Sims X NotDaniella Collab

This is another cc pack created by two creators in collaboration, which includes 5 different long hairstyles. There’s a hairstyle with middle parted loose curls, tucked behind both the ears and coming down below the shoulders.

Another option available features off center parted hair coming down the front and back with one side of the hair tucked behind the ear, and includes a hair band accessory as well. All the options are available in 18 swatches, except Chloe hair, which only comes in 16 colors. This cc is base game compatible as well.

14. Rowan Hair

Rowan Hair

I think this might become your toddler’s everyday look because it features a shoulder length bob with a blunt cut and a side fringe. It’s really the most simple yet darling look, and I’m obsessed with it. It’s realistic and looks excellent with all hair colors, face shapes, and skin tones, and you might have just hit the jackpot with this one.

It’s available in all EA colors and is base game and hat compatible. There’s also an adult version of this, so you can make the child sim look like their mom with the same haircut.

15. Sundae Hair

Sundae Hair

This is, again, one of my favorite creations because of how gorgeous it makes your avatar looks. The name suits the hairstyle perfectly as it features a half bun on top of the hair, like an ice cream scoop and the rest of the hair falls down at the back and the front with soft curls at the bottom. It’s accessible in 9 natural swatches and is base game compatible.

16. Benjamin Hair

Benjamin Hair

Ever imagined your toddler in a man bun? Well, now you can get that hairstyle for your male avatar, especially if he’s a black toddler boy, because it suits them really well. The detailing in this style, with a few stray strands poking out from the bun, makes it look even more realistic and unique. It’s a must have feature, in my opinion. You can find this in 9 swatches, and they are base game as well as hat compatible.

17. Toddler Hair Dump (Male)

Toddler Hair Dump (Male)

Since we discussed the female hair dump, how could we not cover the male hair dump as well? There are three variations in this cc: caleb, sean, and dean, with two of them featuring curls and the third one, flaunts tucked bangs, which fall on one side of their forehead. They look absolutely delightful in all the haircuts, exuding a boyish charm.

There are only 9 swatches available for it, and it’s base game compatible as well. You could not ask for better hair custom content than this one.

18. Rosie Hair

Rosie Hair

This hairstyle is a combination of braids and pigtails, both elements that make a toddler look sweet and cute. Your character’s hair would have two braids starting from either side of the middle partition and then merging with pigtails on both sides of the head, and the rest of the hair would be let loose.

It’s a short hairstyle, which suits perfectly well to a toddler’s face and innocence. It’s available in 18 swatches, including light and dark colors, so choose the one that emphasizes the hairstyle more.

19. Sapphire Hair

Sapphire Hair

This cc isn’t one that I prefer a lot for male avatars, but some players do love this style on their characters. This is a combed down hairstyle with two strands slightly falling on the forehead, and it makes the toddlers look smart and stylish.

Adult hairstyles on little avatars add an extra dash of cuteness to their appearance. Take your pick from the 22 colors available, with 18 standard and 4 new shades. It’s base game compatible as well.

20. Valentine’s Day Hair Dump

Valentine's Day Hair Dump

What are your thoughts about a hairstyle that would glam up your character’s appearance, making them look like a princess? There are two variations available; one features a more professional and mature look with curly hair tied in a bun and a few stray strands falling on the face of the avatar beautifully.

The other option boasts of an open hair style with one side of the hair pinned to the back of the head, and the other side is let loose with soft curls at the end. Both variations are accessible in all EA color swatches, and they are base game compatible. However, they aren’t hat compatible, except Sana hair, which includes flower accessories. 

21. Briella Hair

Briella Hair

This base game compatible hairstyle is pretty endearing for a toddler as it flaunts curly hair in two small buns on either side of the head and also includes a flower head band, which completes the entire look, thus, making it hat compatible as well.

I love custom content that allows you to accessorize your avatar’s hair because that’s what increases their cute quotient. There are 15 colors to choose from; what are you waiting for? Download this cc right now!

22. Buddy Hair

Buddy Hair

Did you ever want to see your characters in dreadlocks? Well, now is your chance to do that. These are such adorable options for your sim that you won’t be able to help but gush over their attractive look. It’s accessible in 15 colors and is a short haircut with a few dreadlocks slightly falling on your male toddler’s forehead.

23. Lucia Hair

Lucia Hair

These are one of the best curly hairstyles that you’d come across because they frame your character’s face in the best way possible. It features a bun on top of the head with curly bangs falling on the forehead and a few stray strands poking out from the bun. It’s a beautiful look overall. It’s available in 22 swatches, and each of them enhances the elegance of this hairstyle.

24. Reggie Toddler Hair

Reggie Toddler Hair

So here’s another option for male avatars, which features tousled hair in layers and is specifically ideal for children because it’s low maintenance. Toddlers can run around and play as much as they want, and this hair would remain the same. There are 15 colors to choose from, and it’s hat compatible as well. Your male sim would steal all the limelight with this adorable haircut.

25. Heather


When nothing else works, you can always rely on a pair of cute pigtails to go with any outfit your avatar’s wearing for any occasion. This hairstyle features a side bang as well, and the pigtails are accessorized by silk ribbons, which adds an even more adorable quality to their appearance. Choose from the 15 swatches available, and they are hat and base game compatible as well.

26. Dutch Braids

Dutch Braids

Braided hair and toddlers go hand in hand because there are so many variations when it comes to braids. This cc features an off center parting with the front hair from either side of the parting braided finally merging into dutch braids on either side of the head. You can see the baby hair falling on the forehead as well.

This look’s perfectly capable of being an everyday look because of its simplicity. It’s available in all EA swatches and is base game compatible. However, it isn’t compatible with anything from the hat category.

27. Jada Hair

Jada Hair

Hair buns are adorable, but afro hair buns are the ultimate hairstyle. This option feature heart shaped buns on either side of the head and is truly an endearing look. It’d make your character exude innocence and a child like quality, which is the end goal, after all.

You can choose from the 15 colors available, which are base game and hat compatible. It doesn’t come along with baby hair, though.

28. Lily Toddler Hair

Lily Toddler Hair

These are no ordinary braids, and getting obsessed with them is entirely okay. This cc has everything going right for it, from the bangs and thick braids to the hair strands going astray. It’d cover most of your character’s face because of its volume, but they are undoubtedly beautiful and are available in 9 swatches. It’s base game compatible as well, so download it without a second thought.

29. Fae and Ellie Hair

Fae and Ellie Hair

When it comes to this maxis match custom content, it’s available in two variations, with one culminating in a tiny bun at the back while the other one feature curly open hair. Both hairstyles are bob cuts and end right above the shoulders. There are 22 colors, with 18 standard and 4 unique shades. It’s base game compatible, and apart from fai hair, the other one is hat compatible also.

30. Oakiyo Hairstyles

Oakiyo Hairstyles

Here’s another pack, which includes three variations: Kinder, Bobby, and Stacey. The first hairstyle features space buns, the second one flaunts a half ponytail, and the third option is a simple hairstyle that is shoulder length.

All three variations include bangs falling on the forehead, which completes the look beautifully. The highlight is that these options are in separate .package files, so you can download the ones you want. These are available in all EA colors and are base game compatible but not hat compatible.

31. Strangerville (Female)

Strangerville (Female)

Ending this list with another cc pack with 2 variations, including one with short curly hair and the other one with dutch braids, starting from either side of the middle parting and merging with two braids. So, pick a color from all the EA swatches available, and they are base game as well as hat compatible. Download this cc as soon as possible because it’s an excellent feature to add to your character’s CAS.


This is where we conclude our list of the most excellent Sims 4 toddler hair cc, which features some irresistible options that you must have in your CAS to try out on your avatar. With so many hairstyles, you can download a few of your favorite ones and mix and match them as per your mood. After all, that’s the beauty of custom content; there’s a lot to choose from.

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