Sims 4 Highest Paid Careers

15+ Sims 4 Highest Paid Careers to Make Your Rich (Guide) 2024

Sims 4 offers some of the most excellent career options in the game that would help your character learn the required skills and excel in that field to earn good money.

Some careers require the players to accompany their avatars to work, such as the Doctors career; some are work from home, while others lead them down a rabbit hole for a few hours.

Most of the jobs branch out after a certain level, and you have the option to choose one of them. Their pay also varies based on the branch they choose. However, one thing’s clear: every career that is included in the 4th installment of the game is profitable to the players. 

In this article, we’ll focus on the Sims 4 highest paid careers, though, because these are the jobs that pay the most and are sought after careers, after all. 

Which Sims 4 job makes the most money?

Here’s a list of highest paying careers in the Sims 4 that pay the most to the characters if they opt for them. 

1. Office (Military)

Office (Military)

Salary – $16,880

With the Strangerville pack came the Military career as well, and it’s the highest paying career till now. It has two career branches: The officer and the Covert Operator Branch.

The first one requires them to work five days a week for 8 hours during the daytime while the other branch makes them work four days a week for 8 hours, usually at night.

Depending on the branch, your character can make up to $422/hour or $3,376/day, which eventually leads them to earn $16,880. 

Apart from the salary, players would also earn bonuses ranging from $1299 to $4567, a few decorative or functional objects, and once they reach the top most level, they’d also gain the Medal of Courage. 

Your avatar’s fitness skills would increase when they are on levels 1 to 5. 

Office Branch Skill Requirements

Your character would dress up in a classic military uniform and would hold the title of Grand Marshall. They’d have to work on their Charisma, practice speech, give orders, share war stories and recruit sims as well. 

Covert Operator Skills Requirements

You don’t need to wear a uniform for this one, and your outfit would include a tailored suit, and they’d be the Sim in Black. To achieve this job, they’d have to maximize their logic skill, practice chess, supervise other sims, search the stars, and file reports. Once you reach level 10 in this branch, you must plan 10 moves ahead in chess. 

2. Stylist (Style Influencer)

Stylist (Style Influencer)

Salary – $15,000

Again, there are two branches in this job, the stylist and the trendsetter branch. However, the first one is more beneficial monetarily, and it also offers new interactions relatively quicker than the other one. However, both options require the same skill set, such as Painting, Charisma, and Writing.

The stylist branch becomes available when the players reach level 6 in the career, and at level 10 (Personal Re-Imager), characters can work five days a week for 6 hours and earn up to $500/hour, which is $15,000/week. Players would also gain access to the “Make Trends” feature, which allows them to create designs, and they’d come across other sims wearing clothes designed by them. 

Bonuses in the Stylist Branch are also better as your avatar can gain $3,720 when they reach the top rank, and apart from that, they’d also receive a Crystal Clear Digital Camera, a mirror, and other items as well. 

Skill Requirements

Sims would have to Discuss Fashion or Fashion Outfits and work on their skills. Once they reach levels 6-10, they’d have to update their social media statuses and practice the same skills. 

3. Interstellar Smuggler (Astronaut)

Interstellar Smuggler (Astronaut)

Salary – $14,868

This is one of the most lucrative careers in the game because it allows your character to travel to space, interact with aliens, and so on. It makes for a fascinating storyline as there are funny and strange incidents that happen as well. The two branches it offers are Interstellar Smuggler and Space Ranger; however, the first branch is better paying.

As soon as your avatar reaches level 10, they’ll work four days a week for 9 hours and can earn $14,868 per week. Getting a promotion in this career isn’t easy, though, and they’d have to work hard on their athletic skills. 

As a bonus, players would also receive $5,025 and other items, such as a Retro Rocketship worth $10,000 and an Alien Juice Recipe, which alleviates your character’s mood at level 8. Your avatar would go down a rabbit hole for this job, though. 

Skill Requirements

At the starting levels, your character would have to play chess, work out, and improve their logic skills and fitness. The interstellar smuggler branch is accessible at level 7 and requires your sim to go on space missions, along with achieving level 10 in fitness and level 4 in rocket science skills. 

4. Botanist (Gardener)

Botanist (Gardener)

Salary – $14,700

The Seasons pack brought along with it the Gardener career, which allows characters to go to work or work from home an hour before their work timings start. This career also has two branches: Botanist and Floral Designer, and as the name suggests, the first one is inclined toward gardening, while the other one focuses on flower arranging skills.

Out of the two branches, only the Botanist branch offers good money to the players and lets them work five days a week for 7 hours once they reach level 10 (Ph.D. of Pollen). Your avatar would earn $14,700 a week through this. 

The bonus in this branch includes microscope artwork, whose value isn’t much, and they’d also gain $1,200 at the 10th level. If your avatar sells harvests or grants proposals, then also they’d earn a bonus. 

Skill Requirements

The skill you need to work on in this career is the gardening skill, and you must maximize the logic skill as well. Harvesting Harvestables is also a primary skill because it helps you earn extra money as well. 

5. Civic Planner (Civil Designer)

Civic Planner (Civil Designer)

Salary – $14,000

Players who are more inclined towards eco-friendliness would find this career ideal for their avatars because it’s a part of the Eco Lifestyle Expansion Pack. Your character’s primary task would be to change the layout of the neighborhood to make it more eco friendly.

Out of the two branches: Civic Planner and Green Technician, the former offers more money. Once your avatar achieves level 10, they’ll be promoted to the City Master Planner position, where they’d work four days a week for 10 hours. They can earn $14,000 weekly, which means $350 an hour. 

6. Trend Setter (Style Influencer)

Trend Setter (Style Influencer)

Salary – $13,530

As we discussed earlier, the style influencer career has two branches, and the trend setter is one of them, which also gives high pay to the players. If you’re a fashionista and can design unique outfits, then this is the job profile for you.

This is a work from home setting, but your character would still have to work five days a week for 6 hours. They can earn $13,350 every week once they reach the highest level in this career, Icon O’ Class. 

The bonus you’d receive won’t be much compared to others, but you’d still gain $3,100 at the 10th level. Along with this, players would also receive a digital sketch pad and a camera to help them in their tasks. 

Skill Requirements

Your avatar must discuss outfits and fashion, and eventually, they’d have to start gathering impressions and pin them on the whiteboard. However, this is not all. Your sim needs to be excellent at Writing, Charisma, Painting, and Photography skills to reach the top level. 

 7. Investor (Business)

Investor (Business)

Salary – $12,992

You’re right to think that business men are boring and do the same job every day, especially when it comes to this life simulation game. However, once your character reaches level 7, they can choose between Investor and Management branches.

As investors, your avatar would earn $12,992 per week by working four days a week for 8 hours, but it’s possible when they achieve level 10 in the career and become an Angel Investor. It doesn’t offer you work from home opportunity, and there’s no thrill in handling stocks, etc.

Players would receive a bonus reward of $2,619 and an Executron Executive Desk. Being an investor, your character has the perk of indulging in the stock market themselves and investing their money. This could either reward them generously or lead to a loss instead. If you invest small amounts, such as $1000, $2000, or $5000, then your return might increase by over half the sum you invested, which is a good deal.

Skill Requirements

As every newbie, your sim would also have to start by filing reports in this career; however, as they reach level 7, they’d have to research stocks and work on improving their logic and charisma skills. 

8. Villain (Secret Agent)

Villain (Secret Agent)

Salary – $12,875

While being a secret agent, your character can either become a hero or a villain; therefore, this career option includes two branches: Diamond Agent and Villain. Let me tell you, being the bad guy pays more in the game, at least. This branch is related to mischievous activities and even requires your character to increase their Logic and Mischief skills by performing mean actions on other sims.

Another advantage is that the work timings of this profile are also shorter once they reach level 11 (Triple Agent). Your avatar only has to work five days a week for 5 hours and earn $12,875 weekly. Those with the Discover University pack can send their character to study villainous things in the university and get the upper hand in this career after graduating. 

Villain branch players would also gain better bonus rewards, such as $5743, along with several other decorative items, including the Commemorative Freezer Ray. We know you’re thinking of joining this career already. 

Skill Requirements

To reach the highest rank, your character must work on their Logic and Charisma skill while also doing the “browsing intelligence” task. Becoming a master at the Mischief skill and performing mischievous interactions is quite essential because a villain without a mean streak is a failure.

9. Diamond Agent (Secret Agent)

Diamond Agent (Secret Agent)

Salary – $12,780

Here’s the second branch of the Secret Agent career, which is also well paying in the game. There isn’t much difference when it comes to the tasks that the players have to perform; for instance, they’d have to browse intelligence just like the other branch.

Also, instead of 10, there are 11 levels, starting from Agency Clerk to Double Diamond Agent. Once your character reaches level 10, they can work three days a week for 15 hours and earn $12,780 per week. These agents work the most prolonged hours as compared to any other career, so you’d only be able to control your avatar for a short time. 

At level 10, as a double diamond agent, your character would get a bonus of $3,741, as well as unique CAS items, decor items, furniture, etc. 

Skill Requirements

Browsing intelligence would remain your primary task, but you must also perform friendly interactions. They’d have to work on their romantic interactions, Charisma, and logic skills to max out this career because of their persuasiveness to get answers and information required. 

10. Private Attorney (Law)

Private Attorney (Law)

Salary – $12,600

It’s pretty evident that this career is related to serving justice and fighting for your clients; however, this job is also divided into two branches: Judge and Private Attorney. This career requires you to download the Discover University pack, and as your character progresses through the levels, once they reach the highest level, Preeminent Partner. 

When it comes to bonuses, your character would gain $2,600 at the 10th level and also acquire several attorney interactions, like Discuss Complex Law Cases or Prepare Legal Arguments. You’d also receive a decorative scale to keep in your office, which reads “On a Scale of 1 to Justice.”

Skill Requirements

An attorney needs top notch Research and Debate skills to become excellent in this field, but apart from that, they also require level 7 in charisma skills to persuade and win cases. They must Offer Legal Representation and Obtain New Clients like every other attorney. 

11. Boss (Criminal)

Boss (Criminal)

Salary – $12,460

Now, this career is part of the base game, and it consists of two career branches: Boss and Oracle, once they reach level 6. As is obvious from the name, the former branch makes your character the leader of a gang, while the latter focuses more on cyber crimes, such as hacking. Choosing the boss branch would be more beneficial because it’ll help your character earn $12,460 weekly. Those with the Public Enemy Aspiration would benefit from this branch the most. 

Bonus rewards are pretty decent in this career as your sim would gain $1148 to $8039 as they go from level 6 to 10, and this is not all. You’ll also acquire stolen items, such as Late Duchess Pinky’s stolen necklace, gold bars, a stolen ATM, and so on. It’s a pretty rewarding option. 

Skill Requirements

The basic ask of this branch is to max out your mischief skills because you’d have to perform several mean interactions with others to get promoted. Learning handiness skills would also work in your favor. 

12. Management (Business)

Management (Business)

Salary – $12,000

A business career is a pretty sorted line of work, in my opinion, because it makes work life balance easy to maintain. Getting a promotion is also easier because of the promotional tasks your character does. As soon as your character reaches level 7 in this career, they’d have to choose between Business Tycoon and Angel Investor branches.

We’ve already discussed the latter branch, which is a much more exciting option. Now, when you choose the former, your avatar would work four days a week for 8 hours and earn an income of $12,000 every week. The working hours also start later than usual, which is at 10 a.m on M/T/T/F. 

Your sim would start from the bottom of their career, which is Mailroom Technician, and then reach level 10 to become a Business Tycoon. They’d receive a $2417 bonus and, on top of that, an Executron Executive Desk, other furniture items, and unique interactions as well. 

Skill Requirements

Charisma and Logic would be the most favorable skills for your sim to have because they’d be the ones that would help you move further in your career. Their task would include Filling Out Reports and making Business Calls when they reach level 7. 

13. Space Ranger (Astronaut)

Space Ranger (Astronaut)

Salary – 11,816

We’ve already discussed one branch of the Astronaut career, and now it’s the turn of the second branch, which is slightly less lucrative but still a part of the best paying job list. Once your avatar achieves level 8, they’d have access to this branch. Sims would work for seven hours, four days a week, and gain an income of $11,816 per week. 

Let’s talk about bonus rewards now. So your avatar would gain $4567 along with unique CAS items. There’s another cool item that you’d acquire as well, which is the Apollo Rocket Ship, whose value is $8,750, and also gain a Heroic Deeds Headquarter room as well, worth $24,531. 

Skill Requirements

Your character would have to play chess and become good at it to increase their logic skills and also improve their fitness skills. When the avatars reach level 10, they must level up their Rocket Science skills and also perform Space Missions as a daily task. 

14. Doctor


Salary – $11,200

If your avatar wishes to become a life saving surgeon, then this is the ideal career choice for them. There are 10 levels, with the highest being “Chief of Staff,” and once your sim reaches that stage, they’ll begin earning $11,200 weekly. You’d need the Get to Work pack to access this job opportunity. 

As a bonus, monetarily, your character would gain $1,720, and along with that, the Sickness Resistance attribute, which would increase their immunity, thus making them resistant to falling sick or contracting a virus. When the sim reaches higher levels, new objects and features will unlock, such as medical devices and tools, including surgery tables, the ability to determine the gender of the baby, X-ray machines, etc., and unique actions. Once they reach level 10, they’d gain access to the General Hospital room worth $7,685. 

Skill Requirements

Your daily task would involve Treating Patients, Successfully Treating and Diagnosing Patients, Performing Surgery, and Delivering a Baby. 

15. Scientist


Salary – $11,115

With the Get to Work pack comes the Scientist career, which is the least rewarding career but still high paying. Your character would start as a Lab Technician and then further their career by experimentation, synthesizing and analyzing, etc. However, when you reach level 10, your character will become the Extraterrestrial Explorer, working five days a week and earning $11,115 every week. 

As a bonus, they’d receive a Hygienic Decontamination Pod, a Test Tube Pedestal, New Outfits, and a Brand New Lab worth $28,286. Players can also travel to Sixam in the Electroflux Wormhole as soon as they reach level 10 and create serums, which reset the sim’s age, offers them Alien powers for some time, and helps them become friends with the Grim Reaper and avoid death. The highest monetary bonus that a player acquires is $1,720 only. 

Skill Requirements

Your avatar’s primary task is to have breakthroughs in their experiments, which requires them to perform several brain activities; for instance, examining fossils, using a microscope, or experimenting in the lab. 


What is the best job in Sims 4?

Jobs such as Military Officer, Style Influencer, Astronaut, etc., are some of the best options in the game because they are the highest paying jobs, as well as quite rewarding. 


These were the best Sims 4 highest paid careers that you must check out and choose one for your sim because the game requires you to pay for almost everything, so if you have a well earning sim, you can enjoy all the perks and rewards and experience the gameplay in the best way possible.

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