Sims 4 PlantSim

Sims 4 PlantSim | Plant Sims, How to Cure Plantsim (2024)

The article below gives you some suggestions on how to convert your player into a Sims 4 plantsim. There are different ways like cheats, skills, and mods, used to obtain the plantation sim. Read the content given below to get detailed information about them.

Sims 4 Plantsim

Every time, we scroll through the new modifications or updates, we have something new and quirky things to get hooked on to. The game and the modders never fail to surprise us with its unique challenges, mods, and custom contents. One such quirky surprise was the “plant sims.” We all tend to love the idea of it since the very first installation.

The first part gave us Makin’ magic, where we found these plant sims under “Beauty and Beast” mode. Then, the Sims 2 gave us “Seasons,” where the overuse of pesticides could convert us into a plantsim. After that, we had Sims 3, where the players eat the Forbidden fruit in the University life.

We have Sims 4, where the modders made the Plantsim Challenge, where the players were supposed to collect six magic beans to find the Forbidden fruit. Such entertaining gameplays are there for you to obtain and get going with the trend.

The Plant Sims doesn’t give you any magical powers, but they undoubtedly provide you a temporary green plant outfit with all the grass on your character’s costume. This attire stays up until four hours of obtaining it. Now, without further ado, let us get started with the main article. 

Sims 4 Plant Sims

Before we jump straight to the last, we have a history to know about the previous installations and their history with these plantations Sims. 

Sims 4 PlantSim | Plant Sims, How to Cure Plantsim
Sims 4 PlantSim

The Sims: Makin’ Magic

The first installation gave us Beauty and Beast mode to obtain the plantsim, which was beautifying. The appearance didn’t change the other Sims interactions.

Sims 2 Plant Sims

The Sims 2 gave us Seasons, where everyone used to plant more trees and crops around their gardens. They used pesticides to kill the unwanted weed, but at times, the amount of these herbicides got increased and transformed the players into a plant sim. There were three different ways to become healthy again, and they were:

  • Call the Gypsy Matchmaker and buy the cure from it.
  • A witch may help to become healthy again.
  • The garden help can also restore them to being usual still. 

Also, when a character has transformed into a plantsim, they can talk to the plantation around. This talking may improve the plantation’s health drastically, and also the role will receive a gold Gardening badge. Moreover, once a player restores itself to being healthy, they regain the badge and hence get its ability to talk to plants back. 

These plantations Sims have three basic needs that one should strictly follow and they are:

  • They need love, which can be satisfied by talking to the plants.
  • They require water, which is usually compensated by being in the rain, bathing, swimming, splashing in the puddles, drinking water, etc. The toddler characters can replenish drinking water from bottles or eating the flowers.
  • They also require sunlight, which can be obtained by being either under the sun or greenhouse light. 

Sims 3 Plantsim

Now, we have The Sims 3 University Life, where the regular players can become a plantsim if he/she is teen or older than that, and the characters eat Forbidden Fruit to become one.

The Forbidden fruit of plantsim can be obtained in many ways, and they are:

  • The first way to achieve this fruit is to plant its seed and then choose an option called “Tend garden” to receive the desired edible product. 
  • You could also use the science research option to clone the fruit’s seed. 
  • The science experiment has only a 20% chance to make you a PlantSim, but in either case, you’ll receive a moodlet called “Botanitis Minorous.”
  • Moreover, if you have a level 9 in science skill, you could take a DNA sample of your character and clone it in the research lab to have a Plant Sim baby.

How to become a PlantSim in Sims 4? (without cheats)

The Sims 4 came up with the PlantSim Challenge, where the players are supposed to find and eat the Forbidden fruit present in the Mystical magic bean portal tree. 

In Sims 4, how to get the magic beans?

The challenge has some ground rules, which are listed below. the way to find the magic beans are also available in these pointers: 

  • Firstly, the participants need to collect six magic beans from their Plant sim that occur randomly in the neighborhood. The six are confident, uncomfortable, sad, tense, playful, and Sims 4 angry magic bean.  
  • Next, the players must call the challenge coordinator, Jasmine Holiday, to collect the magical stumps to place the Sims 4 magic beans. 
  • Now, they have to water the stump, and hence the Mystical Magic Bean Portal Tree is well grown. 
  • After the tree is fully grown, the participant must enter the tree and answer a few short questions based on the adventure, correctly. Then you will witness the forbidden fruit and can have it now to become a plantsim. Moreover, you could grow more of such fruits. You will stay as a plantsim for up to five days.
  • Also, those who have installed the Seasons expansion pack can buy individual seeds packets that are only available once they reach up to level 10 of gardening skill. The stump will also be convenient in the buy mode. 

In Sims 4, the plantation sims have two different needs to fulfill, and they are as follows:

  • They need water from the normal sims, which satisfies their bladder needs.
  • Also, they need some sunlight to meet their hunger needs. 
  • Moreover, they will gain different moodlets while being under sunlight and water. It boosts their happiness. 
  • They could also talk to the plants and hence create a social vibe around them to absorb solar energy that contemplates their hunger needs.

In this installation of the game, there is another way to become a plant sim: the plant matter. If you have cool kitchen stuff installed, you will have an ice cream maker preparing ice cream for this matter. Also, to make it, you must have level 8 of cooking skill or $47. By eating this ice cream, one can become a temporary plant sim for four hours. 

This method won’t affect your usual outfits and hair. Plus, it is a cosmetic and beautifying effect that nobody would feel a difference. No special powers will be allotted to the players, but they will feel a moodlet that urges them to go out. 

How to become PlantSim in Sims 4? (With cheats)

If not the challenge or the gardening skills, there is only one way left you could obtain the skin of plantsim, CHEATS. Cheats could help you achieve anything and everything. So, without any delays, let us see how:

  • Firstly, you need to open the cheats bar by CTRL+ALT+C and testingcheats true. This method will open the cheat dialog box. 
  • Then, press shift and click on the character you want to convert into a PlantSim, and your desired player would turn into one. 

You could also achieve them by buying debug cheat, which is bb.showhiddenobjects to unlock the forbidden fruit. Then, eat the fruit and become one of these.

How to undo plantsim sims 4 cheat?

We read about how to convert your player into a plantsim, but what if you changed your mind and want to become healthy again? The steps below will tell you how to do so, and here it goes:

  • Firstly, you must know that these moodlets disappear in the given time. The ice cream ones vanish after four hours, and the regular ones are gone after five days. So, all you could do is wait for some time to make it gone automatically.
  • If not, then apply cheats. You could use sims.remove_all_buffs cheat to disappear all the moodlets. But this trick only works when you have AllCheats mod installed. Moreover, remember it will remove all the moodlets and not only one.

How to cure plantsim Sims 4 differently?

If not the two above, then you could try the one below, and that is: 

You could also install the UI Cheats Extension mod; it will help you remove the plantsim by right-clicking on it. Once it is removed from the Sim panel, it will again turn into a human. 

Where to find plantsims Sims 4?

You could find them in three places, and they are:

  • Mystical Magic Bean Portal Tree
  • If seasons installed, seed packets available for those who have level 10 gardening skills.
  • Also, by plant matter ice cream. 

These were some of the steps and ways you could get a Sims 4 plantsim. Cheats, mods, and skills are it anything; we have a solution for it. If you’re a nature lover, then you can’t stay unaware of the death flower. Happy Simming!

Can you be a plantsim in sims 4?

Yes, you can be a plantsim in sims 4.

How do you turn off plantsim in sims 4?

You can turn off plantsim in sims 4 by turning on your cheats and typing ” Sims.remove_all_buffs” when they have the plantsim buff on.

Can occult sims be plantsims too?

Yes, occult sims can be plantsims too.

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