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Sims 4 Burglar & Robbery Mod (Download) 2024 (Latest)

Until Sims 4, every installment in The Sims series contained robbers. When Maxis launched the game, several features were missing, previously present in the other installments in the series, leaving a feeling of incompleteness among the players. Since the release, players have frequently expressed their wish for features like burglars to be added to the game.

However, with no response, it was left to the community modders to pick up the slack over time.

This led to the birth of a fascinating mod, The Sims 4 Burglar Mod. With one of the most active creative communities in gaming, this burglar mod has gained quite some popularity among the players.

Why aren’t there any robbers in Sims 4?

Although they were a part of the previous installment and much enjoyed, they were scrapped from the Sims 4. Maxis, the game developers, decided that because the burglars triggered anxiety.

According to sources, the signature music triggered anxiety in some players. Instead of developing them and reworking their design, Maxis thought it best to remove them from the Sims 4.


Carl’s Gameplay Overhaul Sims 4 Burglar Mod

Carl’s Sims 4 Guide is a known member of the simming community and is the one who took matters into his own hands to bring robbers back into the game. His latest mod, Carl’s Gameplay Overhaul, adds many aspects to a previously “vanilla” game. It focuses on adding difficulties to certain parts of your Sim’s life. One of them is getting robbed now.

Carl’s Sims 4 Burglar mod adds a new robbery system to the game. Each aspect of this thief mod has been polished. Players have always wished for these ever since the game was launched in 2014. Below are the features of the Sims 4 Burglar mod that you shall thoroughly enjoy:

  •  You can now welcome random thieves to break into your home in the night while your sims are fast asleep. 
  • Modify your chances of being robbed by the new Lot trait and the Lot Challenge. Good Neighborhood Lot Trait decreases your chances of thieves ever coming into your home.
  • The Bad Neighborhood Lot Challenge increases the chances of your home being robbed by double in the middle of the night.
  • The burglars will wipe liberally depending on the values of the Sim.
  • There are 25 ways to fight the burglars in this robbery mod. To make things more exciting, you can also use the supernatural powers and even the Simray from the Scientist Career.
  • The upgrades include an excellent working burglar alarm.
Carl's Gameplay Overhaul Sims 4 Burglar Mod

How does the Sims 4 Burglar Mod work?

Carl has provided a convenient cheat code to try out this robber mod: Carl.Burglar.

  • Send your household to sleep by 10 pm and then use this code. It will immediately spawn a robber on your lot. They shall be quite distinct as they will have worn proper burglar clothing and a “Burglar” NPC Tag. 
  • Immediately, all your sims shall wake up terrified with a very strong scared moodlet– aware that a burglar is on their lot.
  • An interesting little detail added in this burglar mod is the eerie, creepy violin music playing in the background whenever the robber approaches the house’s entryway.
  • Once inside, they can’t swipe anything they encounter– both indoor and outdoor objects. They generally steal two objects. One more thing noticed in this robber mod is that they can pass right through the doors without any problems. 
  • After they have swiped what they wanted, they shall wait very confidently on your lot, waiting to see your reaction.
  • It is now that you can choose what to do. Ask for an autograph or a selfie if they are a celebrity? Or select the burglar and fight for stuff?
  • If you decide to fight them, it can go either way. You win, or you lose. If you emerge victoriously, you get to keep all your items. However, if you lose, the burglars get to keep what they’ve stolen and are allowed to swipe one more object before they leave the lot.
How does the Sims 4 Burglar Mod work

How can you prevent robbers in The Sims 4 Burglar Mod?

The Gameplay Overall has exciting features that are constantly getting updated and added. The one you need to keep in mind to prevent getting robbed is an Alarm System!

Exactly! If you prepare beforehand, you should be able to catch the burglar immediately. A unique object, “Stop! Thief! Burglar Alarm Model X”, has been designed by one of the custom creators that one can find in the Alarms section of Electronics. It costs a whopping 1,500 Simoleons, but it’s definitely worth its price.

The moment the thief breaks in, they will set off an alarm. The thief shall swipe a few objects before the police arrive. However, you will always get them back, guaranteed!

There are various other unique ways to stop a thief from robbing you of your valuables, added by Carl in the Sims 4 Burglar Mod.

How can you prevent robbers in The Sims 4 Burglar Mod

Life Tragedies Burglar Mod!

Another thief mod one should check out is the Life tragedies. Burglary is just one of the features of this mod.These burglars are a step higher than those we are used to seeing. It has kidnappings, murders and even the use of guns. It can also include car accidents, bullying, etc. 

There’s now a chance that a burglar might also get violent and shoot members of your household. You can also become a burglar yourself to experience the other side of life.

Get your sims to talk about their recent incidents with their friends and family. You also control how many tragedies will occur in your game through the mod’s menu.


The Sims 4 Burglar Mod is a must-try feature to get some adventure into your Sim’s life and maybe make them experience some tragedy in their life. Carl’s Gameplay Overhaul robber mod is the one to try out. It has gained quite some popularity among simmers.

Planned and regular updates have been promised, and results are as expected. Simmers love it! Simmers are also calling it the robber mod, thief mod and the robbery mod. They all mean the same. They all stand for the Sims 4 Burglar mod.

Download this Burglar mod to have a different Sims experience.

Happy Simming!

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