Where Is The Sims 4 Hospital?

Where Is The Hospital In Sims 4 & How To Visit It? (Updated) – 2024

Now, unlike real life, the Sims 4 hospital isn’t a vital place because there aren’t such emergencies in the game that would require you to take your characters to the hospital.

However, you should still be aware of where it is and how to reach it because there might be one or two instances where it’s necessary. 

So this article will focus on the virtual hospital and the features it possesses, as well as the requirements to reach it. Let’s get to it right away. 

Where Is The Hospital In Sims 4?

Players will find the Willow Creek Hospital in the Civic Center Neighborhood of Willow Creek world. It’s a community lot, and since it’s a hidden location, you’d need cheats and mods to locate and access this place.

For instance, if you have the Get to Work expansion pack and your avatar’s a doctor, they can visit the hospital. The hospital would be full of doctors and patients, and your avatar can go for health checkups or for other issues.

Apart from being a doctor, pregnant avatars can also go to the hospital when they go into labor. Right click on your character and select the option to give birth at the hospital.

Those who don’t have this expansion would not have a hospital building in their lot, and whenever the avatars need to visit the hospital in case of a tragedy, they’d go down a rabbit hole and return after a few hours or days. There’s no way of knowing what is going on with them. 

There are a few other mods, such as Zerbu’s Travel Mod or Private Practice Hospital by SimRealist, which would also add the hospital as a travel location in the game. Players with Xbox or Playstation consoles can’t add such mods to the game. 

How To Go To The Hospital In Sims 4?

How To Go To The Hospital In Sims 4?

One of the easiest ways to visit the hospital is for your character to go into labor. Once you choose the option to give birth at the Willow Creek hospital, your character will be transported there. This option would appear when your avatar is in the third trimester.

Getting pregnant in the game isn’t restricted by gender, and if the “Become Pregnant” option is checked in the Custom Gender Settings, then any character can become pregnant. The highlight is that players can accompany their avatars there and see the treatment like regular people. 

Those whose characters are doctors can see them live in action, performing tasks and treating patients. They’d start their career as Medical Interns and rank up to the Chief of Staff position. They’d have to complete daily tasks, such as delivering food to the patients, curing sick people, etc. You’ll have access to the whole place.

Why Can’t I Find The Hospital In Sims 4?

If you can’t find the hospital, then it means that you don’t have the required DLC, which is the Get to Work pack. Downloading this pack is the only essential requirement of this feature because this DLC pack is what includes the hospital, which would be added to your lot or world. 

The base game hospital isn’t a building, and your avatar would go down a rabbit hole whenever they have to visit the hospital. 

Also, if you’ve seen hospitals of other simmers on youtube videos, then you might wonder why they are different from the ones you acquire. Well, it’s because they have customized the hospital using various mods that are available.

For instance, you can download the Private Practice Mod to build your own hospital, and so on.


Now that you know where the Sims 4 hospital is, you shouldn’t have to worry about your avatar disappearing for some time when they have gone to the hospital because you can accompany them.

So it’s time to download the Get to Work expansion and have a hospital on your lot.


Can you go to a hospital in Sims 4?

Yes, you can go to the hospital, but it’s a hidden location, so you’d have to download the Get to Work expansion pack to access it. If your avatar’s a doctor or if your character’s pregnant, then they can go to the hospital.

Can my SIM have a baby in hospital?

Yes, your sim can have a baby in the hospital if you have the GTW pack. You have to select the “Have Baby at Hospital” option, and once your avatar’s in labor, they’d be transported to the hospital automatically.

What world is the hospital In Sims 4?

The hospital’s in the Willow Creek world’s Civic Center Neighborhood.

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