Sims 4 life Tragedies Mod

Sims 4 life Tragedies Mod | Deadly illness Mod | Kidnapping mod, tragedies (Download) 2024

The article below suggests some of the crime mods that might interest you and might improve your gameplay. Such mod is the life tragedies mod. Read the article below to know more and download the mod now.

Sims 4 life tragedies mod

We all love watching thriller suspense and murder mysteries, but it could become very frightening while being in one for real. We have seen movies, which demonstrates such life tragedies like murder, kidnapping, and terminal illnesses. Some of them can be sacrificial life tragedies, which can get caused due to mental illness.

The exposure of all these crime scenes could get exciting and fascinating also; we all somewhere want to experience these things. The real-life experiences can get very scary and hazardous, but virtually there is no harm in participating in the know-how of these deadly charades. 

The Sims 4 life tragedies mods could help you escape reality and become a part of such a problem. This mod would add five serial killers in the game who might commit crimes in your surroundings. These murderers will have some backstories to tell and revenge to take. So, they’ll show up near you.

Ignoring them might not cause any harm, but they will kill you, in case you talk to them in a harsh tone. Also, you can opt for being a killer yourself by selecting one of the six murders. Read the article below to know more about the events and download the life’s tragedies mod now.

Some more information about Serial Killers

The following points will enlighten the information about the killers that might come any time near you, and they are:

  • As soon as you download the mod, you must remember that these killers might show up any time because of the free tragedy charades. This feature can get turned off from the options.
  • A new pie menu, called “Serial Killers” has got introduced in the game, under the “Life tragedies” list.
  • Now, invite any one of the five serial killers, which includes “Blaze the area with flame” and “Smoke a cigarette”.
  • After you chose one of the killers, they will firstly visit your town and then try communicating with others to kill.
  • Each killer will talk to other Sims in their form of dialogue to which you might choose to respond positively and negatively.
  • The positive response may generate affection between you and the killer, but the negative one will kill you.
  • In case you ignore the murderer, then it will have no effects, and your Sim will be safe.
  • Also, there is only a 1% chance of Sim getting killed in your surroundings.
  • The police would moreover come to the crime scene and arrest the killer irrespective of the murder. 
  • Also, there are some new set of serial killers that got added to the mod, which are a) Sapphire Hudson, “The Seductive lover”; b) Willard Kline, “The Son of Flames”; c) Zanny Antowan, “The Killer Nanny”; d) Patrick Rogers, “The disliked bookworm”; e) Mathew Brigs, “The University Professor”.
Sims 4 life Tragedies Mod | Deadly illness Mod | Kidnapping mod,  tragedies
Sims 4 life Tragedies Mod

No mercy mod

Some of you love watching chaos and murders. Hence, if you want to see some of that conundrum then go the Serial killer pie menu and click on the No mercy option, where you invite the murderer to kill every other Sim that comes on its way for 240 sim minutes. 

Player operated murders

In case, you’re fascinated about murdering someone in the game, then there are six new ways to kill others, and they are: 

  • Gun down of bike.
  • Stab with pen
  • Suffocate with diapers
  • Stab throat
  • Burn-in flames
  • Give poisoned apple to toddlers and elders. 

Also, if you want to go with the “gun down of bike” then, you must remember that there has to be a lot of distance between you and the person you have selected to shoot. So, the Sim will tell you that there isn’t enough distance and hence it cannot route then you must drop the idea. 

Moreover, if the cops witness you of murdering someone, then you’ll get arrested. Far, you must remember that some murders can splash blood on you, and that can get washed off by taking a shower. 

Posters and papers 

There is an interaction called “purchase Serial killers posters and papers”, where you can read the back story of the murderers and invite them to visit your neighbourhood. You can also call the police if you want. Moreover, you can also buy a cigarette or throw flames around. 

Also, you can disable or enable any crime from the options if you don’t want that to happen. Like, for example, if you don’t want people to get kidnapped, then you may disable the option from the menu.

The mod’s significant requirements and information

The following points shall be remembered and enforced in order to get the mod working. They are:

  • The mod requires base game except for “get to work” EP for travelling.
  • This mod is a customized content and hence doesn’t override any other data.
  • The mod further adds kidnapping, armed robberies, car accidents, bullies, and fatal illnesses. 
  • It is compatible with all other mods
  • By default, the modification gets turned off, and so you must turn it on whenever required.
  • There is a speed interaction, where you can choose how fast or slow you want the tragedies to happen.
  • Also, you can start the tragedies manually rather than waiting for it to arrive automatically.
  • Moreover, these deadly charades can affect all the ages.

Details of the new crime scenes added

The points listed below will give you a brief detail about the other crimes that got recently added to the mod, and they are:

Sims 4 Kidnapping mod

  • Your player would get kidnapped by a bunch of abductors and will ask for revenues and money. Also, you cannot fool them, so don’t even try to. Moreover, you’ll get shoot.
  • As soon as your player gets kidnapped, you’ll receive messages from the abductors to save your Sim’s life.
  • You could also inform the cops about the abduction of your player or can post about it on social media.
  • After you fulfil the needs of the kidnappers, then they’ll send you an address to pick up your player. Pick them up and safely escort them to home.

Sims 4 deadly illness mod

  • This Sims 4 terminal illness mod can cause your player a fatal illness, from which they must undergo certain surgeries. These surgeries have a 20% possibility to be a successful operation. Also, ignoring the disease might drain up your Sim’s life to death.
  • You can see the remaining life of your player in their UI, who is suffering due to the Sims 4 deathly illness.
  • Also, to undergo surgeries, they have to go to the hospital and for which they need to get to work EP. 

Sims 4 burglar mod

  • These burglars will steal all your money and furniture by breaking into your houses.
  • They might as well shoot the toddlers and elders of the house.
  • You can also call the cops for the rescue or can even fight the burglars.
  • You can also play as a thief and steal other people’s money and furniture.


  • Your player might become a target of low life bullies who would call you names and beat you down.
  • Also, they can enter your house to bully you. But you can always fight them. The more the fitness skill, the healthier you’re.
  • Also, you can become a bully yourself by intimidating, making fun, and beating others. 

Car accidents

Your player might die due to car crash.

How can I download life tragedies mod? Also, suggest some ways for Sims 4 kidnapping mod download?

You must follow the guidelines given below in order to download the life tragedies mod, and they are:

  • Visit the official website.
  • Click on the mod you desire to download.
  • Now, download the mod and open it in the downloads folder.
  • Now extract the .zip file and move it into the default mods folder. 
  • Now restart the game.

Can you kidnap in Sims?

Yes, you can kidnap in sims by downloading the Sims 4 life’s tragedies mod. 

You can find more such compelling modules in the realistic mods.

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