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Sims 4 Werewolf mod | Supernatural Mod | CC – (Updated) 2024

With the new sims 4 supernatural mod, Supernaturals have become a part of the game.

Now, your Sim can become a mermaid, vampire, genie, witch, or even a zombie!

Does the sims 4 supernatural mod have a werewolf expansion?

The sims 4 supernatural mod not only has mods for vampires and other Supernaturals, but it also comes with a werewolf expansion.

This means that the new sims 4 werewolf mod turns your Sims into werewolves, just the way it happens in fantasies.

How to become a werewolf in Sims 4?

How the sims 4 werewolf transformation mod works

For those who are wondering “how do I make my sim a werewolf Sims 4?” then this mod allows your Sim to become a werewolf in the following 3 ways:-

  • Buy a ‘Special Treasure Map’ for 2,415 simoleons, and then put it up on a wall. Click on the map and select the ‘Inspect the map’ option. Your Sim will start observing it for a few minutes, after which, he or she will get a moodlet called ‘A treasure huh?’ This Focused moodlet will last for 4 hours. During this moodlet, you’ll get an option called ‘Explore the deep dark woods’. Click that option, and your Sim will disappear in the woods for 3 hours. As soon as he or she returns, the first stage of werewolf transformation will begin.
  • On a player’s request, a Level 5 werewolf can bite a Sim. The Sim that’s been bitten will turn into a werewolf after a few hours.
  • Go to the ‘Create a Sim’ menu and create a child or toddler as a werewolf. The sims 4 werewolf mod warns players not to choose a werewolf’s traits for teenagers, though.
Sims 4 Werewolf mod

Moodlet stages of werewolf mod Sims 4

  • Recent Bite:- When the Sim returns home from the woods, you’ll notice scars and bloody wounds all over the Sim’s body, meaning that he or she got bitten by a wolf. As a result, the Sim gets a headache now, and his/ her hands start throbbing painfully. This moodlet will last for 6 hours.
  • So much pain!:- The 2nd stage of werewolf transformation is a lot more painful than the 1st one. The hands start stinging, but the scars aren’t as bloody as they were during the 1st stage. The Sim will be in this stage for 4 hours.
  • Temporary Amnesia:- This dazed moodlet will last for 3 hours. At this stage, your Sim will wonder what he/she was doing the past few hours. The wounds will look better than in the 2nd stage, and the Sim will also feel dizzy.
  • Ferocious Behavior:- This is an ‘Embarrassed’ moodlet, the final stage of werewolf transformation that lingers for 3 hours. During this stage, all the scars on the Sim’s body disappear, except for where the wolf bit the Sim.
  • A Werewolf:- Finally, after the last moodlet expires, your Sim will be fully transformed into a werewolf. But for that, you need to wait till 8 PM.

Moodlets, Skills and needs associated with the sims 4 Werewolf mod

  • ‘Feral Change!’ moodlet:- After the transformation process is over, the werewolf will get a ‘Tense +50’ moodlet called ‘Feral Change!’ every time the Sim turns into a werewolf. This happens every night, between 8 PM and 7 AM. But when it’s beyond this time range, the werewolf will turn back into the Sim’s human form.
  • Increased energy needs:- While being a werewolf, your Sim will need more energy than before. This is because it needs to remain active every night, and it can’t do that at the lower energy levels that your Sim needs while in human form.
  • Lycanthropy skill levels:- As soon as your Sim turns into a werewolf for the first time, the Lycanthropy skill will get unlocked. This is a skill that the sims 4 supernatural mod introduced under the werewolf mod with 5 levels. The Lycanthropy skill lets you unlock several werewolf-like abilities as you level up. Transform your Sim into its feral form to access this skill.

Level 1

  • Growl:- As a werewolf, your Sim can growl at other Sims who aren’t werewolves, and frighten them in this way. If the werewolf growls at other werewolves, they’ll start sniffling at the Sim. Try the same thing on a vampire under the sims 4 supernatural mod, and it’ll yawn_ isn’t that hilarious?
  • Go hunting:– If you select this interaction at Level 1, the werewolf will disappear for around 3 or 4 hours. But once you’ve chosen to send your Sim on the hunt, you have to wait until the Sim returns from its night prowl.
  • Howl at the moon:– You can make your Sim howl at night while in its feral form. Let the werewolf howl at the moon with other werewolves nearby, and you’ll see all of them howling together.
  • Raw lamb:- From its hunting activity, the werewolf will return with pieces of raw lamb and eat those to satisfy its hunger.

Level 2

  • Get more raw meat:- When the werewolf reaches the 2nd level in Lycanthropy, the choices of raw meat will increase to raw steak, raw lamb, and raw chicken, from only raw lamb at level 1.
  • Random collectibles:- You Sim will also be able to find random collectibles like gems, for example, Simtanium.
  • Maul:- The werewolf can now maul other normal Sims. Once the fight is over, the werewolf’s victim will faint.

Level 3

  • Practice sparring:- A new ability at level 3 lets your Sim practice sparring, in its feral form, with other werewolves.
  • Call other werewolves:- This ability makes your Sim howl for some time, in order to summon a pack of random werewolves that appear from nowhere.

Level 4

  • Transform anytime:- Reaching Level 4, you’ll notice that your Sim can now transform from a werewolf into its human form even at night, and vice versa.
  • ‘Feral Power!’ moodlet:- Where the werewolf transformation process used to give your Sim a ‘Tense +50’ moodlet, it doesn’t anymore. Instead, the process will give the werewolf a ‘Confidence +50’ moodlet, as it can more or less control its feral form now.
  • ‘Wildness’ need:- The sims 4 werewolf mod advises you to let out the wild side of your Sim by letting him/her transform into a werewolf now and then. Also, the Sim will have increased levels of this ‘Wildness’ need when in feral form. But when the Sim becomes human again, this need will decrease.
  • ‘Uncontrollably feral!’ moodlet:- If the level of your Sim’s ‘Wildness’ need drops too low, though, he/she will get an ‘Uncomfortable +60’ moodlet that turns the Sim into a werewolf for 6 hours.

Level 5

  • Control feral instincts:- When the werewolf attains the last level, it can bring its feral instincts under complete control. So, its ‘Wildness’ need won’t decrease anymore.
  • Give a cursed bite:- This ability lets the werewolf bite a normal Sim and gradually turn that Sim into a werewolf.

Prerequisites for the Sims 4 Supernatural mod Download

Before downloading the sims 4 supernatural mod pack, follow these steps:-

  • Get the latest version of The Sims 4.
  • Go to the Game Options menu and click the ‘Others’ option on the left side.
  • Check the boxes beside ‘Enable Custom Content and Mods’ and ‘Script Mods Allowed’.
  • Select ‘Apply Changes’.


Can you make werewolves in Sims 4?

Yes, you can make werewolves in Sims 4 by getting the werewolf curse from another. However, it’s a prerequisite for them to have a good relationship with each other. Once the werewolf bites a human, they’d transform within 2 days.

Will Sims 4 have supernaturals?

Yes, Sims 4 have supernaturals as it was the first expansion pack and it includes angels, devils, aliens, wizards and genies.

Are Sims 4 mods legal?

Yes, technically Sims 4 mods are legal even though they aren’t supported by the EA. The creators independently create mods, so if you face any issues, you’d have to wait for them to update the version.

Is there a werewolf mod in Sims 4?

Yes, Sims 4 does include werewolf mod apart from other supernatural like vampires. As a result, the werewolf module has the ability to turn your character into a werewolf.


The sims 4 supernatural mod has made the game more popular than before. It really makes you feel like you’re experiencing supernatural powers in reality.

But for vampire-haters, the best of all the supernatural mods is the sims 4 werewolf mod.

Howl away, Sims!

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