Sims 4 Growing Together New Milestones

Sims 4 Growing Together New Milestones – (Download) 2024

Those who’ve watched the Sims 4 Growing Together Gameplay Trailer know what we’re talking about. But let us still tell you that this new expansion pack would include Sims 4 growing together new milestones that your character can achieve in the game.

They’d make the gameplay all the more exciting and immersive, so let’s know what these milestones are. 

Growing Together Milestones Sims 4

So the new landmarks that this pack would feature are primarily related to infants, but there are also some of them for all age groups. These achievements would shape the future of your avatar as well as their personality because of the various emotions they’d go through while achieving these milestones.

One more thing, the features we’ll talk about below are only some of those that were shown in the trailer, so there might be more such additions later on. 


  • Poopy diapers
  • Baths
  • Trying new foods
  • Learning to roll over
  • Learning to pull themselves up
  • Learning to crawl


  • Losing baby teeth
  • Learning to ride a bike


  • Falling in love
  • Getting married
  • Having a baby
  • Starting a fire
  • Getting fired from your job


These are all the milestones that your character would achieve in the game if you download this expansion, and they’d also serve as beautiful memories for them that would affect their lives significantly in a positive way. We’re so excited for this pack to come out soon.

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