Sims Medieval Mods

Sims Medieval Mods | Download (2024)

The Sims Medieval Mods allow the Sims to get into the ancient or middle Ages that comes with various new features, latest graphics, & better ways to play a part in the Sims game.

With the release of the Medieval version, several mods have entered the market. This particular page is to help the users to add new features to the playtime.

How can you install this Mod?

  • To install the Sims Medieval Mod for your system, you need to download the file named “Resource.cfg” from the official Sims website.
  • Extract your file using the system’s RAR archive.
  • Now, put the Resource.cfg file in the pathway:/Program Files/Electronic Arts/The Sims Medieval/
  • This is where the game has been installed and the mods need to be placed here as well.
  • Create a new mods folder here and name it likewise. Open the same and create another folder named Packages.
  • Now, insert the mods in your packages folder.

Types of Mods

 No-Censor Mod:
This helps remove the game’s censor grid.
 No Intro Modification:
This particular mod helps auto-skip your game.
 Debug Enabler Mod:
This would help you enable your game’s debug feature.
 Pregnant Walk Modification:
This particular mod replaces the game’s pregnant style walk with a default one.
 No Pregnancy Mod:
This mod dims down the overall probability for your character to get pregnant to zero percent.
 Ambitions Unlocked Mod:
This mod would help you unlock all the ambitions of your characters.

Sims Medieval Mods | Download

How to find specific mods

There are several dedicated websites to help you find the best Medieval mod. When downloading the mods, you need to save all your mod downloads under different names to ensure that the story progression is smooth. Also, you need to watch & make sure that as a player you don’t run out with regards to Quest points prior to fulfilling your Ambition. There is ample need for strategizing.

Best Ways for Installing this Mod

If you have been a part of the game, you might be aware of the fantastically talented community of fans that love to create the game mods for improvement as well as customization of the games. There is a bit of preparation required for installing the mod, so here is how you can do it in the best ways:

  • In order to maximize the chance of the mod working in a perfect way is to update the game with a latest patch.
  • Make sure you create at least 2 new folders.
  • Keep in mind that the first mod folder should be named Mods and the second should be named Packages.
  • Keep in mind that you need to read all the instructions that have been provided by your mod creator.
  • If you ever experience something unexpected with the game, uninstalling the mod or deleting always works.

What are the types of Sims 3 Medieval Mods?

Now, let’s talk about the fun segment of choosing the right mods for your Medieval Game. While you might find it a bit tough to find the right mod for it, it is critical that you look through the larger sites dedicated to Sims 3 or 4 modifications. Just poke around a bit and you might come across some amazing mods.

Remember that your old mod versions of the Sims 3 game might also work perfectly. While most might not be perfectly compatible, it has been reported by players that different mods such as replacement eye. As of now, the mod creation for sims medieval custom content is fairly limited given the fact that the user community is very small with discontinued support. However, you can get some reliable mods from creators such as Grim and Chickieteeta.

Sims Medieval Pirates and Nobles Mods

You can use this mod to explore more things as a pirate or a noble of the kingdom. You can get everything from a boat to maps that help look up for treasures or lay down the ground rules for a kingdom.

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