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Sims 4 Farmland Mod Pack (Download) – 2024

For those of you who aren’t aware, the Sims 4 Farm Mod by Arnie/The Sims Plus has been released on 8th July 2021 and is everything that you had imagined.

Since 2021, players have been waiting for this new feature to launch because they had high expectations. Arnie is also the creator of the Brookheights Open World Mod. Let’s know more about this mod and what it offers the players of the game. 

What is Farm Mod?

What is Farm Mod?

A lot of people had already guessed that this mod has something to do with farming, as the name suggests, but it’s set in a semi-open world. There are several new features related to the gameplay, storyline mode, gardening, and animals.

However, to access these new additions, players would have to download the Cats and Dogs and Seasons Expansion Pack first because a farm with no animals doesn’t make sense. 

Let’s understand what this new world consists of. 

1. Semi-Open World

This farming mod introduces Eden Hills, a new semi-open world that would replace the Sable Square neighborhood in Brindleton Bay. The best part is that you can even customize this new location by using the World Edit Mod.

However, let’s follow up on the semi-open part because that’s new. So The Sims Plus has merged the concept of his first mod, which was an open world, and the way the worlds in Sims 4 currently work.

In an open world, players could even move to unique places outside the lot without any loading screens interrupting them, but in this mod, there’d be a vast open area around the lots full of unique locations. The players can explore those places as well without the loading screens popping up. 

There are 5 lots in Eden Hills that are visible through the map view as well. 

2. Farmland Mod Currently

Players would be sad to know that the farm mod is no longer available in the game because, after its release, Arnie stopped creating or updating mods for the Sims 4; therefore, those who were interested in installing it can’t do that, unfortunately. 

But don’t worry, even if the original mod isn’t there; there’s an alternative to it, the Farmland Legacy Mod, which combines all the features of the original mod in a single lot. It’s a smaller and simpler version and avoids bugs and glitches to a more considerable extent. 

3. Farmland Legacy Mod 

As I mentioned earlier, all the attributes of the Farmland mod are included in this new version with slight variations. For instance, a single lot of 64×64 size would consist of everything, such as – 

  • George’s house, where a character named George Clover resides.
  • A windmill and a barn. 
  • A farmer’s market and a Simmart market. 
  • New gardening and animal interactions 
  • Farming items 

Players can adopt as many animals as they want and even name them as per their wish. Instead of cats and dogs, there are cows, horses, and so many other domesticated animals available. 

However, this mod can still not compare to the original one because it was so expansive with excellent features like a supermarket, city hall, a bar, a bank, an open area of Brindleton Bay, and so much more. Avatars could even ride tractors, but in the farmland legacy version, tractors are only decorative. 

New Aspects in Farmland Legacy 

Even though there’s a lot that this mod takes from the previous one, there’s still a lot that is new and unique in it. So let’s discuss them a little more. 

1. Farming Objects

This mod comes along with a lot of farming items, including sprinklers that can water a large area at once. It also includes planter boxes in 5 swatches, and those with the Cottage Living pack can also enjoy beautiful animal sheds as well. 

2. Simmart Market

You might also be wondering what a Simmart market is; well, it’s a type of supermarket only featuring tables, shelves, and a fridge with various veggies, fruits, seafood, drinks, and so on.

In fact, it merges the 6 drinks that Arnie created, such as energy drinks, love potion drinks, which makes the characters flirty, a drink that would give them a happy mood, and so on. 

3. George’s House

As for George Clover, who was an essential character in the Farmland mod and the storyline revolved around him, and he is now just an elderly character in the game with whom your character can interact with. 

4. Farming

Even farming in this modification is somewhat different because, unlike the farmland module in which characters could buy farming plots from the City Hall and plant outside their lot, in the farmland legacy version, players can start farming, either in planter boxes, on the lot, outside the lot, anywhere they want.

All you have to do is Click + Shift on a spot where you wish to plant and then choose the “Farming” option. You can either sell the harvest or save it in your inventory; it’s up to you. 

Another highlight of this feature is that instead of gardening, there’s a farming and gardening attribute, which offers players farming items, such as a greenhouse, water pipes, anti insects emitter, etc. 

5. New Animals

There are 8 animals that this modification includes, and you can adopt as many as you like. There are some species, such as ducks, that existed in the original module, but have been discontinued, while there are a few that are completely unique.

Adopting an animal in the game means that players can only collect the produce they give and not kill them for meat or harm them in any way. Players who can’t take care of them have the option to sell them to another farmer. 


Hens would lay regular as well as golden eggs that the player can collect, and to get this produce, they need to feed the chicken properly. Child or toddler avatars can play or confess secrets to the chickens. 


Cows are low maintenance because you don’t need to feed them manually every time; they can eat the grass on the lot on their own and give milk in return every day. Characters can interact with them by singing to them, becoming their friends, or giving them treats. 


Rabbits produce chocolate eggs that the characters can sell and earn money. 


Pigs would roll in the mud all day long and offer your character mud and clay to create art and craft.  


Sheeps would also eat grass on their own like cows and don’t need you to feed them every time. You can see their wool every week and earn money. 


Horses are more decorative animals because neither they produce anything nor can you ride on them. 

Fish Farm

Your character would have a unique pond where they can grow 5 fishes and eventually collect more of them. 

Bee Farm

Players can set up a bee farm away from the lot and sell the honey you collect from them. 

6. Buildings

When it comes to the buildings, there’s a windmill, barn, a Simmart market, and a farmer’s market. Selling animal products at the farmer’s market is more accessible, and it’s in the lot itself.

If you want groceries, crafts, seeds, or any household product, then the Simmart supermarket is the place to go. Those who want to sell something can just click on the display counter at the supermarket, and an option to sell will pop up. You can sell them from the inventory itself. 

In the barn, you can let the animals, such as Jack the Horse, Mutton the Sheep, Shirley the Cow, Clover the Pig, and so on. The windmill can act as a storage space as well beside George’s House. 

How Do You Get The Farmland Mod On Sims 4?

Follow the steps mentioned below to install this module, but first you must have the Seasons and Cats and Dogs expansion pack. 

  • Navigate to the Farmland Legacy Mod.
  • Move to the Mods Archive Page.
  • Download the Farmland Mod by clicking on it.
  • Unzip the file and cut the mod from the folder.
  • Paste this file in Documents > Electronic Arts > The Sims 4.

As soon as you’re in the live mode, you can add it by going to the Gallery or by clicking F4 on the keyboard in the upper right corner and then downloading the module. You can then search ArniePlus and enable the Include Custom Content Box on the left, under the Advanced tab. 


This was all about the Sims 4 Farmland Mod, and we hope that we were able to convince you to download this excellent mod because it has a lot of features to offer players.

However, don’t forget that the Farm Mod is no longer available, but the Farmland Legacy mod is, so download that and enjoy swimming.

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