Sims 4 Hoop Earrings CC

17+ Best Sims 4 Hoop Earrings CC & Mods (Download) – 2024

Hoop earrings are one of the best earrings that you can use as an accessory because of the statement they make and the way they glam up anyone’s appearance.

It’s a pretty effortless look, in my opinion, so let’s take a look at some of the best Sims 4 hoop earrings. There are so many options to choose from that you’d undoubtedly find something that would match the occasion and your character’s personality. 

List of Hoop Earrings CC

Here are the hoop earrings mods that you must have in your character’s CAS to match every outfit of your avatar. 

1. Wavy Hoops

Wavy Hoops

We’ll start with the gorgeous earrings in the game, which are these wavy earrings, available in 4 swatches. They offer such a sleek and charismatic look to your character and match with every outfit, and occasion, from formal to casual. Giulietta’s simple yet bold earrings would draw attention to them and make others want to get them too.

2. Small Heart Hoop Earrings

Small Heart Hoop Earrings

Here’s another cc by Giuluetta. These simple and adorable earrings are quite a tempting option because of their small size. They don’t steal away all the limelight but still add a lot to your avatar’s entire look.

If you’re going for a minimalist look, then these should be your choice of accessory. It’ll fit in perfectly with a subtle outfit and is available in 4 different metals, such as gold, silver, rose gold, etc. Put your hair up in a bun to flaunt these beauties.

3. Layerable Hoops

Layerable Hoops

We aren’t satisfied with just one hoop, we need more of them, and this cc by NightcrawlerSims offers us precisely that. It features a smaller circle inside a bigger one, which is a modern and chic look.

It’s available in 3 metallic options, and they look perfect with traditional as well as contemporary outfits. It has a flirty vibe, and the highlight is that you can either wear both of them together or individually as well.

4. Snake Drop Earrings

Snake Drop Earrings

You cannot resist the badass and boss vibes this hoop custom content exudes with a small hoop and a snake dangling from it. DarkNightTt has perfectly mingled devil-ish and exotic characteristics and came up with this breathtaking design.

It’d suit outfits that are seductive or street styled because of the fierceness it brings forth to any outfit and personality. You can refer to some of the clothing mods to match your accessory. There are 4 colors to choose from, so take your pick and feel powerful.

5. Geometrical Hoops

Geometrical Hoops

These are one of my favorite earrings by PralineSims because of the unique geometric shapes it features, instead of the regular circular ones.

It’s more of an edgy look with square, triangle, and rectangle shapes in 5 color options, such as black, orange, gold, silver, etc. It’s not possible for you not to fall in love with them after one glance; it’d indeed be love at first sight.

6. Bobur Earrings

Bobur Earrings

Here’s another unique design: the hoops don’t close at the end, and there are two chains dangling from it, with tiny pearls adorning them.

These are accessible in 4 swatches and are ideal for a fancy evening, such as a gala or a wedding reception, etc. Trust me, these earrings by Bobur3 will be the talk of the night because of their gorgeous look.

7. Bare and Simple Hoops

Bare and Simple Hoops

PralineSims has again come up with an excellent cc, which is suitable for both male and female avatars because of its minimalist and modest design.

This cc features small plain hoops in 15 color options, and even though they are tiny in size, they are still quite attractive. It gives an edgy look to male characters and a dainty one to female sims.

8. Eye Hoop Earrings

Eye Hoop Earrings

Now, this cc features an interesting design, with a standard hoop and a rounded metal piece shaped like an eye.

The detailing in this earring is top-notch; the eyes also include eyelashes using metal, and they are a bold and creative look for your avatar.

For some, it might feel slightly strange, but some of them find it extremely beautiful. It’s available in gold and silver only. So now it’s up to you whether you’re in the first category of people or the second one.

9. Nova Star CC Hoop Earrings

Nova Star CC Hoop Earrings

This is another gorgeous and mesmerizing piece of jewelry as it features star shaped, medium sized hoops. It’s a pretty cute and attractive mod with 4 swatches.

It’s also base game compatible and is available for regular and supernatural sims, such as mermaids, vampires, etc. This cc is also HQ mod compatible, so you should definitely download it.

10. Ashley Hoops

Ashley Hoops

You would be spellbound by the size of these hoops. They are huge and reach your character’s shoulders; they are definitely statement earrings in every sense.

People won’t be able to help but notice this at first glance before anything else. Wearing these is only possible in the game, so take full advantage of that and get your hands on these hoops by Jwofles-Sims.

11. Love Wire Hoop Earrings

Love Wire Hoop Earrings

How can you not love this earring cc with love written at the bottom of the hoop by twisting and bending the metal wire?

It’s a pretty and alluring design, in my view, and one that would fit in perfectly with any event or outfit because of its simple design. There are 4 color options available, including gold, silver, etc., so opt for the one that matches your character’s outfit of the day.

12. Dragon Tail Hoops

Dragon Tail Hoops

If you want people to notice the effort you put in to select an accessory and gush over its beauty, then this is the ideal choice.

This hoop earring looks like a dragon’s tail because of its design and texture resembling scales. They are far different from your standard options and are accessible in 4 colors. Pair these with a subtle necklace, and you’re all set.

13. Star Power Hoop Earrings

Star Power Hoop Earrings

Retaining the original appearance of hoops, this one also adds a slight twist along with it by including a tiny star dangling from the bottom of the earring. It’s such a captivating design, even though it doesn’t incorporate a lot of elements.

You’d find it difficult to take your eyes off of it. Choose any of the 3 metal and 11 enamel colors available, such as pink, blue, etc., and mix and match them with your outfit.

14. Emmy Pearl Hoops

As the name suggests, these hoops are shaped like regular ones, but what makes them unique is that they are adorned by non-rounded pearls entirely.

It’s attached to your avatar’s ears through studs and adds a sophisticated element to your sim’s appearance. Take a pick from the three colors: gold, silver, and rose gold, and bask in the compliments that you receive from others.

15. Pretty Heart Hoops

Pretty Heart Hoops

This custom content is somewhat similar to the one we discussed above, but instead of pearls, it’s covered with tiny hearts. They are even suitable for children because of how adorable and lovely they make any character look.

There are 4 base game compatible swatches for regular as well as supernatural characters, and it’s HQ compatible as well. So what are you waiting for? Download it right now!

16. Margarita CC Hoop Earrings

Margarita CC Hoop Earrings

Who said that hoops need to be entirely closed? This cc proves us otherwise with its overlapping metal wire, which doesn’t close the earring from the bottom, and features a small pearl at one end as well.

It’s ideal for toddlers as well, so it’ll be a great choice to download because both adult and child characters can wear it. I love the unique design it brings forth, and it is a must have.

17. Camellia CC Hoops

Camellia CC Hoops

We are ending this list with a hoop cc, which is perfect for toddlers as well as adults and is shaped like a medium sized cloud, making them look even more adorable.

Even the shape of these earrings compliments a child’s mind, which is imaginative and full of fantasies. There are 4 swatches to pick from that are base game and HQ compatible for regular and supernatural sims. 


One thing is clear; you can never go wrong with hoops. Therefore, it’s time for your character to get on the fashion train and start adorning their ears with one of these Sims 4 hoop earrings because they are perfect regardless of the outfit, location, or event. What more could you ask for?

They are even suitable for toddlers and males, so there are no limits to the options available. So download the ones you think would compliment your character’s personality and outfit.

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