Games Like The Sims

Games Like The Sims, Simulation Games, Family Games (2024)

Life simulation games are the hype nowadays so instead of playing the same game repeatedly, why not try new games like the Sims? Here are the 34 games you might like.

Games like Sims

The list of games similar to Sims are as follows –

  • Second Life – This option is as expansive as it gets. The schools benefit from this in educational purposes and also the fact that an actual embassy is the part of a virtual game puts it at the top. You can customize your characters as well as buy and furnish your home the way you prefer.
  • Stardew Family – Who doesn’t love the 90s era? This program starts with your character tired of their monotonous life as an office worker. Therefore he decides to visit Grandfather’s farm ‘Stardew Valley.’ Your task is to start afresh. There would be seasonal events along with the general progress of the storyline wherein a corporation has an evil eye on your town.
  • The SimsFree Play – This free-to-play version is graphically pleasing and has various customization options. But the tasks allotted would take a while to get fulfilled. Your characters would be living their dream house and going to a job they love.
  • Spore – The creator of Sims also introduced ‘Spores’ which allows you to create your own customized alien. They would start in cell form and gradually evolve through the challenges available. If you progress well, you will get a chance to dominate the planet. It isn’t human life simulation but life simulation nonetheless.
Games Like The Sims,  Simulation Games, Family Games
Games Like The Sims, Simulation Games

Is Animal Crossing similar to Sims

Yes, it is. It is set in a town with animal looking characters. It boasts of a simple life with doing activities like fishing and gathering items to progress. You can customize your player and house. It also includes seasons and time as real life.

  • House Flipper – It is one of the life simulation games pc, which is all about creating the ideal houses. You’d be given a dilapidated house and it’d be up to you to re-furnish it with the required tools and engineering knowledge. You can even sell your finished home at a reasonable price.
  • Virtual Families 2 – It is one of the build a family games wherein you are responsible for your character’s development and daily life. You can customize your house, go to work, and look after their needs. You’d have an option to modify your home and also come across events that’d bring challenges to your life. Enjoy this new addition to the raise a family games.
  • IMVU – Modifying your character doesn’t get more exciting than this. The virtual reality isn’t one of its strong suits as its primary focus is on character creation. It is a fun social game with various options available to furnish your house, join chatrooms and so on.

Games like Sims for iphone

  • Avakin Life – It has better visuals and character alteration option too. Bring out your creative skills while decorating your home and making your character trendy. You can interact with other players and also showcase those dance moves.
  • Dream House Days – You are the architect and owner of your own house. Keep tenants and get involved in their lives by giving them advice about career and romance.
  • Family House – It is one of the making a family games wherein you create a house with tenants, collect rent and keep developing it. You can also see people’s family history and several generations of theirs. You can get it on iphone and android.
  • Farming Simulator 20 – Create your own farm using farming equipment such as vehicles, livestock and crops. It is accessible on both iPhone and Android.
  • BitLife – If you enjoy funny hypothetical situations and encountering difficult decisions, try this out. Your life would rank up every year, and you’d have to choose the options provided, carefully as they might have weird or hilarious consequences.
  • Graveyard Keeper – If you’re into the darker aspect of life, this game is just for you. Death would be an integral part of your life as you are the new supervisor of the graveyard in a medieval town. You can modify and add craft items in there to please the people.
  • Jurassic World Evolution – It is a Dinosaur Theme Park which can be designed entirely by you. You are the manager of the park so ensure that the T-Rex doesn’t break loose and create havoc. You’d earn loads of money, but the responsibility would also be equally challenging.
  • Fantasy Life – It is exactly like its name suggests. You can be anything from a sailor to a chef. Your home décor, social life and love life are up to you. There are a lot of cute things to explore in this program.
  • Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles – It lets you explore Gemea and also enjoy the simple luxuries of life. This life sim games offers you various jobs and skills and character alteration aspect along with making new friends. If you are tired of exploring, take a break and build your own farms on any landscape.

What other games are like Sims

  • Cities: Skylines – Who doesn’t enjoy being in control of other’s fates? You have the ultimate power to build or destroy your character’s life. You are the master of an entire city, and you decide how to govern it. But it has some problems like traffic jams, disasters and so on.
  • Two Point Hospital – This program lets you build a hospital from scratch, wherein you look after the staff, the reputation and the overall management of the hospital. You can place various items to increase your services, cash flow and receive those yearly awards.
  • My Time At Portia – Portia is the place to be with its numerous occupational choices. You are the new member of the town with an inherited workshop wherein you can create gadgets and what not to fulfil tasks. Fishing, mining, farming, cooking are just some of the other ways of earning a living.
  • Kenshi – If you are more into the gory stuff, enter this world of cannibals, bandits, slavers, and beasts where survival has bleak chances. It is up to you to be a thief, a rebel, a trader, or food for cannibals.  The gameplay doesn’t level up when you do, and if you are wounded, realistic outcomes would be encountered such as limping, crawling etc.
  • 60 Seconds: Reautomized – This challenging world has a lot to offer. Whoever or whatever you save would play a crucial role in your survival. You’d encounter various survival challenges with unique storylines and relationship system.
  • The Escapist 2 – As the name suggests, it is all about escaping from the most formidable prison. It has multiple floors, roof and set of rules. You’d have to do prison jobs while planning your breakout along with three inmates.

What game is like Sims but multiplayer

  • Barotrauma – It is set on Jupiter’s moon ‘Europa.’ The hostile conditions due to the frozen surface allow you to find life beneath the ice in the ‘dark ocean.’ You can also see artefacts and resources in the alien ruins and destroyed submarines.
  • Rebuild 3: Gangs of Deadsville – After the zombie apocalypse, everything is in ruins, and it’s up to the few remaining survivors to restore it. Build the civilization together and accomplish 30 different kinds of missions.
  • Oxygen Not Included – When you’re in alien space rock, everything needs to be monitored from hunger and waste to the oxygen levels of the members. If it is too cold or hot, you will freeze or fry.
  • Judgement Apocalypse Survival Simulation – An apocalypse began when you were camping with friends. You all survive and decide to fight back with the demons. Your task is to build a shelter for you and your friends and practice dark magic to win against the mosnter.
  • Stonehearth – You have to aid the small group of residents to build a home for themselves and establish food supply while facing challenges. Protect them from the wilderness, and as they advance, their skills would develop further.
  • Office management 101 – Your job is to create an office, hire employees and increase cash flow. A variety of play styles are accessible based on employee productivity and social interactions. Be a part of a corporate plot of EPIC proportions in Campaign mode.
  • Colony Survival – Construct your own colony with walls, moats and forts to keep the villagers safe from attack by the monsters. Be the leader of guards, miners and other colonists.
  • Fallout Shelter – You have the responsibility of the state of the art vault from Vault-Tec. Keep the residents satisfied and secure from any danger. Choose any room to convert into a vault, turn junk into a useful item through Crafting and attract inhabitants with different skills by building a Radio Room. Fulfil the task to gain special items.
  • Sheltered – After the apocalypse, your family needs to stay safe in the underground bunker, but you’d have to get supplies by wandering out into the wasteland. Your decisions would have severe life and death consequences. Create weapons, but combat is the last resort.
  • Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator – It is a visual novel wherein you choose dads to date and also come across mini-games to play, which provide you with multiple endings. You can also create a whole new dad.
  • Planet Zoo – Animal lovers can now create their own zoo. Take care of the animal’s specific needs and requirements, fulfil tasks, and make progress regarding the zoo.


If you want to explore some other programs, here is all you need to know about games like Sims. Check out all of them at one stop. However, let’s get back to Sims and try the height mod to make your characters look different from each other.

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