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25+ Sims 4 Posters Cc & Mods – (Download) 2024 (All Free)

Building and designing your virtual home in the game is one of the most fun aspects because there’s so much to add to personalize the space that you can let your creativity shine. Players can be as outrageous about the items they include in their homes because who’s stopping them, right?

However, we have got a few suggestions about what would make your home a cut above the rest, and that is Sims 4 posters cc, which are available in so many variations that you can choose the ones that fit with your character’s vibe. So let’s take a look.

Best Posters CC Sims 4

Adding life to your virtual abode is an exciting task, and once it’s done, you can look at the end result with pride. So what better way to make your home lively than by adding posters to it? Here’s a compiled list of the best poster custom content that are a must have when designing a house.

1. Posters Pack Part 1

Posters Pack Part 1

This cc by Bean’s Builds takes the first spot on the list because of the huge variety it offers, featuring modern and vintage posters, including paintings by Monet, Van Gogh, Botticelli, and a lot more. There are 15 swatches available in this pack that are base game compatible and would add a gorgeous vibe to the entire space. If you’re a fan of these painters or art in general, then you cannot resist these beauties.

2. Kitsch Kitchen Posters

Kitsch Kitchen Posters

Wish to add lively and vibrant color to your kitchen because cooking should feel fun and make you feel happy, and these posters mod by Pluto Sims are the right choice. It features 14 fruit and vegetable swatches, along with simlish texts, which exude a modernistic vibe to glam your kitchen. In addition, they are available in square, portrait, and landscape formats, so there are a lot of options to choose from. It’s base game compatible as well.

3. Framed Posters: Gallery Walls And Leaning Frames

Framed Posters: Gallery Walls And Leaning Frames

Sooky88 has come up with an excellent custom content pack, which features abstract art, some with beautiful artwork, while others with some text on them. It’s a pretty attractive option to put up on the walls of any room, and they work well together. There are three variations: one of them consisting of 3 frames and 40 swatches, one with 5 frames and 65 swatches, and the other with 8 frames and 25 swatches. Apart from these, there are two leaning posters as well.

4. LGBTQ Posters

LGBTQ Posters

These are some of the most powerful posters by WildStrawberry4Sims, both in terms of the artwork and the message it conveys. Just like the LGBTQ colors, these contents are vibrant and bright, featuring pride colors, and women and men in the artwork. There are 4 swatches available to choose from, and each one’s as excellent as the others, so it’d be a difficult choice to make.

5. Functional Manga and Posters

Functional Manga and Posters

If you’re looking for cc poster anime, then you’re in luck because this option is a fantastic one when it comes to manga posters. Channel4Sims doesn’t offer just posters but also Manga comics for your avatar to read. The posters are absolutely realistic in terms of their cover photo and texture. Also, the posters include famous characters and anime shows, such as Naruto, Host Club, Sailor Moon, Fairy Tail, etc. So grab these CCs right now!

6. Prettified Plumbobs Poster Sets

Prettified Plumbobs Poster Sets

I’m absolutely in love with this cc by Simsnowtato because of how pretty it makes the place look. The gorgeous and minimalist artwork on the posters is absolutely unique, and the best part is that they are available in black and white, as well as other colors also, which makes them even more aesthetic. There are 14 B&W swatches in this set and 8 colorful ones, so you can try the one that suits your house’s aesthetic.

7. Aesthetic Posters

Aesthetic Posters

As the name suggests, these aesthetic posters by Barbara Sims are to die for. The vibe and the retro filter it features add a breathtaking appearance to the whole thing, and adding it to your home makes the entire atmosphere feel romantic and pretty. You can choose from the 15 swatches available, and they are all pleasing to the eyes, so don’t waste time thinking about downloading them.

8. Celebrity Posters

Celebrity Posters

One of the most common posters that a person can see in one’s room is that of their favorite celebrities. This cc by Xureila would be perfect for teen sims who dream of their favorite hero and wish to meet them once. There are 58 swatches to choose from, so don’t worry; you’d undoubtedly find the one you’re looking for to add to your character’s bedroom. It’ll make the whole game feel more realistic.

9. Memphis Set

Memphis Set

Now, this is a nostalgic set of posters because it features some of the most iconic cartoons that were aired on television, ranging from Simpsons to Powerpuff Girls. These options would make your house look incredible and attractive, and people would want to visit it more often. So to add that sentimental touch to the whole space, download this unique mod without a shadow of a doubt. There are 10 swatches offered by Siomisvault.

10. 2000s Rock Band

2000s Rock Band

No one can beat the rock music that was created back in the 2000s. A lot of people still listen to those songs and reminisce about those bands, but now you can do so by adding posters of those rock bands that you loved so much. This set includes 28 swatches that are compatible with the base game and would add that cool and relaxed vibe to the room. You can use these posters in the music room for inspiration or in your bedroom for when you listen to music or anywhere you want.

11. Kids Camping Wall Art

Kids Camping Wall Art

It’s essential for children to be around colorful and vibrant pictures and art because it makes them happy and also acts as a visual stimulation for them. Therefore, this cc by SIMcredible is perfect for the kid’s room, featuring 20 swatches in 2 colors, with animals blowing bubble gum, affirmations, and other cute patterns that would look lovely in the room. You can even hang these in other parts of the house as well because they’d act as a happy dose for everyone.

12. Decal Posters

Decal Posters

Minimalism is where the world’s turning to, and these posters by Pralinesims would help you join the party, with 36 gorgeous designs to choose from. Some of them include texts, while others flaunt landscapes of cities and forests. It’s a beautiful pack and is available in color and B&W as well. The highlight is that they come in varied sizes to fit every space as per your need.

13. 90s Wall Posters

90s Wall Posters

Did the nostalgia hit you yet? These posters would take you back to the good old era when everything was simple. This cc by Simdertalia features some of the most iconic memories of the 90s that everyone remembers to date, such as MTV, The Simpsons, the Microsoft logo, Tupac, and so much more that you can’t help but be hit by the nostalgia train.

There are three sets available (Wall Decor, Wall Decor 2, and Wall Posters); one with 15 swatches, the other with 17 swatches, and the last one with 8 swatches. The Windows logo is available in English and Simlish language, so you can choose any one. You must download this content asap!

14. Vintage Travel Posters Series

Vintage Travel Posters Series

Players who love traveling or are wanderers by nature would undoubtedly love this series of posters by Pixelatedllama because it visually takes you to Europe, with the Eiffel Tower, the canals of Venice, the CN Tower of Toronto, and so on. The vintage feel to them is what we’re here for because it makes you feel like you’re going down memory lane.

This poster mod is perfect for cafes or restaurants as well to give it that classy look. You can take your pick from the 8 recolors available.

15. Terror Tales

Terror Tales

Planning a Halloween Party or having a horror movie marathon with the girls? Well, these posters would help you set the mood by adding that touch of horror and goth to the space. These 8 classic movie posters and pulp horror book covers in Simlish are the ideal choice, and they are available in 2 meshes, full and half size.

You can even resize these posters using the game’s resize option because these are high-resolution CCs by Pixelfolk. It’s the perfect way to add an eerie and scary vibe to the place, so download it now!

16. Zombie Posters and Apocalyptic Signs

Zombie Posters and Apocalyptic Signs

Those who are more into strange and frightening posters of zombies or anything to do with the apocalypse would find this mod by Lady Kendall Sims perfect. There are 56 swatches (28 zombies and 28 apocalypses) to choose from that are base game compatible. It’d leave anyone with a not so comfortable feeling once they glance at these posters.

So if your character’s a supernatural being or has weird quirks that make them creepy, then you can enhance that part by adding this cc.

17. Zodiac Art

Zodiac Art

Are you fascinated by astrology too? You are sure to get hooked on these zodiac wall posters featuring all 12 sun signs with a mystical and magical background. There are two versions of it; one is the standard one, while the other flaunts the zodiacs in Chinese art, which is absolutely breathtaking. All the posters are vibrant and would add liveliness to the place. So you can pick the one you think fits your virtual abode and bring the cosmos to your house. These are base game compatible as well.

18. Ultraviolet Wave Neon Posters

Ultraviolet Wave Neon Posters

Neon posters are the ultimate wall decor for a home because how can you not fall in love with those lights, exuding a cool and relaxed vibe for when you want to stay away from all the drama? There are 8 posters in 8 colors, but you’d require the Get to Work expansion pack for this cc by TinyMalandroTV. You can decorate your entire room in dark shades and use these neon posters to light up the room. Sounds impressive, right? 

19. Kids Animal Posters

Kids Animal Posters

Here’s another poster pack that is ideal for a children’s room because it features several cute animals in a whimsical way, such as a panda wearing a bow tie, an owl with specs, a teddy bear with a tie, and so on. It’ll make your child sims laugh and feel happy looking at them. There are 8 swatches offered by angxlszn, each with a different background color as well. Your child avatar would love this in their room.

20. Wall Clutter Conversions

Wall Clutter Conversions

Now, this is a pack that consists of several posters by Jolly in varied sizes and shapes to make it look like wall art or clutter. There are two swatches to choose from, and they make your wall look like an organized mess, which is the best kind. It’ll make people want to stop and look at the posters because of how gorgeous they look together.

21. Poster Set No. 1 and No. 2

Poster Set No. 1 and No. 2

XSorcier has created one of the most alluring and pleasing works of art, which feature various flower prints and other designs that are modern and eye-catching. All the posters are nature inspired and are available in 4 different colors, including black, light brown, brown, and gray. You can use these in a restaurant, cafe or at your home as well because they fit in everywhere.


Now that you have so many options to decorate your home with, what are you waiting for? Try out the Sims 4 posters cc that you love and make your home, cafe, or any place personalized and beautiful. There’s no restriction to choosing just one; you can download as many of them as you want because we know they are all irresistible, and choosing one of them would be challenging.

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