Sims 4 Sex Mods, Best Adult Mods

Sims 4 Sex Mods, Best Adult Mods, Nude (Download) 2024

The article below discusses some of the best Sims 4 sex mods, where you could openly woohoo and witness great animations with smooth interactions. Read the article below for more Sims 4 adult mods and custom contents. Download them now.

Sims 4 sex Mods

We all know how important sex is to the world of Sims and to the gamers who invest in them. This life simulation game has many things to offer, but the vanilla doesn’t have everything that one encounters in their sex life, and for that, we have modifications.

As we call it in the game, Woohoo is offered by different and unique mods, where you will witness some real-life scenarios that add realism to it.

They also provide animations, interactions, and other necessities. The modding community has done a great job making these love and sex mods more efficient and useful. 

The Sims 4 adult mods are our topic today, where we suggest best-adulterated modifications that are advisable to use only for those who are 18+. These modules take immersions to the next level as they add shaking beds and fireworks.

You only have to choose “woohoo,” and you will have what you desire, but we know there is more to it as adults. Read the article more to know better about these Sims 4 sex cc and mods. Download these Sims 4 sexy mods now to enjoy the privilege provided by them. 

Sims 4 Sex Mods, Best Adult Mods, Nude (Download)

Sims 4 Woohoo Mods And More

The following pointers discuss the Sims 4 sex mods, where you will notice different and improved woohoo animations. Now let us dive right in:

No mosaic/no censor

As the name suggests, it removes the players’ censor grid while they pee, woohoo, and many more activities where they are naked.

We all know how annoying these sensor grids can be, and hence this module can set you free from these mosaics & censor. This Sims sex mod further adds realism to the game, making it more original and private.

Add this Sims 4 uncensor mod to your list today to remove the sensor, while your characters have to be naked. Like when they take a shower or woohoo. Remember, it doesn’t allow you to walk around naked all the time, only when you need to be.

No mosaic/no censor mod

SimDa Dating App

SimDa dating app is an alternative to Tinder in the virtual world. We all know how dating apps work, and likewise, the SimDa does. With this app, you could get to go out on dates and get to know them. You have multiple options like casual dating, meaningful relationships, and even one night stands. This app is a must-have for the suckers for real-life experiences in a virtual world.

SimDa Dating App

Sims 4 Sex Mod

The Wicked whims mod is hands down the favorite of all the gamers and is one of the best Sims 4 sex mods. It is a mixed modification specially made for those who want to have sexual interactions.

It also includes NSFW Sims 4 cc like consensual sex, wicked woohoo, moodlets, menstrual cycle and many other communications too. Also, it is filled with unique animations that attract many gamers and menstrual cycle is also a part of it, which was ignored by creators earlier.

Moreover, it improves your character’s nudity skills, which further can turn you into a pervert who walks around naked on the streets. This module is an 18+ content, so kids, please stay out of this.

Other activities like getting a massage and traits like sexual alluring are also available. Numerous modders have contributed over 6000 animations adding to the base module positions. NSFW Sims 4 mods have a lot more to offer, so check it out yourself. 

Risky Woohoo

By now, you must have figured out what this will be. This risky Woohoo can make female characters accidentally pregnant.

These sex mods sims 4 further depends upon your player’s traits like if your character is “lazy,” they will be too careless to put on protection or take birth control pills.

This modification is the most realistic mod you will come across because the real-life gives you lemons and babies even if you don’t want them.

Risky Woohoo mod
Sims 4 Woohoo Mod

Passionate Romance

This modification has more new interactions added like the goose. You pinch your desired player at the butt, and if you turn out to be in a positive relationship, the other won’t slap you. The different interplays like snuggles, hugs, kisses, and woohoo are also a part of this module.

Moreover, selfies and many different animations are added to it. You can have serious relationships, but if you turn out to be a pervert, your jealous partner would consider cheating.

Ghost Babies

Yes, it sounds weird, but it’s not in the world of Sims. You can have babies with a ghost, where they give you fleshy and squishy babies. Also, they take care of their ghost baby, who won’t turn out to be devils. They take care of your baby, and it is not as odd as it sounds.

Longer/shorter pregnancy

This module can make you have a full three trimesters of pregnancy, where you carry your baby for a full nine months instead of three days. If you want more kids, you could even opt for triplets, quintuplets, sextuplets, and more.

The more babies, the happier. You could also choose to have fewer days of pregnancy, too, if you don’t want to take the pressure of carrying the baby for nine months. Only a more prolonged pregnancy will feel more real and personal.

Babies for everyone

In the real world, it’s saddening where only fertile women need sperm to have babies, and not everyone can have one.

The gay and lesbian communities must feel sad for not getting babies, but Sims’ virtual world realizes the depth of the situation and provides a mod, where everyone can have children.

This module gives a chance to everyone to have kids, including male and elder gamers. The times are changing, guys. The virtual world to the rescue.

The pillow talk

This is one of the cutest Sims 4 sexy mods you will ever come across, as it gives a boost to animations and interactions. We all know how our characters don’t feel the romance, and they will straight head to the bed and start to find their ways.

That doesn’t sound romantic at all. This pillow talk mod gives all the animations, including whispering secrets, snuggling, tickling, and all the kissing actions before starting the main business. It’s not the movie that lights up, it’s the small actions that draw the attention, and hence this mod will give you all kinds of exciting features that you want.

Adult Sims 4 mods and Custom Contents

Now, let us discuss some of the best Sims 4 sexuality traits and cc that is specially designed for your audience for better visuals and interactions. They are as follows: 

ooOLala World’s Animations

This cc gives you various high animated visuals like different and unique positions to have woohoo in. 

Make love, not Woohoo

As the name suggests, this Sims 4 sex traits mod change the game’s UI a bit, where you can have options like make love or have sex. But it adds risqué to the game. But they still sound better than Woohoo.


Masturbating visuals are present in this custom content in three different ways, and they are: 


With this custom content, you can have more interplay, including orgies and threesomes. 

Strap On

The wicked whims mod brings you brand new custom content that is strap on visuals. Get your hands on this mod to look at what more they have to offer you.

No jealousy

This module can be a beneficial mod, where you could control your partner’s jealousy factors. Your partner may be extremely jealous and insecure, so no jealousy modification, to the rescue. This module could supposedly reduce jealousy levels.


With this module, you can marry several Sims and have your own polygamous family. Also, make sure you have downloaded the previous No jealousy mod to make it easier for yourself. No jealousy, only love.

Polygamy mod
Sims 4 Polygamy Mod


This mod isn’t entirely developed yet, and is still quite new. Therefore it requires the inclusion of Sims 4 STD mod.

Some more Sims 4 naughty mods to Download

Be naked Everywhere

This module seriously allows you to roam naked around the streets. It has a nude skin feature in it, which you could set as your default outfit. Also, set it for every day, so you could roam naked all day.

Strip club

This module can help you go to the strip club for fun. 

Naughty Help

This custom content can help you deliver sex-related services.


This custom content may add many Sims 4 sexy mods like lingerie corsets and further amplify the Sims 4 sexuality traits.


This mod is suggestively not sex-related but is undoubtedly an adult content. It adds weed into the game, where you could buy and sell it.

These were some suggestive Sims 4 adult mods to make your game stakes higher. Enjoy the full Sims 4 adult fun with these modules.

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