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Sim Torments Mod (Download) – 2024 (Latest)

Sims 4 Sacrificial Mod

Little sweet little sour is what life is; there is no meaning in pleasure without pain. Pain makes your happiness even more endearing in taste. Sim torments mod here is a realization of this truth.

This sim torments mod developed by Sacrificial and released 14 days earlier for sacrificial patreons typically ruin a sims life, making them regret the day they were born.

About the mod

The list of torments you can inflict upon these sims using this torment mod are:

  • Burn with corrosive
  • Suck into pit
  • Crush under a Piano
  • Crush with a Helicopter
  • Shoot self
  • Stab guts
  • Slit your wrist
  • Drown in water
  • Ax in the Head
  • Lightning strike
Sim Torments Mod
Sim Torments Mod

Deform face Torment

While the application of this Sims 4 sim torments mod, some horrible, horrible things will happen to the face of the selected sim. Here’s a brief on that:

  • The chosen sim’s face will get distorted into an appalling wreck.
  • The Sims will be terrified of the sim with distorted faces.
  • Companionships and Romance connections with this sim will diminish as an adverse result.
  • You can also restore the face of the deformed sim by selecting the sim with a deformed face and choosing to fix the disfigured face. 

How to use this mod

  • As soon as you have successfully installed this moodlet, you are now ready to torment and kill other sims.
  • Choose the sim that you want to see in pain.
  • Select any one option or method of Torture from the “Sims torment” pie menu.
  • Also, the “what just happened moodlet” will now have a “Terrified” emotion.

Installation Instructions

  • The mod requires the only base game to work, so it’s good news for all users, I guess.
  • Extract the mod files with the .zip suffix in your mod folder.
  • The default location of your mods folder is Documents>Electronic Arts>The Sims 4>Mods.
  • Now restart your game.

Some Common Mistakes and Points to Remember

  • If you have done everything right and something doesn’t work, you might have an obsolete variant of the Resource. Cfg in your mods folder.
  • Download the latest version here
  • The Installation instructions for this are the same as the sims sacrificial mod, unzip the file and place it in the mods default folder.
  • Information is power, and if you want to know more about the creative side of sims 4 game, which is sims 4 studio, and how to download these mods, we have you covered.

Resting Thoughts

The sim torments mod is an absolute necessity for anyone looking to enjoy the game, and everyone must try it once.

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