How To Fix Playstation Error WC 36547-5

How To Fix Playstation Error WC 36547-5 (Updated) – 2024

An essential tool that improves our gaming experience is the PlayStation Store. This useful software repository makes buying, installing, and playing games easier and gives us a straightforward way to quickly access our game library.

The ability to play our favorite games with just a click rather than having to physically find and swap out discs makes gaming more convenient and fun.

The PlayStation Store occasionally falls short of our expectations. Despite its general dependability, there may occasionally, albeit infrequently, be unexplainable crashes. The gaming industry, including our beloved PS4, is affected by situations when desired games are unavailable when needed or when a lack of demos continues.

These incidents show how the PS Store occasionally fails to satisfy our needs. The emergence of error messages is one way in which this is expressed.

Error WC-36547-5, which denotes that the credit card you attempted to register is already connected to your account, stands out among the common error codes. Fortunately, many of us have dealt with this issue before, and finding a solution is not too difficult. Here is a step-by-step tutorial on how to fix error WC-36547-5 if you have encountered it.

PS4 Error WC 36547 5

PS4 Error WC 36547 5

An issue with the payment method you are using to make purchases on the PlayStation Store is indicated by the error number WC-36547-5. A working credit card is necessary for a smooth and satisfying shopping experience.

The world’s best gaming console was made by Sony, which is well known for it. This game console is extensively used worldwide and allows consumers to lose themselves in virtual amusement. Some people, however, rely on borrowing family members’ or friends’ credit cards rather than having them in their own names.

The security of credit card information is essential because it can be misused if it is obtained by unauthorized parties. As a result, it’s crucial to take caution when disclosing your credit card information and make sure that you only give it to those you can trust to handle it responsibly.

If you receive error WC-36547-5 while trying to add a credit card to your PlayStation console account, it could mean that the information you gave is wrong or that there are other problems with your account or the card itself.

You can find a full list of potential causes and fixes for the PS4 Error WC-36547-5 below. Understanding the underlying cause of this error number is essential since it makes troubleshooting much easier.

Correcting the error may be difficult if the fundamental cause is not found. Therefore, it is necessary to identify the problem before looking for the best fix.

Reasons for PS4 Error WC 36547 5

The WC-36547-5 issue can be discouraging after getting a new PS4 console and getting ready to buy your selected game from the PlayStation Store. Fortunately, there are just a few common causes of this error code.

It is crucial to understand that if this error shows up on your screen, there can be a problem with your payment method. By accepting this reality, you can immediately solve the underlying issue and complete your purchase.

There are several potential causes of the PS4 Error WC-36547-5, and each one necessitates a different approach to repair the problem. The following are some typical causes of this error:

1. Inaccurate credit card details

Incorrect or invalid credit card information entered during the registration procedure is one of the main causes. Double-checking the supplied information can assist in resolving this problem.

2. Card Linked Already

If the credit card you are attempting to register is already connected to your PlayStation account, then this error can happen. The issue can be fixed by checking your account’s payment preferences and eliminating any duplicate cards.

3. Acceptance of Payment Methods

The PlayStation Store may not support specific payment methods, which would cause the WC-36547-5 issue. To prevent this problem, you must make sure that the store accepts your chosen payment method.

4. Inconsistent Account Region

The problem can show up if the region of the credit card you’re trying to add and the region of your PlayStation account don’t match. This disparity can be fixed by lining up the account and credit card regions.

5. Problems with Network Connectivity

The transaction process can be interfered with and result in the WC-36547-5 error by an unstable or poor internet connection. To prevent this issue, it’s crucial to check your network connection and make sure your internet connection is reliable.

6. Server Upkeep or Downtime

This issue may also be brought on by brief maintenance or service outages on the PlayStation Network. To determine if this is the issue, look for official notifications about maintenance or outages.

7. Suspension of an Account

It’s possible that the issue is connected to a suspension or restriction that has been applied to your PlayStation account. You can solve this problem by contacting PlayStation Support for additional advice and clarity.

You may take the necessary action to address the PS4 Error WC-36547-5 and restore full functioning to your PlayStation console by determining the precise cause of it.

PS4 Error WC 36547 5 Solutions

PS4 Error WC 36547 5 Solutions

To resolve the WC-36547-5 error, it is essential to have an authentic credit card with a valid expiration date. This entails using a credit card that possesses accurate billing information.

However, it is worth noting that the PlayStation Store may reject a card if its billing details differ from the country associated with the account.

Therefore, ensuring that the billing details align with the account’s country is crucial to avoid encountering this error.

Here are some solutions to address the PS4 Error WC-36547-5:

1. Confirm credit card data:

  Verify the credit card information you provided during registration once more. Verify the data’s accuracy, including the card number, expiration date, and CVV code. Any inconsistency could result in the WC-36547-5 error.

2. Eliminate Double Cards:

  The problem could be brought on if the credit card you’re trying to enroll in already has a relationship with your PlayStation account. To prevent problems, go to your account’s payment preferences and delete any extra or expired cards.

3. Verify the Acceptability of Payment Methods:

 Verify that the PlayStation Store accepts your chosen payment method. The WC-36547-5 issue could be caused by the inability to accept certain cards or payment methods. If you need more help, consider utilizing an alternate payment method or contacting your card issuer.

4. Verify Local Compatibility:

 Check to see if the region of the credit card you’re trying to add corresponds to the region of your PlayStation account. Incompatible regions can bring on the WC-36547-5 issue. If necessary, change the region settings on your account or ask PlayStation Support for advice.

5. Check if There Are Enough Funds:

Verify that there is enough cash or credit on your credit card to finish the purchase. Insufficient finances may bring on the WC-36547-5 mistake. To fix any funding problems, check your account balance or get in touch with your card company.

6. Refresh Payment Details:

 Update the information in your PlayStation account if your credit card information has changed since the last time you made a purchase. The WC-36547-5 error can be brought on by out-of-date or erroneous payment information. The revised card information can be entered by going to your account settings.

7. Examine Network Connection:

Make sure your PS4 console is plugged into a solid internet connection. The transaction process can be hampered by unstable or poor network access, which can result in the WC-36547-5 error. Use a wired connection if possible, restart your router, or ask your internet service provider for help.

8. Verify the status of the PlayStation Network:

Check to see whether any ongoing server maintenance or outages are impacting the PlayStation Network. Brief disturbances can bring on the WC-36547-5 mistake. Check the PlayStation website or social media accounts for any network status updates.

9. Reboot the console and clear the cache:

Clearing the cache can fix several software-related problems on your PS4 console. Your console should be turned off, unplugged from the power supply, and given some time to idle. Then connect it again and turn it on. This procedure could potentially fix the WC-36547-5 issue by deleting temporary files and updating system settings.

10. Install system software updates:

Verify that the system software on your PS4 console is the most recent version. Sometimes outdated software might lead to compatibility problems, such as the WC-36547-5 error. To upgrade your console, go to the “Settings” menu, choose “System Software Update,” and then follow the on-screen directions.

11. Restore Licences: 

You may be able to address problems with your PlayStation account’s content access by restoring licenses. Navigate to the “Settings” menu, choose “Account Management,” and then “Restore Licences.” Confirm the action, then let the procedure run its course. Any licensing issues that could result in the WC-36547-5 error can be resolved by following this approach.

12. Make a support call to PlayStation:

 If none of the aforementioned fixes work to fix the WC-36547-5 error, it is advised to get in touch with PlayStation Support. Give them explicit information about the situation and the efforts you’ve already done to troubleshoot it. They can provide tailored advice and extra options to 

deal with the problem.

Though these fixes typically work to fix the WC-36547-5 problem, specific situations may not.


Even while the WC-36547-5 issue is not frequently seen when trying to buy games or other items from the PlayStation Store, it can undoubtedly make someone less enthusiastic.

However, we have worked hard to give you clear answers in this article so that you may quickly fix the issue and get on with your game-buying adventures in the store.


What is the problem with WC 36547 5 on the PS4?

It indicates that there is an issue with the information on your credit card or that the card is already linked to your account.

Do I need to provide the CVV or CVV2 when inserting the card?

Yes, you must input the CVV or CVV2, which is the card’s security key.

Do I need to change my card information after renewing it?

Yes, the bank will update the debit or credit card number, expiration date, and CVV/CVV2 number.

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