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Kawaiistacie Mods: Sims 4 kawaii Stacie | Custom content (CC) (Download) 2024

Stacie, the ardent fan of Sims and a famous modder herself has made many modifications in the game and is formally known as Kawaiistacie.

So far, the latest installation, the Sims 4, has been reaching heights and is one of the most popular games. Her mods are now one of the reasons why people are drawn towards it and its versions.

So, if you’re a great fan too and want to know more about kawaiistaciemods then stick to this article till the end because we have some interesting insights for you.

Sims 4- kawaii custom content (cc)

The word “kawaii” is a Japanese adaptation for “cute” and “custom content” means the production of branded content for the clients. So, the subheading derives that the creation of adorable branded content for the customers is a source of modification in the game Sims 4. Hence, Stacie has created many custom content i.e. cc for the game that we would come across further in the article.

Kawaiistacie Mods: Sims 4 kawaii Stacie | Custom content (CC) (Download)

Sims 4 – Kawaiistacie mods & Custom content(CC)

Kawaiistacie has made a variety of custom contents for Sims 4 and the following would be some of the mods you might not know:-

Festival esplanade:

As the name suggests, this mod would bring fun and pleasure to your sim’s life. It adds an occasional festive theme where the venue would change according to the season. This mod would even create or spawn some Sims during the festivities.

This mod enables you to change the season and the setting of the festival whenever you want. You could visit these venues with whosoever and could enjoy with them from 9:00 am in the morning till midnight starts.

Click Here For festival Esplanade

Fully-Furnished kawaii set

The kawaii Sims 4 custom content includes fully-furnished houses too. These sims want to feel good when they’re around things that make them happy and the furniture makes them sense it. They love the look of it and they want to live in a place that feels home.

They also believe that having a well-furnished house would increase the status in the society they live in. That means this mod would help your players to have a beautifully designed and well-equipped houses to live which would help maintain their reputation.

100 babies

This Sims 4 kawaii custom content has been inspired by the 100 babies challenge. This mod creates babies for the Sims, whether it’s a male or a female. As these Sims build great relationships with each other and to take it forward they want to make a family of their own.

For that, they want kids of their own which the players tend to love the most. They could even have these tiny toddlers, even if they’re not in a relationship.

But, if the player having babies dies, then the living significant other or the spouse will have them. And also, it increases buffs and maintains a healthy relationship.

Fall/winter lipsticks

This mod enables your sim to have fall/winter themed lipsticks which are made for the female sims. These Sims love to dress up and are always up-to-date with fashion skills. So, these Sims admire the related possessions and these lipsticks interest them the most.

Kawaii Stacie has made sure that each lip shade is available in two swatches and three shades which makes six swatches in total. Two swatches of each lipstick include one dark coloured and one light coloured swatch.

Drinkable Pouches For Humans

Kawaiistacie Sims 4 has provided you with pouches which are available for drinking and can be stored in inventory. This custom content comes along with vampire expansion pack. It adds plasma pouches for vampires and milk for humans.

It even fulfils your sim’s hunger needs and reduces bladder needs. This kawaiistacie mod is found in build and buy mode and is available in two swatches. It also increases buffs.

Tea lover

This kawaii Stacie mod helps your Sims to make tea as they crave for it. They even make great baristas. These Sims feel positive and happy while having tea even on a dull day. It makes them forget how awful their day was and makes them rejuvenated. This Sims 4 kawaii custom content helps you producing it for you. It increases buffs too.

Singer trait

This kawaiistaciemod enables your sims to showcase their talent in singing. These sims are passionate about singing and are better from others. They feel refresh when they sing and sad when they don’t. They even have the ability to inspire other sims.

It’s more than a hobby for them. Singing skills would increase faster in them in comparison to others and gets always wish they miss notes.

They could even damage their vocal cords by overusing them. This kawaiistacie Sims 4 mod would increase buffs and it provides an upper hand in building relationships.

Acne-Prone Feature

This mod will set up acne to your sim’s face when they have breakouts. They feel uncomfortable when people react to their acne-prone faces. You need to plug in some packages in your mod folder and select the appropriate traits for your player. This acne will automatically pop out of your sim’s face. Taking a complete blend soaks and mud can help heal acne. This kawaiistaciemod sims 4 mod would, in fact, increases buffs.

Basketball trait

These Sims love basketball and they treat it more than just a hobby. They feel energetic when they are playing and bored when they are not.

They master basketball ball and fitness skills faster than others. These Sims want to excel in the game as it’s the matter of reputation for them. The others respond and recognize you on the basis of your influence in the surroundings.

Sims may have bad videos of them posted online and feel negative about it as they’re embarrassed. This sims 4 kawaiistacie custom content could help improve fitness skills and relationships which would, in turn, help your sim in maintaining social status and improve the game of basketball.

Appearance trait

  • Handsome trait: This mod is used for the male sims. These sims are good looking and attractive than others. The rest of the sims are always searching for an opportunity to be friends with these alluring sims. As mentioned, these handsome male sims have great abilities to make good relationships with others and it increases buffs.
  • Beautiful trait: This custom content is used for female sims. These sims are gorgeous and pretty all the time. Others always wish to have a relationship with these wonderful female sims. As written earlier, they tend to make friends and build relationships faster than others. This kawaiistacie Sims 4 mod also increases buffs.
  • Hideous trait: This kawaii Stacie mod is made for those sims who want to look funny and want to create an entertainment factor. These sims look unrealistic and funny. It was not made to ridicule anybody. But unfortunately, these sims do not tend to make friends or build relationships as faster as the other traits. These sims tend to be ignored by the other sims which make them feel uncomfortable. But fortunately, this mod increases buffs.

Coffee Lover

Fishermen Trait

If you want these exciting kawaiistacie mods too then go and download them today and enjoy this wonderful game. Now available in more advanced and interesting way. Up till kawaiistacie brings you more mods, check out 3D eyelashes and we’ll be back with more new updates.

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