Sims 4 3d Eyelashes

Sims 4 3d Eyelashes | CC – Download(updated) 2024

The article below discusses the Sims 4 3D eyelashes and its custom content made by many different creators. The following article tells you about the description of the lashes and also some rules you must consider while downloading the mods. The report would tell you about different lashes too and how you could remove them. Read the article further to know more about the lashes.

The Sims 4 3d Eyelashes Version 2

These Sims 4 custom made 3D eyelashes are available to Teen, Young Adults, Adults, and Elders. Also, they are open to all the genders. These Sims 4 3D lashes are categorized under the Accessories, actually in Glasses.

It has 25 regular lengths and 20 long styles too. This Sims 4 eyelashes custom content (cc) is compatible with the eye shaping modification. You could recolour and retexture your lashes too. 

But before you move ahead, you must know specific guidelines. These rules, which got mentioned below, might help you in the game. They are:

  • Firstly, make sure you have turned off the laptop mode.
  • Secondly, if you want to share and upload the 3D lashes then don’t include the meshes.
  • Lastly, make sure that you’re currently using the latest version of the game.

The Sims 4 Custom Made 3d Eyelashes

These 3D lashes in Sims 4 have many creators, which will be aligned below. These lashes have different creators, and each of them had a variety of ways to design them. 

The Sims 4 cc 3D eyelashes are as follows:

Kijiko’s 3D eyelashes: 

Kijiko has been one of the best-known eyelash creators as it had various eyelash designs like coloured, curled, and uncurled. 

 Kijiko’s 3D eyelashes:

Plumbobjuice 3D eyelashes:

These lashes are the recoloured and retextured form of the kijiko’s lashes. These are long, thick, and beautiful lashes for which you need a mesh. 

Plumbobjuice 3D eyelashes:

MaySims 3D eyelashes

These are one of the old lashes, which have three different colour, pattern, and style. They have only one demerit that it doesn’t stick to the lower side of your sim’s eye. You might have to reshape the eye of your sim to make the lashes fit. Also, you need to have an account on their site to download them.  

MaySims 3D eyelashes:

MMsims 3D eyelashes

The eyelashes created by this creator have been soft and subtle, which perfectly suits your sim.

MMsims 3D eyelashes

Dreamgirl 3D eyelashes

These lashes have a unique style and pattern as these are slightly spiky.

Dreamgirl 3D eyelashes version 1

Pickypikachu Maxis Match 3D eyelashes

The creator has designed the lashes, which matches the maxis match. These are more realistic in style.

Pickypikachu Maxis Match 3D eyelashes

The Sims 4 Eyelash Remover Mod

This mod removes the EA lashes from the Sims 4. It is available for the Teens, Young Adults, Adults, and Elders. The Sims 4 no EA lashes is compatible with females having masculine features and males/vampires/aliens having feminine qualities. 

The mod has applied Lod0, which is a highly detailed model that activates when you come closer to sims. You need to use this mod on the individuals, and you want to remove the lashes from. After downloading the mod, you must find it in the Skin Detail category. Then use this to the sim as a mole. 

Also, you should remember that the lashes would show up again if you put the remover off. Lastly, this mod will only work with the latest version of the game, which is  PC / Mac or it could be newer.

The Sims 4 3d Eyelashes With Hq Compatibility

Yes, you read that right. The Sims 4 3D eyelashes are now with the HQ compatibility. There is a set of 3D HQ compatible versions, which are as follows: sims 4 eyelashes cc

  • [Kijiko]eyelash_YF_version2.package
  • [Kijiko]eyelash_YF_version2_expansion-lashes00.package
  • [Kijiko]eyelash_YF_version2_expansion-natural00.package
  • There is a single file for the uncurled eyelashes too and that is; [Kijiko]eyelash_YU_version2_Uncurled.package

Party Colours Of The 3d Lashes

Again, these party colours are unique and different styles for these lashes. The points below would again help you with the description of the party colours. They are:

  • These are again some optional lashes, which requires the mesh data.
  • They are available in regular lengths.
  • Also, have five colours and five designs with the white colour.
  • Both male and female could access them.

Issues In 3d Lashes

  • As mentioned earlier, you might face problems if you don’t turn off the laptop mode.
  • These lashes won’t work in the laptop mode as they use the “SlimGlaseeShader” for alpha textured objects.
  • So, this shader could not draw transparent texture while the laptop mode is on.

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