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Sims 4 AutoSave Mod – (Download) 2024

Losing all your progress when you forget to press the save button is a big hassle. Reaching checkpoints or manually saving your levels might look like the only solution to maintain your progress, but it still requires a lot of effort.

The auto save feature is now abundant among various gaming platforms like valve and E.A. However, it still hasn’t made its way to the sims four-game, which is quite troubling considering how forgetful we get when engrossed during the game.

So to help you execute the sims 4 autosave mod, we have stated below the instructions for the same. Let’s check it out.

Sims 4 Autosave Features

The auto save options are not devoid of any additional features. It contains a lot more specs than you could have ever imagined. They are –

Editable Backup Names

Getting lost during various backups is extremely devastating, as it makes you confused about the whole process. So to tackle that problem, this feature allows you to save multiple files with different functionalities according to your gameplay.

These usually come in handy if you do an in-game experiment that gets often executed in many video games. Though this feature is quite common among various gaming platforms, it still is an essential feature considering how the game doesn’t originally provide it.

Status Indicator U.I.

This user interface comes along with the auto save feature. As the title itself implies, it keeps a status on your progress and helps you track all your previous backups.

Another great thing about this is that it has a feature of allowing you to see when the future backups will arrive, thereby helping you to plan your incoming saves.

Periodic Backup Frequency Selector

In this, you get varied choices to choose from to maintain a record of your saves. One of the most prominent features is that it matches your sim pace of rosters following the times you save the progress.

Rotational System Backup

RSB is a great way to keep a steady record of the numbers of backups you save. Though the whole idea might look simple, it’s quite beneficial to delete and save different versions of the levels.

Understanding the Autosave Feature

The foremost thing that we should learn before reading about the extended features is knowing how to execute this option.

Quite simple as always, the first thing you must have is a base game computer to exercise your auto save selection. If you already possess the base game computer version, there’s no need to fret as it becomes much easier to follow the subsequent instructions.

Another significant thing to note is the array of features that comes along with this auto save option. You must understand those features well to get along with the future proceedings.

Sims 4 Autosave Features

The Sims 4 Auto Save Mod Functions And Options

As mentioned above, you must pay heed to the options we state below as they are crucial to executing the auto save mod in your game finely. Here are the options –

The Sims 4 Auto Save Mod Functions And Options

A Menu-driven Configuration

A menu gets made to display a comprehensive picture of all the essentials you want to access easily, and this feature delivers exactly that thing! It’s simple to access, easy to navigate is quite useful to even a rookie.

Backup Period Cycle Selection

Keeping a selected time limit to your saves serves an important role in maintaining a record. You get the option of choosing your preferred period as per your wishes.

But one thing to note here is that you can’t save the progress every minute or two; you must give a gap of at least fifteen minutes to do so. Except for that, you can also save every thirty minutes or an hour or even a day! It all depends on the time limit you choose.

Editable Backup Cycle

Nothing’s better than having the ability to edit your backup history. This useful mod helps one edit the backup period cycle to fit one’s need; due to its versatile nature, you also get to keep track of your saving activity to a great extent.

Though it might not be as efficient as the other mods, it still carries with itself a lot of meaning when we execute it. Another great thing about his is that it helps you keep separate files for those you choose to edit. It sure comes in handy for anyone who wishes to keep a record.

History Of Changes

To fix your mistakes of undoing or redoing your backups, you need to have a good record of the changes you’ve recently made.

This feature becomes extremely useful in that context as it keeps track of your backups every fifteen minutes of being saved. It is a must-have if you struggle with making many mistakes during your gameplay and need some efficient engine to run it.

Additional Features For The Auto Save Mod

Curious about the hidden feature that comes along with this mod? Then dawdle no more, tons of features come along with this mod that many miss out on the probable cause of the fact that it’s too complex to understand. Despite the recency of the whole mod, one should take a look at the secretive features it offers.

Worldwide Accessibility

The best thing about his mod is the availability of translation, which makes it extremely useful for foreign audiences who are new to the whole gaming scene. It’s widely available in Chinese and Brazilian languages, which makes it much popular among the audience.

Everyday Automatic Saving

Forgetfulness always happens to anyone who gets too engrossed in games, so for these forgetful maniacs, this function serves a lot of help as it saves the game’s progress every twenty-four hours. This periodic saving comes in handy as it helps in a lot of extended sessions of the game without the need to keep saving it every minute.


Though the game is quite disappointing in its act of not providing compulsory internal save options, it’s still always operational cause a lot of simmers are always available with tons of mods. We hope this guide on sims 4 autosave mod was able to help you achieve stability in your saves and has made your gameplay much smoother.


What is autosave mod used for?

Saving is always essential to every gameplay. It helps you maintain your progress well and record your backup history for more enriching gameplay. Not installing this mod should not be taken lightly, as it’s a must-have if you want to become a pro at the game.

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