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25+ Sims 4 Wallpaper CC & Mods – (Download) 2024 (All Free)

When it comes to decorating your house, you should do it with the utmost care, and there are many aspects of interior designing, and decorating the walls is one of them.

After all, who wants plain white walls in the house when there are so many options to choose from using the Sims 4 wallpaper cc, right? 

Just adding beautiful wallpaper would make the place more homey and comfortable and would also spruce things up. So let’s get more into which wallpapers would look excellent in your character’s household and depict their personality in the best way possible. 

List of Custom Content Wallpaper 

Are you ready to download free wallpapers to make your virtual home feel personalized? Then let’s take a look. 

1. Lexa Wallpaper

Lexa Wallpaper

This is the first cc on the list because of the attention to detail it offers with beautiful plants and vines on it, but when you notice closely, there’s something written on the wallpaper as well in gorgeous cursive handwriting.

It seems like a hidden message, one that you can’t figure out but it adds a mysterious air to the whole thing and makes it even more excellent as an option. It’s available in 14 colors, such as blue, green, purple, and so on, so choose the one you feel fits in your home.

2. Cork Square

Cork Square

Checkered walls are the ultimate best because it’s a simple yet beautiful design, and this cc is especially a much more lucrative option as it consists of checkered patterns in different tones of the same color to offer a more calming appearance.

In addition, this cc is ideal for any room, be it a bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, or anywhere, as long as the floors are plain. You can choose from the various colors available, such as blue, pink, etc., and bring a sense of calmness to your home.

3. Falling Stars

Falling Stars

This is the perfect wallpaper for your children’s room because of the fantasy-like feel to it. It features clouds on the top with stars coming down from it through strings, and it’s such a fun design to have as it’d make your child sims in awe of it.

You can use this Sims 4 wall cc for other rooms as well, but it fits perfectly in a nursery, along with toddler furniture cc and items. There are 5 colors to choose from, so pick the one you think matches your baby’s vibe.

4. Flo Stars

Flo Stars

Now, this is a custom content that is a showstopper because of its bold design, featuring a dark blue wallpaper with several organized gold stars covering it. In fact, the stars have a shiny quality to them, which makes them much more realistic and breathtaking.

You can have one wall in your house in this design and make it your photoshoot wall because imagine your character’s pictures with this wall as a background. It’d truly make them feel the limelight, and who doesn’t want that?

5. Diamonique


Even the name of this cc is so unique, so you can undoubtedly expect a unique design as well. This cc is what subtlety is all about, featuring diamond shapes with dotted lines around it. A minimalist wallpaper with muted colors is perfect for when you don’t want the walls to become too overpowering.

So they are perfect for bedrooms or drawing rooms because those are the places where you want to focus on other things, such as conversations, and peace of mind, instead of walls that grab all your attention.

6. Christmas Landscape

Christmas Landscape

Are you looking for some themed wallpapers? Well, here’s one for Christmas decorations because it flaunts pretty and miniature Christmas trees in different tones to showcase the complexity of distance.

There are two colors to choose from, with one featuring a classic white background with green trees, while the other one is a more modern twist as it boasts of a black background with white Christmas trees. Decorate the house with Christmas gifts and other decor items with this wallpaper. Sounds perfect!

7. Wooden Mural

Wooden Mural

This is one of my favorite wallpaper CCs because it’s such an excellent addition to your home, featuring a light brown, wooden textured wallpaper with a sturdy and intense vibe. Designing it with white walls in complement is the best way because it exudes a modern yet warm vibe, which is the ultimate goal for some people.

You don’t have to spend extravagantly to make your wall a wooden one because you can just download this wallpaper that gives the illusion of wood. It’s also a good option for those who want something minimalistic.

8. Dark October

Dark October

As the name suggests, this wallpaper cc folder comes with various options in different patterns and colors to give your house a loving October feel with its dark colors and slightly vintage designs.

They’d add a spooky and mysterious vibe to your home, so if you’re a goth fan and are looking for a dark aura to surround you, or if you are looking for Halloween themed decor, then you must get your hands on this custom content because there’s nothing eerier than having these wallpapers.

9. Nora Walls

Nora Walls

There’s nothing more subtle and modest than this design right here, with a plain gray wall featuring a colored band going through it, which is available in 8 swatches. So the wall’s color would remain the same, only the band’s color would keep changing.

It’s a pretty modern and understated option that a lot of players would love in their homes. This wallpaper won’t take away all the limelight and let others focus on the other items around.

10. Nova Wallpaper

Nova Wallpaper

If you’re into vibrant, colorful designs with abstract patterns, then this is the cc for you. There are 64 swatches to choose from, with each one flaunting a unique design, such as daisies, hearts, cactuses, ice cream bars, and so on.

They’d add a fun and happy element to any home and would cheer anyone who visits. You can either download the whole bundle or a single design; it’s up to you. There are a lot of options available, more than any other cc. It’s a must have because it allows you to change things from time to time.

11. Sanrio Wallpapers

Sanrio Wallpapers

Which child doesn’t love Hello Kitty, right? Be it in the real world or in the virtual one, this iconic and popular cartoon is a child’s favorite. So why not decorate your child avatar’s nursery with the same wallpapers?

It’s available in 20 swatches, each with a different color and pattern to add a bit of whimsy to your avatar’s room. You must take advantage of this fantastic content because this is what would make your kid’s room feel personalized and happy. So download it right now without a second thought.

12. Cementine Wall Tiles

Cementine Wall Tiles

Ah! The ideal wallpaper for bathrooms and kitchens, which gives the illusion of tiles. Isn’t that cool? With a modern and simple design, this content is the one for you. There are 4 variations to choose from, creamy, beige, gray, and brown, but the geometric design remains the same, drawing you to it, making it difficult for you not to download it right away.

You can use this wallpaper in bedrooms as well, but it might look better than it will in a kitchen or a bathroom.

13. Text Walls

Text Walls

The next cc on our list is this really cool and chic wallpaper, which features several texts written all over the wall in different directions but legibly. It’d be a pretty trendy spot to get photos clicked or to just sit and relax because it’d be such a beautiful addition to your home and would showcase your character’s personality in an excellent way.

You can use this cc even in coffee shops or in a music room to add the right vibe. There are 4 colors available, so pick the one that speaks to you.

14. Venice Wall Decal

Venice Wall Decal

When it comes to this wallpaper, it has recently become pretty popular in homes and shops because of the huge tree decal it flaunts on a plain wall, which is available in various colors.

This cc should be front and center in any room they are placed in because they should be the first thing a person sees when they enter the room. You can even hang things on it as well to decorate it even more. So download this option as soon as possible.

15. Dual-Edged Wall with Dual-Paneled Wainscot

Dual-Edged Wall with Dual-Paneled Wainscot

Looking for an elegant wall design that offers a vintage and intricate vibe? Well, this is the one. It’d exude a luxurious vibe that you’d revel in, regardless of which room it’s used in.

You can be as creative as possible, making it a high class and opulent place to party in or maybe for some other purposes, like if your character’s a vampire. You can pick from the 13 rich colors available, such as blue, red, yellow, green, etc.

16. Girly Bunting Wallpaper

Girly Bunting Wallpaper

Here’s another content that is fun and colorful and is ideal for a children’s room or maybe if you’re planning a birthday party. It features 8 designs in several colors. It’s a relatively simple design, but it’s such an amazing wallpaper in 3 wall sizes, included in a single file. You’d feel that happy vibe as soon as you step into that room, but it could become quite overwhelming if all the walls feature the same design.

17. Castle Wall Mural

Castle Wall Mural

This is another wall cc for the kid’s room, flaunting a colossal castle mural with mountains in the background, and a complete landscape with trees, clouds, etc. It’s divided into 4 tiles to make it easy to set up and would make for a playful space for your child avatar. The blue color is perfect for a calming sense in the room as well because it’ll help them fall asleep as well.

18. Stone Walls

Stone Walls

How can you not add a stone wall in your house or anywhere, in fact, when you have the option? Some of the options are more refined in order to add to your home, while some are more rough, ideal for dungeons or a more dingy space.

If your character’s home has a patio, a garden, or a balcony, it’ll fit in perfectly there and even enhance the beauty of the space. You can choose from the 5 options available on the basis of the stones.

19. Bathroom Marble Walls

Bathroom Marble Walls

Marble walls in the bathroom are the most basic designs you’ll see in most homes because they are classic. Therefore, this wallpaper gives the illusion of an authentic marble wall, available in several neutral colors.

Marble also exudes a luxurious feel and would make your avatar seem like a rich person, so show off your wealth by adding a marble wallpaper cc. In fact, it’s such a tasteful choice that you’d be tempted to download it.

20. Chasm Wall

Chasm Wall

One of my favorite wallpapers to add to the game because of its creativity and bold design, which just elevates a room’s ambiance and vibe in a second. This mural features black and white graffiti with the half face of a woman, and floral motifs as well, which is such an opulent design, in my opinion.

There are 6 swatches to choose from, and the mural’s divided into 6 pieces to make it easy for characters to set it up.

21. Behr Walls

Behr Walls

I’m confident that a lot of players would love this custom content of solid colors available in beautiful hues, resembling a collection of paint samples. There are three variations: classics, neutrals, and colormania.

The colors are absolutely breathtaking when you cover a wall with it, regardless of which one you opt for. It’s a much better option than the base game colors that are saturated beyond a point. There’s just something beautiful about a plain wall, open to being customized the way you want.

22. Check Stripe

Check Stripe

If you want to add a retro look to your house or a particular room, then choose this option because this plaid wallpaper with gorgeous stripes running through it, making it look like a check pattern, is as retro as it can get.

There are several fun colors for you to take your pick from; also, there’s a tiny detail as well, which makes it an ultimate option. This cc comes with small wooden squares at the bottom, showing how much detailing the creator put into it.

23. Black Diaries

Black Diaries

The last one on our list is an absolutely darling cc, which gives the illusion of a 3D wallpaper and features patterned lines on it. It’s quite a minimalist design, but one that makes you want to touch it because it looks like it’d be soft and squishy.

It’s available in 4 colors, black, white, gray, and baby pink, so you can choose the one that fits the overall look of your house. Trust me; it’d be an excellent decision to download this cc.


How do you get wallpapers on Sims 4?

There are two ways to get wallpapers in the game. First, when you select either the wall or the floor, you’d see choices for floors and walls. The second way is to click on Build Mode, which is the first icon under the magnifying glass icon on the bottom left.

Then select the wall or floor you wish to decorate, and a list of flooring and wallpaper cc would appear to choose from.


Are you overwhelmed as to which Sims 4 wallpaper cc you should download? We understand your confusion, and the solution is that you can choose them all one by one so that there’s always something new to spruce up your avatar’s place and prevent it from becoming dull.

Change is always welcome, so why not try out all the options that won your heart? After all, who’s stopping you? We aren’t.

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