100 Baby Challenge Rules

100 Baby Challenge Rules | Sims 4 (Updated) 2024

This is the 100 Baby Challenge Sims 4 Buzzfeed, where you make babies and a hundred of them. Giving birth to so many babies sounds like a task, right? Well it is.

But in The Sims 4 world, it is surely possible. The Sims 4 100 baby challenge makes it possible for your sim to have so many babies. This challenge makes the game even more interesting and fun.

How To Proceed?

For participating in the sims 4 100 baby challenge, create a female young-adult sim and navigate her into your desired lot whichever would be affordable.

There are no restrictions as to how many times can you move her without cheating. Please note that your matriarch can have any gender specifications as long as she can get pregnant.

To give your babies the perfect life with a massive nursery or a luxurious backyard to escape the havoc inside the house with all the crying babies, you would have to work hard, no cheats can be used. You’d be faced with various difficulties and requirements.

Sims 4 100 baby challenge rules-

The 100 baby challenge rules are:

  • The same sim cannot impregnate your matron twice.
  • Fathers are prohibited to live in the same household and cannot give aid in the household in any form. Don’t be under the impression that the father would be doing all the work while you look after the home and children.
  • All the traits and ambitions of your children need to be random.
  • The gender of the baby cannot be influenced in any way. Steer clear of strawberries, carrots, pop or any other alternative music to avoid influencing the baby’s gender.
  • You are not authorized to wield mods, custom content or cheats.
  • Nanny services or any other hired help is available to oversee all the youngsters but using the free services reward trait is not allowed.
  • You have the option to join and create clubs but you cannot use some of the perks like Network Club, Rally the Troops and any Emotional Perk reserved from clubs are disallowed.
  • As soon as the child turns into a young adult, they have the freedom to move out of the house, they can’t move back into the house though.
  • You must set a normal lifespan for your matriarch and the aging option should be on. Auto-aging is much more preferred to generate donors for your matriarch.
  • If the lot into which your matron moves into, already has lot traits then you cannot edit or add to them. If the lot has no traits then you can choose any three traits but it would be a permanent decision.
  • As you complete the aspirations and social events, all in-game rewards would be awarded but none of those would extend your sim’s lifespan or rescue them from death.
  • Your babies would be aged up only when you receive a notification stating that its your child’s birthday.
  • Once the toddlers reach level 3 in all toddler skills, they can be aged up.
  • Children and teenagers would only age up when they earn an A in school.
  • When your matron can no longer bear children and turns old, her youngest daughter takes her place. Once her younger daughter becomes the new matriarch, you have the option to move out the old matriarch.
  • Killing off underage sims or giving up your children to the social services is not the way to make more spece. No shortcuts in raising your children to adulthood.
  • Your matriarch cannot pursue a part time job. She can register as self employed or work from.
  • Teenagers, on the other hand, can have a part time job to support the family.
  • Your matriarch can get married once she is an elder but not during the child bearing age. After marriage, she must live with her husband.
100 Baby Challenge Rules | Sims 4 (Updated)

Add on packs rules

Apart from basic 100 baby challenge rules, players who have installed the add-on packs, these rules are specifically for you.

  • Here, your matriarch can run a retail business, restaurant or a vet clinic and the teenagers can work here as employees.
  • If your matriarch doesn’t have a work from home job, she must choose the work from home option.
  • Your matriarch has the liberty to join clubs and create them as if it doesn’t violate the rules of the challenge.
  • Your matriarch may keep pets in the household but it doesn’t yield any rewards.
  • You can participate in holidays and create them on your own but they shouldn’t violate the rules. You can also edit the holiday traditions to align them with the rules.
  • Your matriarch may become famous and earn a reputation but not through their careers.
  • Your matriarch can take a vacation but with all her children. Also, she cannot go on a vacation when she is pregnant or has a newborn with her.
  • Vampire matriarchs are not allowed. The donors can be vampires but female vampire children are ineligible to be the next matriarch. To make her eligible, cure a female vampire child.
  • The installation of parenthood would lead the teens to not age up or moving out of the house until they get an A in school and at least one character trait value. If your matriarch catches the children misbehaving then she needs to scold them right then.
  • The wishing well can be used by the matriarch but she can’t wish for a child.
  • A butler can be hired but he cannot take care of the children. You can disable child care in the butler’s menu.

The Supernatural Style

The option to play occult is available. Choose only one type of occult to begin playing.

Occult Directive:

  • Your matriarch needs to be a human.
  • One occult born is equivalent to two human children. So basically, it adds two to your total child count.
  • If your next matriarch is an occult then you would no longer enjoy this bonus until unless you make another human matriarch. The immortal occults have to wait for the human daughter to become a matriarch.
  • If there is an alternate form to your chosen occult then whenever you leave the lot, your matriarch and children need to be in human form.
  • No outsider can know that anyone in your house is an occult or else they would be banished immediately. You can protect this secret of yours, either by having your aliens erase the memories or your vampires could compel them.

Occult Themed Challenge

  • An occult matriarch is a must.
  • Only human sims can be the donors for your matriarch.
  • The children of your occult matriarch wouldn’t be considered in the 100 baby head count. You cannot move out your human children to make space for occult children till they fulfill the basic requirements to age up into young adults.
  • Your matriarch and children need to be in human form as they step outside of the lot if your occult has an alternate form.
  • Protect the secret of having an occult in the household. If someone comes to know of this then he’d be banished.

Sims 4 100 Baby Challenge Tips

Know-how for changing matriarchs:

  • There are no restrictions over changing matriarchs after your sim turns into an elder. In place of her, your eldest daughter would step up for the responsibility. But if the young matriarch is not yet an adult, the original matriarch would have to continue to care for her.
  • The original matriarch is not allowed to marry until the new matriarch is ready to take her position. After marriage, the original matriarch needs to move out from the lot and live with her husband.
  • Your matriarch can date other sims considering she doesn’t get engaged before she is an elder with a daughter to take her place.

How To Age Up :

Babies can age up only when it is their natural birthday but other ages would give you some liberty when you want your sims to enter the next life stage.

Toddlers can be aged up once they reach level 3 in every skill or after maxing out on any three skills. Children and teenagers can be aged up on their birthdays or after receiving an A in school.

How To Make Money:

You cannot leave a house filled with babies unattended to ho to work. Your matriarch can sell paintings, books or garden produce, work from home.

Players using the City Living Expansion or Get to Work can look up  other option available. The Get to Work players can own a retail business and the City Living Expansion can have careers from home. 

One thing good about 2024 is the 100 baby challenge sims 4 buzzfeed. Although this challenge doesn’t mention miscarriage, it’s a probability with other pregnancy mods, so do read about the miscarriage mod.

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