Sims 4 Miscarriage

Sims 4 Miscarriage | Abortion Mod – Cheat (Download) 2024

The Sims 4 gives you a chance to terminate the pregnancy of your sim through the Sims 4 miscarriage feature. Being pregnant has its own pitfalls, and difficulties, and not every pregnancy can be successful. The introduction of this mod brings a more realistic approach to the game.

Miscarriage mod Sims 4

It is likely that if your sims feel pain or cramps and go to the hospital, they won’t return with good news. Sims 4 cramps are a real pain for all. But even if they do, your life would be affected either way. 

The base chance of Sims 4 miscarriage mod

1st trimester – 

  • Teen/young adult: 1, 5%
  • Adult: 3%
  • Elder: 4, 5%

2nd trimester – 

  • Teen/young adult: 1.125%
  • Adult: 2, 25%
  • Elder: 3, 375%

3rd trimester – 

  • Teen/young adult: 0, 75%
  • Adult: 1, 5%
  • Elder: 2, 25%

You can also control this by the ‘miscarriage risk’ option. It works when you set the miscarriage chance percentage in the ‘miscarriage risk’ function. It is set at 50% by default.

For example, if you set it at 20%, then 20 pregnancies out of 100 would end up in a miscarriage. After the pregnancy ends, the calculation of the stillborn chance percentage begins, so if you set the chance at 20%, the result of the baby being stillborn would be 20% after every pregnancy. 

Sims 4 miscarriage cheat

These cheats can increase the chances of a child being stillborn and can also multiply the base chances mentioned above. 

Triggering buffs with base chance multiplier x2:

  • Buff_Motives_Energy_Tired
  • Buff_Motives_Hunger_Hungry
  • Buff_Motives_Hunger_Hungry_PlantSims
  • Buff_Motives_Vampire_Thirst_Parched

Triggering buffs with base chance multiplier x5

  • Buff_Motives_Energy_Exhausted
  • Buff_Motives_Hunger_Starving
  • Buff_Motives_Hunger_Starving_PlantSims
  • Buff_Motives_Vampire_Thirst_IrresistibleThirst
Sims 4 Miscarriage | Abortion Mod - Cheat (Download)
Sims 4 Miscarriage

Optional details

Add unborn to the family tree:

This addition allows you to add the name of your baby in the family tree by assigning a random first name to the baby and the deceased one with a miscarriage text.

To stop more babies from being a part of the family tree, delete this add on feature, but if you remove the Sims 4 miscarriage mod altogether, then the baby names would vanish.

Death chance – this one makes it possible for your sim to die after a miscarriage. But it doesn’t affect immortal sims. 

Dying chance:

  • Teen/young adult: 1%
  • Adult: 2%
  • Elder: 3%

Infertility chance – using this extra option would make your sim infertile post-miscarriage.

  • Teen/young adult: 1%
  • Adult: 2%
  • Elder: 3%

7 days buff add on – the sad/happy buff would remain active for 7 days instead of 2 days like in the main mod. 

Miscarriage chance –

  • Low add on: increases the opportunity above two folds. 
  • Middle add on: increments the base chance above x4
  • High add on: increases the base chance over x6

But remember that if you install two or more miscarriage additions (low, middle, and high), then it would consider only the low chance supplement and ignore the other two. Also, after a miscarriage, the miscarriage chance would not be in use for 7 days unless you delete all the buffs. 

Sims 4 abortion mod

This mod gives you the chance to let your pregnant sim get an abortion by sending her to the hospital. The Sims 4 terminate pregnancy would cost $1.000. But this can only be done when your sim is in the 1st or 2nd trimester of her pregnancy. 

A ‘feels guilty’ buff or a ‘feels relieved’ buff, if she has a ‘hates children’ trait would be given to her accordingly. 

Optional extension

Buff add on – this allows the sad/happy buff to turn on for 7 days instead of 2 days in the main mod. 

To avoid this whole idea of miscarriage, play the 100 baby challenge rules and give birth to lots of children.

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