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Sims 4 Fairy Mod & CC – Guide (2024) Download

Movies like Maleficent and Cinderella have always made us yearn to either meet or be fairies, but this is just a fantastic idea for which we were never able to find a good foundation stone.

But now, games like Sims 4 have made such dreams possible by virtually giving us a real-time version of such views. And with the new sims 4 fairy mod version, we now get to be fairies in various forms possible. So to build your character into your personalized Sims 4 Fairy Cc let’s take a look at this guide.

Fairies Mod Sims 4

With the sims 4 fairy modding forum, you can have almost everything in the game. Whatever you crave to become in the game, there’s an option someplace available for it.

And in this game, they give us a distinct and straightforward way to get your preferred character customizations. One such version that has a ton of thrilling characteristics is the fairy mod sims 4.

Sims 4 Fairy Mod

The mod allows your sim to convert into a fairy. You will have numerous characteristics, coven, insight, and skills degrees. Install the given document and copy the docs into the game location to use this version on your desktop.

Fairies Mod Functionality

This one contains several functions which got jotted down:

Child and Toddler Fairies

Faries will mature with duration and has an adequate lifespan like ordinary players. You can have kids/babies in the game by finishing the “Plead the fairies” exchange. Kid ones have all the abilities a grown-up character will have.

However, baby characters will sob rather than confess to god. Both will have the same skill, which is known as the “I Can Fly” exchange.

Wings through Ages

The wings on your character will evolve in time. Each life phase of your character will have distinct annex degrees that will mature as you move in the game.

Magic Ability

These players are qualified to manipulate different occult exchanges. And this got named as auras in the game. The mystic whispers include:

Auras of

  • Sooting
  • Body and Mind
  • Creativity
  • Discomfort
  • Idiocy

Magic Energy

Every minute your player employs a particular spell, they will obtain an “Out of Magic Energy” option. This option will linger for six hours.

Additional Fairy CC Mode


If you prefer to make your sim’s house a bit more subtle and passionate, then take a peek below.

Fairy light gets labeled as such as their tiny beams resemble them drifting around. And bring in any setting, inside or outside, to be a little bit metaphysical. Various internet models often use them.

Sims 4 Fairy Cc comes in seventeen layouts with two varieties of dark-colored cords. These lightbulbs radiate a more gala view, with personalized shaped lightbulbs and a wider variety of pallets.


Light Tree

These get widely used during December.

The temperature gets colder, and festivities begin. Merry adornments also improve the disposition.

If you want something that arouses that festivity feeling without hearing Santa’s name all the time everywhere, then we have such a thing to take it to a degree. CC producer also built these trees that are ideal for your player’s cheerful arrangement.

Select from either the whites or chocolate ones, each with ten layouts captioning greyish LED. It will assist as an accurate ground for your mistletoe kissing.

Light Tree

Cute Fairy Tree

These creatures are exotic by form.

Some reside in the wilderness, while others prefer to make Lumber and also mushrooms. So if you want to be a mushroom fairy, then take a look below.

The entire residence lot encircles two plants, with an esoteric terrace downside. The main ground includes all the essential cottage conveniences, but the next bottom has a rich restroom. Cause these creatures require a dusk soothing in the bathtub also.

Cute Fairy Tree

Poison Ivy

As spoken of earlier, a ton of apparel for spirits gets provoked by nature. Possibly cause they allege the woodlands as their dwelling, they’re believed to be skillful and utilize what’s among them to be appropriately clothed.

This goes for their jewelry too, that is why this character is an incredible choice for putting in something personal to their whole style.

This batch arrives with two accessories, a neck chain and an insect-like choker that looks like ivy with fitting leaves for pieces.

They both come in numerous hues, which seem like they’re for the several climate conditions, and enlarge sufficiently to give your character something personal, but don’t comprise anything highly funky to their typical style.

Poison Ivy

Magic Pose Pack

Adorable is a general term employed to call fairies, as they get extensively linked with kids’ tales.

Mature Version – If you prefer your player to have a more sophisticated look, this bundle will surely help you!

It includes four stances ideal for your nymph tales, far from the adorable gestures you constantly see.

You require the guise character edition to use this, but it’s also related to the installation webpage.

Magic Pose Pack

Clothes Set

There’s a property with no phrase, where hardly dressed computerized-game protagonist and beasts emerge from.

We believe there must be a reasonable justification why they have a shortage of clothes, but at last, it will continue to stay a paradox.

We get recalled of that territory with Jenny’s Clothing Set. This CC set comprises just five go-to dresses that you can borrow for your nymphs or personal fantasies.

Clothes Set

Nymphalidae Accessories

No one gets economized on from the battle of mashing and combining, even nymphs. But with this set, you will surely pave your way through.

The CC set has anything you expect to have a cumulative pixie formation: a garland, blossoms for the hand, a pouch, shoes, and annexes.

They even have various pallets for each so that you can have enjoyment building pallet mixtures.

Nymphalidae Accessories

Fairies Ears

Like the different batches of ears in this guide, they’re remotely distinct from other characters with striking lobes. Also tinier in shape, coming in the exterior area, these creatures have an unusual oddity.

The tops arch, and if that wasn’t sufficient to negotiate you on employing these, they even arrive with what seems like neat cuffs in the pattern of a star.

Fairies Ears

Sunset Set

Who says metaphysical entities can’t be stylish?

If you’re bored of the traditional spirit look, then take a peek at this pack by sims 4.

Promoted by the Danaus plexippus (or solely the emperor fly), this combination stars a shoulder peeking midsection and a kilt that resembles a butterfly’s wings. There are ten pallet varieties combined with ebony here.

This set would go flawlessly well with the ornaments as mentioned above.

Sunset Set

Fairy Ciel Set

For grunge but enchanted characterization, bees ideated fashion is best suited for the blossom season.

The batch contains a corset outfit with flowery fabric that looks like annexes and fitting pants. There are eighteen pallets in total for the dress and sixteen for the pants.

You don’t have to fret about the pallet combination.

Fairy Ciel Set

Tinker Bell Set

Who doesn’t think of Tinker bell when we talk about pixies?

If not then, she must be among your list of favorite top ten, right? This extroverted pixie, an innovation of a mod player, has soared into the souls and psyches of players, especially children, since her origin in the late 90s. It does even more so when she emerged in the animated version of the 1950s.

That lush get-up and golden haircut are quickly identifiable!

It contains all the sets you need to become her, including pipe gown, annexes, and similar sandals. Or are you not good with the color green? You can change the outfit with either a light blue or rosy tint.

Tinker Bell Set

Cole Skin

One thing should always get noted; there’s no correct or incorrect way to develop a fairy. One of the most significant pros to building a player that gets founded on one’s imagination is that you can amend just about everything and still be correct. One of the paths that several individuals like to employ imaginative freedoms in building spirits is by using sharp earlobes, identical to the elf but slight theatrical.

There is a variation of face specialties to personalize your players into possessing distinct mouth and nose with this mode. Nonetheless, what we’re curious about are the earlobes, which aren’t huge enough to be deemed as elvish, and are pointy exteriorly rather than being upright or downright—the nicest whiff for all of your nymphs.

Cole Skin

Aria Wings

Pixies without wings are like pups with no behinds. So they are an extreme necessity when it comes to creating this look!

When you have the energy to select your preferred type, you might as well create them incredible, and the ones we have provided are some of the most gorgeous we have ever come across!

These have a structure that looks like a tinted tumbler, with ten pigment mixtures that will fill out your fairie’s body.

Aria Wings

Wedding Dress

Wedlocks are one of the most unforgettable days in any girl’s existence.

It’s also wholly the time where you can be excess, and no one will be judgemental. After all, it’s your festivity, and you can be anything you desire to be.

Surprise your visitors and let your future player spouse realize that you’re otherworldly (and can change him into a frog, lol) with them this fantastic bundle.

This double structured prom dress arrives in eight different color combos, with the bundle’s traditional white steering.

Wedding Dress

Forest Wings

Did you ever comprehend that in some culture tales, pixies got speculated to be either angels who got downgraded from their holy obligations or just full devils from perdition?

Decide on your interpretation to portray the never-ending war between good and evil in any annexes mentioned above.

These somehow see-through extensions are decorated with sparkles and appear in raven, radiant, or, if you want, a neutral tone that is murky.

Forest Wings

Sparkle Wings

Who doesn’t wanna shine like a sun from a great distance?

It looks like a fairy with an endless cache of nymph particles with this package, developed again by the same creator.

The insect constructed divisions are added with glow, with four pallets to select from, are created to have you sparkling all over the city. Apply some torso shine on and get willing to surprise!

But Good riddance in peeling them, however.

Sparkle Wings

Faerie – Body Preset N2

Here’s a query often inquired by youngsters of our age: why is she created like that, though?

Well, probably cause she has this physique set from the creator Moony Bonbon.

It makes your character look tinier than the root standard only if you wish to be a fragile nymph.

Solely install the bundle from the webpage (with unrestricted access), toss them into your game’s section doc, and they should emerge in your creating a sim section set. No magical wand or spell is required.

Faerie – Body Preset N2


How to evolve into a fairy cc?

So to evolve into the one in the gameplay, your character has to obtain the spiritual gift. You can do this by imploring the “fairies trees.”

How do you get the fairy mod on Sims 4?

You can do so by pleading with the trees. The spirit tree is the central origin of all the metaphysical aspects in the games. It will utter profanity or endow your character by converting them into nymphs. You can locate this one in the Build Mod below the column of “trees.”

How to plead a fairy tree?

Ponder over it (heeding) , Implore the spirits (conversion into a pixie)

Are there fairies in Sims 4 Fairy Cc ?

This game contains the fairy mod and enables you to procure fairies in the game. This is a detailed written mod and doesn’t dispute with other situations.

Can you become a fairy in Sims 4?

Yes, you can. All you have to do is reach out to the build mod and purchase one of the above-stated packs. Now implore looking at it to convert into a fairy.


Fun isn’t it to possess an ethereal design structure with the sims 4 fairy mod. Not only will this help you gain an outlook into the world full of spirits, but it will also help your game become more adventurous as you go along with the Sims 4 Fairy Cc mod.

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