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Sims 4 Aliens | Guide – 2024

Outworldliness, the word is intriguing and has a certain amount of fanaticism attached to it. As much as we hate meddlers in our affairs, there’s no denying the fact that we also expect someone else to exist in this universe.

The Sims 4 aliens is a feature that stands tested to all these marks and has proven its worth in the sims series. As the new expansion package of the Sims 4 Get to Work was brought in, incorporating freakish beings that are aliens into the game has become a reality. However, aliens have existed in this series since Sims 2.  

In every cycle of The Sims establishment, Aliens have become better in both appearance and playability. These otherworld beings are also alluded to as pollination technicians in Sims 2.

They didn’t offer significantly more as far as associations, yet the curiosity of perhaps getting kidnapped and the idea of male pregnancy was sufficient for the time.

Sims 3, taking this freakiness to a whole different level, provided these alien freaks with nifty space-crafts or UFOs, allowing them to increase their interaction with other aspects of the game.

The Sims 4 Get to Work is two-step ahead of every other alien pack in the sims series, in the ways that Sims 4 aliens can lurk around the town in human disguise and have some insane supernatural powers.

sims 4 alien
sims 4 alien


They say appearances are often deceptive, and this is just the case with the aliens in sims 4, but still, there’s always something cool you can learn to distinguish a being from the others :

  • Unlike conventional green-hued aliens of yore, an embodiment of various skin types, these alien beings in sims 4 can have multiple other skin tones such as white-blue to vibrant-greens, etc. Also, you can draw tattoos and do a minor facelift of your sims to make them look even more remarkable.
  • Eyes: Your Sims 4 aliens can have blue, green, purple, or turquoise-colored eyes that indicate their links to far galaxies.
  • Look like a Human: Put on the hair, eyes, clothes of a human, and your Alien can resemble one. These otherworldly creatures can disguise themselves as human and mingle among the crowd.

Sixam (Alien planet)

Probably the least explored area of sims 4 Get to Work expansion pack is Sixam. An alien planet that makes you feel like you are in the avatar movie, the phenomenal scenery equipped with several collectible items like geodes, plants with a pulsating light in their roots, and more. Following are the ways through which you can land on Sixam:-

Via Rocket Ship

  • First, you need to build a rocket which will require a splurge of 4000 simoleons on just the pad and another 1000 simoleons for building.
  • Now, on reaching level 10, you need to install a wormhole generator amounting to about 1000 simoleons.
  • Now, you are ready to take off.

Become a scientist

  • In this method, at level 6, you can invent an Electroflux Wormhole Generator after procuring some specific elements.
  • Now, please wait until you reach level 10 of your career, and once you have reached that level, drag your wormhole generator back to your lab and upgrade it.
  • Now you’re all set to go.

Abductions & Male Pregnancy

Sometimes, some things must be left on chance, especially when it is the only thing keeping the fun activities in the events. Abduction in sims 4 is something that happens by chance between 9 pm- 5 pm. An abduction lasts only for few sims hours, and your sim will be unharmed during the whole process. The only thing they will have is a moodlet and a sims alien baby in the case of male sims.


  • Generally, abduction happens randomly, but there’s always something that you could do to ease the process of kidnapping, like following a scientist’s career or equipping a satellite dish that could call the aliens.
  • Cheat to ease abductions- bb.showhiddenobjects. This cheat helps you to see the locked objects that you can only see after advancing to a certain level in a certain career. Using this, you can buy a satellite dish for communicating with aliens. bb. Ignoregameplayunlocksentitlement, using this, you can buy an alien communication computer.
  • Investigate that light- During the abduction, your sim will notice a weird blue light coming out of this UFO, which they will be intrigued to investigate, leaving everything aside.
  • Prevent Abduction- You can also prevent abduction by choosing the “Prevent Abduction” option on the satellite dish.

Male pregnancy

  • A male sim has to go through similar experiences as a female sim during pregnancy. The same confetti tossing celebration is seen on the screen when a man becomes pregnant, as in the case of a woman, pretty progressive, huh.
  • Weight gain, noticeable stomach aches, and discomforting mood swings are some of the cons that your sim has to deal with. Also, the male sim will go through labor before the new little kid steps his/her feet on earth.
  • The best part about this is you do not necessarily have to keep the baby. Once it is born, you can send it to its home.

Alien Children and Hybrids

  • Alien kids or Sims 4 Alien hybrids result from either an alien abduction or an alien-alien cross.
  • These kids, like adults, have access to a wide range of skin tones but no tattoos.
  • In addition to all that, these kids could also camouflage or disguise themselves among humans.

Hybrid children

resulting from non-alien and alien sim cross, these little creatures are exceptionally unique as they have the skin color of an unknown but hair and eyes just like an average human.

Alien Powers and Interactions

What’s in being an alien if you do not have some special Sims 4 Alien powers. Aliens and hybrids in sims 4 have some unique qualities that distinguish them from other sims. Fun fact: using some powers could be exhausting for your sims and will require a certain cooldown period before you can use them again.

Alien Powers

  • Empathize (Friendly) –Feel what your target sim is feeling and also get a +1 moodlet for feeling that.
  • Analyze Personality (Friendly) – It helps you learn all about your Opposite or target sim’s characteristics, allowing you to understand the other sims in the game better.
  • Erase Memory (Mischief) – it’s one of my favorites. Make a sim forget everything they know about you and completely erase any memories of your relationship with them and then have the fun of taking their case while they are confused how you know so much about them. The targeted sim will feel a little dizzy about having their memories erased.
  • Resurrect Dead Alien Collectibles- Place the lifeless space alien antique on the ground, and allow your Alien to restore it. Aliens could do many other things using mods, but it would not be delightful to understand and handle them. If you have any inclination in knowing about sims 4 mod detectors, mod checker, we have your back. From installing these mod detectors to their use, we have it all.
  • Transmute Elements, Metals, and Crystals- You can transform any element, metal, or crystal by just clicking on it. What happens next is random, like a standard element may transmute into a rare crystal or a forgotten element; anyhow, one thing that is for sure in this case is the transformation of these antiques into other variants. Your sim will take at least a four-hour break before he/she could use this power again.


  • Alarm with Probe: This is more for diversion esteem, yet your Alien Sim takes out a gadget that uncovers different amusing “tests” like a blender or duck-on-a-stick.
  • There are likewise a few Alien-explicit socials like discussing human food or examining unknown environmental pressing factors. On the off chance you run over another Alien, the two can play out a weird handshake!


  • Aliens can also abduct aliens.
  • A satellite dish can play alien channels and alien shows on your television
  • when you try for a child with a male and a female alien sim, they both have a chance of getting pregnant. 

Resting Views

Sims 4 Aliens or otherworldly creatures are crucial in this game to check out to access a new world.

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