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Going to school is a rite of passage for a lot of people, and even the Sims 4 follows this idea that your avatar should go to school to learn new skills. However, proper attire is one of the essential things when it comes to school because you can’t wear just about anything.

Therefore, to save your character from throwing a massive drama about what to wear to school, here are some of the best selections of Sims 4 school uniform cc that would work perfectly well in a learning environment and would also help your avatar fit in. 

Best School Uniform CC 

Here’s a list of excellent cc collections that you can choose from for your character to wear to school. 

1. Ribbon Blouse and Pleats Skirt

Ribbon Blouse and Pleats Skirt

The first one on the list is a traditional school uniform inspired by real life as it features a pullover sweater and skirt with a ribbon bow tied at the collar, matching the color of the skirt.

It’s an ideal outfit for studying while also looking fashionable. There are 15 swatches to choose from, wherein some of the skirts feature a pattern while others are plain.

2. Back 2 School

Back 2 School

This cc features a lot of options for your avatars, with sweater vests, blazers, skirts, pants, and so on. It’s suitable for both male and female characters. There are Korean and Japanese variations in the uniforms, and if you opt for the Korean swatch, then you’d need specific game packs, whereas the Japanese options come along with the base game.

Female avatars would wear the sweater vest along with a skirt and a tie, which is partially visible from under the sweater. Male sims can wear long or short pants, and the rest of the outfit remains the same. You can add a blazer instead of a sweater as well. The sweater or blazer has 6 colors, whereas the skirt or pants come in 7 swatches.

3. School Uniform BD99

School Uniform BD99

When it comes to this school girl outfit, it’s quite a cliched look with a red pleated skirt, a shirt, and a matching red pleated tie. Even though this look has been popularized by films and tv shows, it still isn’t a bad option; in fact, it makes your character look cute.

Choose from the 10 colors available, and this custom content is compatible with the HQ mod as well. Teens to elder females can wear this outfit, so download this option and let your sim look like a character straight out of a movie.

4. Playful Kiss School Uniform

Playful Kiss School Uniform

Are you a fan of the K-Drama “Playful Kiss?” If you are, then this cc is a must have for you because it includes the exact same uniform that the protagonists of this K-drama wore in the show.

The outfit is for both male and female characters and features a brown blazer, navy blue long pants for the male, and a gray skirt for the female avatar, along with a red tie to complete the look.

5. Child School Uniform

Child School Uniform

This list covers custom content school uniform for children as well. There are two variations in this cc; you can choose between the skirt and shorts for your avatar and pair it with a full sleeves shirt with a scarf tied around the collar. This option is available in 15 swatches, so pick the one that suits your character the most and send them off to school.

6. School Spirit Cheerleader Outfit

School Spirit Cheerleader Outfit

After all the movies and tv shows we’ve watched, one thing is clear; a school also needs a cheerleading squad that has its own dress code. However, wearing this outfit doesn’t require your avatar to be on the cheerleading team.

This cc features a long sleeved turtleneck crop top underneath, and a sleeveless top over it paired with a short skirt. There are 7 colors to choose from, and it’s base game compatible.

7. Above the Time

Above the Time

Now, this is a cc that follows the guidelines of a uniform but also gives room to accessorize it. It features a plaid skirt with a matching plaid tie and a broach, along with a chain accessory.

The blazer is available in two styles: a sailor collar and a traditional pleat accentuated by gold buttons for a richer look. There are 25 swatches available with both solid color and plaid options.

8. Schoolin’ Dresses

Schoolin’ Dresses

Who said wearing dresses to school isn’t appropriate? This cc proves us otherwise as it includes a button down dress with a pleated collar visible from underneath it and a bow at the collar.

It makes your avatar look elegant and school ready while also maintaining their glam quotient. So download this cc and make your character the talk of the school.

9. Togahimiko Costume

Togahimiko Costume

You might find this anime school uniform pretty strange because it features a skirt and a pullover sweater with a ribbon on the collar. However, that’s not the weird part; what’s odd is that the outfit’s covered in blood. Weird, right?

There are 17 swatches available for this outfit, so if you want to give a twist to your sim’s regular uniform and turn it gore, then this is it.

10. UA Short Sleeve Uniform

UA Short Sleeve Uniform

Till now, we’ve only covered full sleeve uniforms, but this outfit features a short sleeve shirt, a pleated skirt, and a red tie, which might remind you of the female characters from the anime “My Hero Academia.” This dress is a copy of the same uniform and comes along with shoes to match as well. This cc is perfect for warm climates.

11. Persona 5 Shujin Uniform

Persona 5 Shujin Uniform

Yes, school uniform fashion is a thing, and this outfit fits in the same category, and it includes a black jacket with red buttons and the school emblem on one side. Your character cannot look any better than this in a school uniform. The striking qualities of this outfit make it a perfect addition to your avatar’s wardrobe, and it’s inspired by P5’s protagonist Ren/Akira.

12. School Uniform Dress

School Uniform Dress

Here’s another private school uniform cc, which breaks traditional norms as it features a plunging neckline blouse with a bow in the front paired with a plaid skirt. You can choose from the 5 colors available for the skirt and the bow and let your sim become the fashionista at school. All eyes would be on them with this sexy yet comfortable outfit.

13. Witch School Uniform

Witch School Uniform

How can we not include a uniform specially designed for witches? This outfit comes in two variations: an all black long dress and a white blouse with long black skirt. Choose any of them, and there are 55 swatches available for them. You could choose a patterned dress with a skull and bones, stripes, etc., or a solid color one; it’s up to you.

14. School Uniform Set

School Uniform Set

This set is for male and female child sims with a white collar shirt and a skirt for girls, whereas pants for boys. There’s an option to include the sweater vest as well, and this whole look is completed by a small striped tie. There are four swatches to choose from, so take your pick and choose the best option available for your avatar.

15. S4 School Uniform

S4 School Uniform

Now, this uniform is specifically for male avatars and features an open jacket with a shirt underneath paired with a matching tie. You can wear it with jeans or pants; it’s up to you.

There are 4 color variations in the jacket, and the tie and the jacket also display the school’s emblem for a more authentic feel. It’s available for every character ranging from teens to elders. So go download this mod asap!

16. Private School Uniform Shirt + Jumper

Private School Uniform Shirt + Jumper

There aren’t a lot of options available for kids when it comes to this cc; however, this option is an excellent one for your child avatars. Your kids would look adorable in this shirt, which is available in 4 swatches, and a jumper, which only has one color available.

It’s a maxis match cc, so the quality is also ideal for you to download. Even though there aren’t a lot of options for children, the ones that are there are pretty impressive, like this one.

17. Female Backpack

Female Backpack

Apart from clothes, your character also requires a backpack to keep their study material in. So choose this option, which features adorably small backpacks with Queen written in Simlish on it.

It’s available in 37 swatches, so your avatar can use a new bag every day. You can locate this cc in the ring category. Also, this bag is decorative and not actually functional, and it’s not compatible with any hat cc.


This is where we end our list of the best Sims 4 school uniform cc that you’ll come across. These custom content have been created with utmost detailing, keeping in mind that the quality matters, so no matter which recommendation of ours you choose, they would all serve as excellent additions to your avatar’s wardrobe. So take your pick and explore the possibilities of dressing up your sim for school.

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