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21+ Best Vampire CC & Mods in the Sims 4 (All Free) – 2024

Are you fascinated by vampires like me? If you are, then you’d be glad to know that Sims 4 offers players a chance to choose a vampire character to play the game with. It can sometimes be fascinating to see these immortal beings using their powers to suck the blood out of a devil or an innocent person, per se. We should be thanking movies, TV shows, and web series nowadays for making us watch these beautiful and unique beings.

The Vampire mod Sims 4 turns your character into an immortal being who survives by sucking other players’ blood. The vampire mod cc made its way into the Sims’ game world in 2017, and since then, there has been no looking back. The package adds vampirism, powers, and a brand new residential area to live in, formally known as Forgotten Hollow. The human turned vampire players are supposed to live in that residential lot. Previously there was particular customized ts4 vampire cc, but soon after, gamers started to demand more. 

So, the article below suggests some of the significant and newly added Sims 4 vampire mods. Please read to know more about them and download the mod that suits your character.     

Is There A Vampire Mod Sims 4?

Yes, we have Vampire Mods in the Sims 4. Vampirism is fun, and if having those powers that can make your avatar look like a monster is available, then why not! The Sims 4 vampire cc is going to include several mods that you’ll love for sure. They are as follows: 

1. The Sun Immunity

The Sun Immunity

Things are slightly different in the game than what’s shown in movies and video games. Instead of sparkling in the sun like in the Twilight series, your character would burn to death if they were out in daylight. However, if you have this mod with you, your avatar won’t be affected by the sun and will, in fact, sparkle. So download this feature asap because it’d give you more time to spend with your sim.

2. Free perks

Free perks

As the name suggests, this module will provide you with free perks for vampires, so you don’t need to buy them anymore using points. It’s a cheat of sorts because it allows you to divert from the usual path of buying these perks. Your character can become as powerful as you want in an instant. For example, it will offer your character a tamed thirst, so you don’t have to kill others.

There’s another version of the same mod, which makes every perk’s price cheap and affordable, so it’s easy for your avatar to purchase it. 

3. No weakness

No weakness

Who would want their supernatural character to have weaknesses, right? They are supposed to be all-powerful beings. Therefore, this module would remove any and all weaknesses that your character might have. There’s no compulsion to choose a flaw or two from the menu. So your desire to make your character powerful can now come true with this vampire mod without expansion packs or any other prerequisites. 

4. Slower thirst decay

Slower thirst decay

One of the weaknesses that your supernatural avatar might possess is that their thirst for blood is pretty frequent. These creatures could become very greedy at times because their hunger decays fast. This modification can make your life easier.

You don’t need to hunt for sims to suck their blood in the middle of the day, and it will slow their decaying thirst pace to half. Although you can make plasma packs, isn’t it too energy-consuming to find that many frogs?

5. Turn into Vampire always succeeds

Turn into Vampire always succeeds

Sometimes, your character might attempt to turn a regular avatar into a vampire, but they aren’t successful in doing so. It becomes hard to convert others into bloodsucking creatures, especially during the day.

However, this module can help you transform anyone into a supernatural being and make them your blood-bound slave or make them sired to you, like in The Vampire Diaries. 

6. Plasma packs from plasma fruit

Plasma packs from plasma fruit

Usually, plasma packs are made out of processing frogs and fishes into blood bags, but why kill these critters when you can do so easily with a Plasma fruit? This modification allows you to make the pack out of the plasma fruit, which quenches their thirst up to 50% and is undoubtedly better than the previous method.

Moreover, this modification can get considered the Sims 4 leader of vampire mods because instead of eating the fruit, you can turn it into Plasma packs and have more of them stored. 

7. Stop pestering Me

Stop pestering Me

Vampirism is fun, but it can annoy innocent Sims. They can be very persistent at times in sucking others’ blood by calling them at odd times to shady places or trespassing into their homes to quench their thirst.

This modification is for other regular players to feel safe as these vampires can’t disturb them anymore and would leave you alone. Your character can rest assured that they don’t have to live fearfully anymore. 

8. Harvestable heart trees

Harvestable heart trees

This module is one of the cutest Sims 4 vampire mods, where you can plant the harvestable heart trees. These trees were initially produced for the purpose of Valentine’s Day, where they grow edible hearts that satisfy the thirst of immortal beings.

They even give moodlets like flirty and happy, and characters can make unique recipes out of it as well. The hearts it bears are of different colors, and you’d have to nurture this tree like your own because it’s pretty beneficial for you. 

9. The Tweaks

The Tweaks

This is one of the best vampire mods Sims 4, because it solves the issue of your immortal avatar’s energy running out after a few hours. It becomes annoying because even the hunger and energy attributes don’t have an impact on them.

However, the creator has added dark meditation so that the players can regain their energies. Also, features like “Hardly Hungry” and “Never Weary” can affect these immortal’s lives as they do normal ones.

10. Vampire powers

Vampire powers

This module can be considered as an immersive feature that can add more vampirism powers, where your avatar can divert more energy. For example, you need energy while facilitating mirror reflections, stopping out of control hissing, and getting immune to sunlight. But the effect of this feature will fade away after a week of playing. So, you better save it for those days when you need to go out in daylight.

11. The Vampirify Spell

The Vampirify Spell

If your avatar’s into vampire lore and is constantly reading about them, then it won’t go to waste anymore because this modification can help your character use the Vampirify spell that can make them learn magic. This spell can turn anyone into a supernatural being and make you their master. Also, you can reverse the spell as well by making them normal humans again.

However, your avatar must have level 13 in the Vampire Lore Skill, and they should have unlocked “The Ultimate Vampire Compendium” chapter to cast this spell. If they use this on another supernatural being, such as a mermaid or an alien, then the spell would fail. It adds quite a fun aspect to the gameplay.

12. Child vampires

Child vampires

One of the strange aspects of this game pack was that players could only convert their child avatar into a vampire once they became teenagers. However, with this modification, you can add supernatural abilities and traits to your child sim so that they can turn another character into a vamp, drink their blood, and so on. However, your child would also age up and eventually die of old age since they won’t be immortal. 

13. Bloodborne aspirations

Bloodborne aspirations

There might be times when you are curious about your avatar’s ancestry and want to know more about it. Well, this is the mod you are looking for when you want to learn about your sim and its history. Players are supposed to complete several tasks and activities to know their character’s vampiric caste and to add an adventurous, romantic, and successful storyline to the game because there’s a lot that your avatar would go through as they try to know about their past. 

Once they achieve all four milestones, they’d gain 8 unique attributes, a bonus trait, whims, and social interactions, and be assigned to a Vampire House. 

14. KM Vampire Eyes

KM Vampire Eyes

Apart from powers and immortality, your character also needs to look the part, and this module is what would help you do that. There are 10 new eye colors for you to choose from, and not just that, some of the options even color the sclera of the eye black, making them look even more frightening.

It’s perfect for everyone, from toddlers to elders, and is located in the face paint category. So download this mod asap and let your character spread their fear all over the world.

15. Vampires Can Kill

Vampires Can Kill

If you want your avatar to gain the power to kill someone in the game, then it’s possible with this module. They can now kill another sim by over drinking their blood, either intentionally or unintentionally.

Another feature that it adds is that your sim can now turn another regular person into cattle by using the Manipulate Life Spirit interaction. This way, they’ll also be under your control, and you can drink their blood any time.

There’d be several options to choose from, such as deep drink, uncontrollable drink, etc., which would decide how much or how little your avatar drinks from them. The cattle would be happy to serve you but would gradually die as you keep drinking their blood.

16. Immersive Vampires

Immersive Vampires

Keeping your vampire powers secret could sometimes be overwhelming, and your character might want to reveal their supernatural ability to a close friend. Now, they can do so through this modification. They are free to reveal their secret to anyone for any reason, either to scare them, to share it with someone they trust, etc.

The reaction of the other sim would differ based on their opinion about Vampires. Sometimes, these people might become vampire hunters to eradicate you and your species, and sometimes you might be able to convince them that these supernatural beings aren’t bad.

17. Vampire Initiation Ritual

Vampire Initiation Ritual

If your avatar is turning into a supernatural being voluntarily, then it’s a cause for celebration, and this mod ensures precisely that by inviting Senior Vampire Host, along with human and Vampire guests. It would be best if you put in all the efforts to make this party a blockbuster by fulfilling the goals that are required of you.

If you’re able to do so, you’d be rewarded with a starter pack, which includes plasma packs, plasma fruits, the ultimate Vampire Tome, and a coffin as well for your character to sleep.

18. Darkside Vampire Career

Darkside Vampire Career

Now, you can even make a career out of this game pack by downloading this module, which introduces a nightclub where all the supernatural beings hang out for business and pleasure. Your character as a regular sim has the option to either become the Vampires’ plaything, become an immortal being and be a part of the party, or become a hunter who’s after them; it’s up to you.

It’s quite an exciting addition to the gameplay because it has something unique for the regular characters to do.

19. Vampire XP Mod Gains

Vampire XP Mod Gains

Gaining XP to level up as a Vampire is quite a challenging aspect because it’s not easy to achieve these points. However, with this Vampire cc, it’s possible because it reduces the time it takes to earn XP points through various activities.

There are two variations to this mod. One is the Vampire Inherited Experience, which impacts the experience you gained from the sim who turned you, and the other is the Regular Vampire Experience, which is based on the experience your character gains by interacting with other immortal sims.

You can download them separately or together, and they come in three levels: double, triple, or quadruple speed.

20. Daywalker Mod

Daywalker Mod

Apart from the Sun Immunity modification, there’s another addition that works the same way and allows your character to get out during daylight as well without the fear of burning in the sun.

Instead of earning points and then gaining the power to walk in the sun, you can simply do so by downloading this feature. It’ll increase the time you have with your avatar as well.

21. Kill the Other Vampires

Kill the Other Vampires

Here’s the last mod on our list, which is somewhat similar to the Vampires Can Kill option, but instead of killing by drinking blood, this module focuses on duels, which lead to the opponent’s death.

Yes, you heard it right. Your character can get into fights with another immortal being, and if they kill them, they’ll receive a Mourn Enemy Moodlet as well as a tombstone.

However, if your character loses, they still won’t die, and the duel will end. So no need to worry. It’s a pretty intriguing addition to the gameplay, in my opinion.


These were some of the most excellent Vampire mods Sims 4 that you can add to your game and make it even more eerie and mystical than ever before. The Vampire game pack with these extra additions would be a good use because these include so many features and Vampire cheats for the players that you can take advantage of those. So make sure to download at least some of the recommendations above to enjoy the game even more.

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