Sims 4 Alarm Clocks

Sims 4 Alarm Clocks Mod – (Download) – 2024

Alarm clocks might seem like a small addition to the game, but it’s these minor changes in the game that make it more immersive and realistic. Players were missing the functional alarm clocks from the previous version, and the Sims 4 alarm clocks have finally been added for the players to use.

Even though your avatar would wake by 6 a.m. if their energy bar is complete by then, there are a few characters who find it hard to wake up for their night shift jobs. Relatable much?

In such a case, either the players wake their character up on time by remembering to do so, or they could just get an alarm clock for them to avoid them missing out on work, activities, and so on.

Sims 4 Sunrise Alarm Clock Mod

Lot51 created the Sunrise Alarm Clock Mod, which is a boon in disguise. Its base game compatible, and those with High School Years can enjoy more features of it.

Players can download and install it from the CurseForge website through their Mod Manager App. Also, you’d require the Core Library Mod on CurseForge for this alarm clock module to work. 

When you’ve downloaded both the mods, you’ll find the Reclaimed Wood Grain Alarm Clock under Electronics in the Alarms section.

Those who have the High School Years pack installed can get the Bread n’ Butter Toaster Alarm Clock as well. Even Scumbumbo’s TS2 Conversion Alarm Clock is also compatible with this module. 

You’ll come across a Sunrise option in all these compatible alarm clocks, along with other features, such as managing existing alarms, enabling daily news reports, or setting the alarm. 

How to Set an Alarm?

How to Set an Alarm?

When you’re setting the alarm, you can choose the time of the day when you want the character to wake up. You can make them wake up a few hours before their job starts or make them wake up at sunrise.

There’s also an option to choose how many days of the week you want your avatar to wake up at that specific time. You can set multiple alarms as well if they have various events to remember, just like in real life. You can let them rest on their off days. 

The highlight is that you can set the alarm for a specific character as well. For instance, if your avatar’s with a romantic partner, they won’t wake up by the alarm set for the other sim. How convenient is that! To disable or delete an alarm, go to the Manage Alarms Menu to do so. 

Listen to the Daily Report

When your character wakes up by the alarm clock, they can listen to the daily report, such as weather, local news, etc., but only if you’ve enabled this feature. Once they turn off the alarm, they’d receive a notification informing them of the weather and give you gossip on any three neighborhood stories. 

Reward Traits 

Once you’ve downloaded this mod, you’d gain two new reward traits that you can add to your character. One is Bedrock, which would make your character sleep through the alarm without waking up, and the other is Rise n’ Shiner, which ensures that your character wakes up when the alarm rings. The Bedrock trait is worth 25 satisfaction points, and the Rise n’ Shiner costs 225 satisfaction points. 


I love this new addition to the game because of how realistic and immersive it makes the entire gaming experience. I cannot emphasize enough the necessity of this Sims 4 alarm clocks mod. I would 100 percent recommend all the players to download this mod right away because it doesn’t get better than this.

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