Sims 4 Zombie Apocalypse Mod (Guide) 2024

Let your sims go insane with their hunger for human brains with this Sims 4 Zombie Apocalypse Mod. Supernatural beings like vampires and aliens have always been a part of the Sims franchise, adding a pinch of salt to the game. This time the game has taken a step ahead and has introduced zombies.

Living sims will attack your reality and begin spreading an infectious virus that taints the customary sims, robbing the life out of them and turning them into zombies.

You should ward off this intrusion and make due through critical occasions. Sims are either survivors or flesh-eating monsters and fan out the infection much more.

Recuperating from a zombie and turning around into a human is conceivable also, and you will have a ton of extra things that can help you persevere. These incorporate an enemy of contamination gas veil, firearm and ammunition, serums, emergency treatment units, and significantly more!

The Zombie Apocalypse Mod Features

The sims 4 zombie apocalypse mod is created by sacrificial and comes with many exciting features. Following is a list of such features-:

  • This zombie mod in sims 4 will affect all the people in the district except for those wearing a mask.
  • This mod works on just the base game and has new interactive menu and pie menus.
  • It is an entirely custom-created mod with sims 4 zombie cc in which you get to play both villain and hero, i.e., you can infect the population and cure them.
  • The mod provides you with fifteen plus survival items, inclusive of guns and serums.
Sims 4 Zombie Apocalypse Mod
Sims 4 Zombie Apocalypse Mod

Starting an Apocalypse

There are several ways to accomplish this task of spreading a virus quickly. Look into the following list to learn how do you start a zombie apocalypse sims 4?:-

  • Police Emergency Broadcast- Buy yourself a radio and listen to the “Police Emergency Broadcast,” This will trigger a series of various social events that will start an apocalypse.
  • Air Support- Buy yourself a radio and right-click on it, and select the option “Infect all sims in the district.” Now, wait for the spread of the virus through air support.
  • Zombification virus- The last and the easiest of all is to buy a zombification virus and use it to turn yourself and others into brain-eating zombies.

Four levels of zombification after being bit by the zombie for the first time:-

  • Infected- when a sim is first bit by a zombie, it becomes infected. However, there’s roughly a tiny gap before your sim turns into a zombie, in which time if you use the “Zombie Cure Serum” or the “First Aid Spray” to heal yourself.
  • Turning- sim is turning into a zombie.
  • Turned- sim is now a zombie.
  • Zombified- In this sims become hungry for flesh and run to bite other sims, turning them into zombies.

Installing Sims 4 zombie apocalypse

Follow the instructions written below to download the mod and learn how do you install sims 4 zombies?

  • For downloading the sims 4 zombie apocalypse mod, go to the following link. 
  • First and foremost, extract the downloaded files with the .zip suffix and paste those extracts into your mods folder.
  • The default location of your mods folder must be Documents>Electronic Arts>The Sims 4>Mods.
  • Now enable the script mod in the game settings and start the game again. Uninstall all the other mods as they might interfere with the proper function of this mod.

Survival in the apocalypse and challenging the odds

Survival is an essential feature of all humans that keeps us sustained in our everyday life. This life skill to which everything in life boils down makes it a tricky affair to handle. Uninfected sims are called survivors in this module. These sims can either spend their time hiding or fighting these zombie sims. Your sims will feel petrified on coming across a zombie, although they can grab some weapons like a shotgun or handgun to kill these zombies.

Some cool features of the sims 4 survival mod are-:

  • Partner- team up with another sim. You can protect each other when times are difficult.
  • Jill Valentine- call this specialized zombie assassination machine aka S.T.A.R officer to duty, and she will execute every undead in the city.
  • Nemesis- an antagonist and specialized zombie tyrant in this game of zombie killing who comes like baggage with jill valentine. He is here to banish you from the face of the earth, so don’t call jill for petty and redundant stuff.

Some everyday items from the shelf could also make the apocalypse go easy for you:-

  • Air support Emergency Broadcasting Radio- You can utilize this to listen to police announcements and connect to online air support.
  • Prevent Air Infection Gas Cover- A basic face cover that prevents you from contagious diseases.
  • First Aid Spray- Zombie bite wounds could be infectious and hard to heal; this spray helps heal your infected sims.
  • Handgun Ammo- This, as the name suggests, is a collection of 9mm rounds for a handgun.
  • Zombie Repellent Spray- It is, as the name suggests, a repellent that helps to keep the zombies away.
  • High-Quality Zombie Repellent Spray- This is a higher-quality version of the same repellent.
  • Shotgun Shells- this contains twelve rounds of ammunition for a shotgun.
  • Survival Shotgun- use this gun to mar those flesh-eating zombies.
  • Zombification Virus- You can use this virus to turn people into zombies.
  • Zombification cure serum- As discussed earlier, you can use it to cure zombies and turn them back to humans.

Sims 4 zombie apocalypse challenge

  • To spice up the game for you and your peers, you can take on a sims apocalypse challenge. What is the sims 4 apocalypse challenge?-You are setting some rudimentary rules that you and anyone in the game with you will follow. These rules must not be broken at any costs and must be followed by all.
  • You can take shelter in a safe place with limited resources. Provide your body with adequate water and nourishment so that it could live through the outbreak of the virus.
  • When the town is over with this apocalypse, you will need to rebuild it with several other sims using different skillsets and level your sim with each task you accomplish.
  • An excellent example of the career paths you could follow and challenge in its trajectory would be becoming a writer. Right after the apocalypse, there’s a shortage in the stock of books in town, and the only way to fill the city with reading content is to write it yourself.
  • When you are done with this survival challenge in zombie mod if sims 4, you might find yourself looking for something fresh to challenge your presence, this may make you search for other beguile and alluring creatures that have found existence in sims 4 game. Vampires is one such creature but there’s a lot to learn about them, including many uncovered and unrevealed truths like sims 4 vampires cc and mods, vampire perks, vampire mega mods, etc. While learning all this alone could be pretty exhausting, you can always use some good help.

Other Options

  • Add/Eradicate Enemies – Helps you to transform your chaps into arch enemies.
  • Enable/Disable Nemesis Autokilling- you can turn off auto killing in the sims with opposition traits to prevent them from killing.
  • You can cure all zombies using the save from zombification option.
  • You can turn all sims into zombies by using the save as zombies option.


In my opinion, this sims 4 zombie apocalypse mod is best in its category, and all should give it a shot.

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