Sims 4 Off The Grid Grid Items

Sims 4 Off The Grid | Grid Items, Fridge (2024)

To live in seclusion isn’t easy. Initially, when the Sims 4 off the grid lot trait was released, it wasn’t much impressive, but with a few updates, it has been wholly furnished and functions efficiently.

How do I move off the grid in Sims 4

To turn your household unapproachable, add the off the grid lot trait by navigating to the ‘build mode’ and click on the houses icon in the top left-hand corner of the screen.

All the attributes would be arranged in an alphabetical order for you to choose. Once you activate this mod, your water and power supply would be cut off, and you’d be living off the grid.

Sims 4 off the grid mod

There are some advantages to live withdrawn, and one of them is that you don’t have to worry about your power and water bills. You receive money in the form of tax breaks.

If your sim is living in seclusion with no other forms of tax breaks, you will get back 75 simoleans on your monthly bills which would eventually help you to pay your lot tax every week. How these 75 simoleans work is –

  • No use of power while using this module.
  • No water usage while living isolated.
  • Property tax discount for being unapproachable.

You can retain a lot of money through this.

Sims 4 Off The Grid | Grid Items, Fridge

Sims 4 off the grid items

There are certain items you’d need in your home to survive. Although they’d have limited functionality, they would still come in handy.


You need mainly three items in the toilet, a sink, a toilet and a shower/bath. But make sure these items are bought from the ‘off the grid’ category in the build mode. They wouldn’t function as a regular set though.

There would be a ‘water-saving flush’ option in the washroom, you can quickly wash hands or brush your teeth in the sink, and you can have a quick, tepid shower. But your hygiene needs won’t be fulfilled with just one shower.

The list of items working under these categories are:

Showers and bathtubs –

  • Under the Sea Clawfoot Tub with Shower
  • Postmodern shower
  • Sheer Will Clawfoot Tub
  • It’s a Shower Tarp
  • Waterfall Shower
  • Epic DIY Shower


  • The patrician
  • The Crew Cabinet
  • The Clean Machine
  • Bai l’Est Galvanized Sink
  • Industro-sink
  • All-purpose Pebbled Sink


  • The Ambassador
  • Old Time Antique Toilet
  • In-house Out-house
  • Old-fashioned Toilet


You can get a fridge and a stove from the same category as earlier. But the function won’t remain the same. Unlike earlier, there wouldn’t be a palate of options to choose from. When you click on ‘stove,’ you’d see five choices,

  • Grilled cheese
  • Eggs and toast
  • Tomato soup
  • Popcorn crickets
  • Fish on a stick

Salads/ fruit salads are also an option since they don’t require power.

The Sims 4 off the grid fridge had been updated so ice can be kept in the refrigerator which would keep your fridge cold for 24 hours. Your leftover food will remain fresh for later consumption.

In the ‘add ice’ option, you’d see the percentage of ice left which hasn’t melted yet to help you evaluate as to how long it’d take for you to add ice again.

Even grills can work in your household since they function on coal or propane. They don’t use power.

The items under these categories that work are –


  • Odd Crow Woodburning Stove
  • Yum Cooker
  • All refrigerators

How to turn off grid Sims 4

A few things that are essential for you to know are as follows –

  • How to light your home -The everyday things you used are no longer functional. You cannot use light bulbs as they require power, but the use of candles, lanterns, and fireplaces as sources of light is possible. Although, if you have a power surplus, you can use light bulbs for specific places.
  • Ways to get water – You might want to have some extra water stored for your sim. To do so, go to any fishing spot or water body (e.g. Sulani Ocean) and select ‘Gather Water.’ This way, extra water can be stored on your lot for your character to take baths properly, or use the sink and toilet normally.

As soon as this gathered water finishes, you’d go back to living off-grid without any of these benefits before you collect more water. But if you have The Sims 4: Eco Lifestyle, there are more options to get water.

  • Dew collector – Each day, some water would be collected, which would allow you to have a regular shower. It would have a green eco-print influence which would be good for the environment.
  • Water generator – This one is an industrial eco-print which negatively affects the world, so it isn’t an excellent option to choose. You also need bits to add fuel to the generator. Click on the generator after you’ve added the bits and the water would be available for you to consume.

How to acquire power

Those who have Sims 4: Eco Lifestyle have a few options to do so,

  • Solar panels – These can be placed on the rooftop or the ground, based on their type. Even a wind turbine can be used for power generation. Both of them are environment friendly.
  • Treadmill – Your treadmill can be turned into a power generation machine instead of consuming it. But your handiness skill should be at level 5 and also have two upgraded electric parts and three updated eco parts. Excess power would be gained by your sim whenever they use this technique while on the treadmill.
  • Generator – This option isn’t environment friendly as it has an industrial eco-print. You’d also need 25 bits for the power generator to function. Beware of the danger button.

Other items in working condition are –

  • All Fireplaces
  • Auto feeders for Pet
  • Barbecues
  • Keyboards
  • Bars


The Sims 4 off the grid is the best way to live in a thrifty mode, especially if you don’t have much money saved. It is also a different experience for all to live a life in an unapproachable manner similar to the Jungle adventure.

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