Sims 4 Disney Princess Challenge

Sims 4 Disney Princess Challenge | Rules | Legacy (2024)

We’ll read about the Disney princess challenge and its rules. Also, continue to read about all the princesses’ details and requirements.

Disney legacy challenge:

We all have had this dream of being our favourite Disney character. The sims 4 Disney princess challenge would take you through a magical realm where you get to live life as a princess. Whether you want to stick with the original story or create a different one is upto you. Read further to join the challenge. 

Sims 4 Disney princess challenge rules: 

  • In a few challenges, they would ask you to choose about gender-specific heir/heiresses. You can change this based on whether you are playing patriarchy or matriarchy. 
  • The rules of the ldshadowlady sims 4 disney princess challenge are similar to the 10 Generation Legacy, with a few distinctions. 
  • Players with an expansion pack can incorporate it in whichever way and EPS would give ideas.

Generation 1: Snow white


  • Snow White must be a female. 
  • She should have seven children who would represent the dwarfs.
  • It is must for each child to imbibe a negative trait: gloomy, gluttony. 
  • The father of every dwarf should be the same. 
  • Before reaching their teenage years, they must excel in something. Either by attaining level 5 in a toddler skill, achieving an A grade in school, reaching level 3 in every toddler skills or by fulfilling their childhood aspiration. 
  • Snow White shouldn’t entertain strangers or talk to older women. 

EPS: Parenthood – the child should grow up to have at least one positive character trait. If you want to make it even more challenging, then you can increase this number. 

Generation 2: Cinderella

Requirements –

  • Cinderella’s traits should include both neat and foodie aspects. 
  • She would be responsible for cleaning the house and cooking every day. 
  • She cannot have more than three children. 
  • Cinderella’s marriage would not take place until her mother dies. The death of her mother can happen due to unnatural causes, but cheats are not allowed to be used to get rid of her. 
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Generation 3: Tiana

Requirements – 

  • Tiana must be an ambitious character. 
  • Her father must die before she turns into an adult. 
  • Tiana should have food aspiration. 
  • For her love story with a human turned frog, she must marry a sim that has some sort of green feature in his appearance, removal of which is not possible. It could be green hair, green eyes or green skin. 

EPS: Dine out – Tiana must be the owner of her restaurant and run it as well. 

Generation 4: Aurora

Requirements – 

  • The portrayal of Aurora as lazy is a must.
  • Her friend circle can only consist of 3 people. Family members can be counted as friends if you wish. 
  • All of her relationships need to be secretive and under wraps. She can only meet her soulmate at night when everyone falls asleep. Once she finds her prince charming, it’d be time for them to elope and marry in secrecy. 
  • She can only give birth to two children. It is preferable if they are two twin girls, but it is not mandatory. 

Generation 5: Anna 

Requirements – 

  • Anna can contact her sister only after she becomes a young adult.
  • She must fall in love with a criminal. 
  • Since she is with a criminal, she would have to face near-death experiences because of her lover. 
  • Anna’s relationship with her sister fixes after she becomes her best friend. 
  • Once her relationship with her sister settles, she can fall in love with another sim. 
  • Anna can get married and have a single child only. 

Generation 6: Rapunzel

Requirements –

  • She should have lonely and art lover character traits.
  • She must achieve level 8 painting skills before turning into a young adult.
  • Rapunzel can leave the tower only to attend school.
  • She cannot have any friends since she is locked up the whole time until her love story begins. 
  • It is a must to elope. 

EPS: Parenthood – Since Rapunzel’s parents are strict, she sneaks out past curfew.

Generation 7: Belle

Requirements – 

  • The depiction of Belle as a bookworm is necessary. 
  • She doesn’t believe in love at first sight, so she needs to date at least 5 sims. 
  • Belle should fall in love with an ugly sim since looks don’t matter for her. 
  • Once you marry the ugly sim and give birth to your first child, he would get a makeover and transform to his beautiful self again. 

EPS: Get to work – Being an alien, Belle’s husband is different. 

Generation 8: Mulan

Requirements – 

  • She should have an active trait.
  • Mulan must become an astronaut.
  • Find love in your co-workers, once you start your career path. 
  • After falling in love and becoming an astronaut, get married.

EPS: Get famous – Mulan becomes famous due to her achievements.

Generation 9: Jasmine 

Requirements – 

  • Jasmine must have a best friend who would represent Raja.
  • She would go out only to attend school. 
  • She must fall in love with a poor, criminal sim.
  • Jasmine would get married and give birth to four children

EPS: Cats and dogs – Raja must be a pet and should reach companions in childhood.

Generation 10: Merida

Requirements – 

  • The self-assured trait must be present in this sim.
  • Merida’s siblings and mother should die in a tragic accident. 
  • She needs to find a way to change the past but fails at it. Things would be pretty vague. 
  • Merida believes that she is cursed, so she never gets married. 
  • She grows up alone and has regrets. 

Bonus Generations:

Generation: Ariel

Requirements – 

  • She should have some water-related trait
  • A pool is necessary since Ariel must go swimming every day.
  • To fall in love, a sim with even one similar feature as her can be suitable.
  • Lastly, get married and have children.

EPS: Island living – adjust the rules to fit the EP, since Ariel is a mermaid.

Generation: Pocahontas

Requirements – 

  • Fall in love with an unusual and different sim who has blue or green skin, something the public wouldn’t consider normal. 
  • Elope and get married. 
  • Have a maximum of 4 kids. 

EPS: Vampires – Pocahontas can also fall in love with a Vampire. 

Generation: Elsa

Requirements – 

  • Elsa should have a lonely trait. 
  • She can talk to her sibling only after turning into a young adult.
  • This sim should have a different aspect to her. 
  • She must run away from home during adolescence. Although her sister can bring her back if the storytellers wish to. 
  • Elsa never gets married but has one child by accident.

Generation: Moana

Requirements – 

  • Her main trait is ‘loves the outdoors’. 
  • She should have the aspiration to be a curator.
  • Moana must have a close relationship with her grandmother, who dies before she becomes a young adult.
  • She must run away from home and become BFF’s with Maul.
  • Marry and give birth to children. 

EPS: Jungle adventure – On Moana’s journey, when she runs away from home, she must explore Selvadorada. 

These are all the generations of sims 4 Disney princess challenge. If you want to go for another similar module, then royalty mod is the best option.

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