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Even our male avatars deserve a little pampering, and this Sims 4 male cc ensures that. This list consists of some of the most desirable custom content that has been thoughtfully included in this list so that you don’t have to think before downloading. So let’s take a look at these CCs. 

List of Male Sims 4 CC

So here are the CCs from some of the best creators that we’ve added to this list to make sure that your character gets the best of them. 


1. Male CC Suit

Male CC Suit

So let’s start the list with this formal and dapper suit set, which includes two variations of suits, with one featuring a white collared shirt with a blazer and pants, while the other flaunts a v-neck t-shirt with a blazer and loosely fitted pants.

Both the options bring their own charm, with one being formal and the other slightly casual. There are 18 swatches in solid colors and patterns and it is suitable for teens to elders. It’s base game compatible as well.

2. Aquarius Men’s Clothing Collection

Aquarius Men's Clothing Collection

Now, this is more of a casual and everyday look for your male avatars and includes an 11 piece set with 4 tops, 5 bottoms, and 2 undershirts.

It’s a look that your avatar can wear for chilling at home, going to the grocery shop, etc. It comes in several colors, both solid and patterned, so you can choose any of them.

3. Gentleman’s Sims 4 Male CC Set

Gentleman's Sims 4 Male CC Set

There’s so much that you can do with a casual shirt, like adding an overcoat, a vest, a sweater, and so on. This Sims 4 male cc maxis match set offers precisely that with several such variations.

You can choose from the 12 swatches available for each piece, and they are base game compatible as well. So add this shirt to the CAS right now!

4. Nathan Top

Nathan Top

This is one of the coolest CCs in the list because of how modern and trendy the whole outfit is, including a high neck sweater paired with a denim jacket is the perfect winter combination.

It’s available in 13 swatches in mixed colors for the sweater and jacket, and they complement each other beautifully. So, download this maxis match, base game compatible cc as soon as possible because winter styling is the best.

5. Short Puffer Down Jacket

Short Puffer Down Jacket

Puffer jackets are all the rage right now, and how can Sims 4 be left behind on the trend? So try this jacket, which is available in several colors, from dark to light shades, and make your avatar slay winter fashion like no other. Once you have this outfit, you wouldn’t want your avatar to stay at home anymore.

6. Sims 4 Male Clothes Pack

Sims 4 Male Clothes Pack

Here’s a cool summer + winter clothes pack which is breezy and stylish. It consists of 6 items, including 4 tops and 2 bottoms. The variations it offers, with two t-shirts, a t-shirt paired with an open shirt, and a cut out sweater, are excellent.

There are two pairs of jeans to match these with, and this one download creates an entire outfit for your avatar. The colors range from 9 to 22 swatches, and they are all compatible with the base game.

7. Male CC Coat

Male CC Coat

So here’s another gem in winter fashion with this long coat adding a stylish and voguish vibe to your avatar’s personality. It’s available in 13 neutral shades, whereas the shirt comes in 20 swatches.

You can style it any way you want, with a scarf, etc., and make other people’s heads turn as your character walks by. A long overcoat looks great with anything and everything, so you don’t have to think twice before getting it.

8. Insomnia Jacket

Insomnia Jacket

The hoodie is the go-to option when it comes to the winter season because of how effortlessly fashionable it looks. These comfortable zippered jackets are available in zipped and unzipped variations with or without a t-shirt underneath them.

You can style it in any way you want and choose from the 33 swatches accessible to you, with 9 striped patterns, 6 with Adidas written in Simlish, and 18 solid color ones. It’s suitable for teens to elders and is a must have.

9. Pollen Polo Shirt

Pollen Polo Shirt

A simple and casual polo shirt is perfect for an everyday look without looking homeless. This ts4 male cc is available in solid and patterned variations, so it’s up to you which one you decide to go for.

These shirts are untucked versions for a more relaxed vibe, and every man should have at least one such shirt in their wardrobe because it’s a necessity.

10. Euphoria CC Pack

Euphoria CC Pack

This is one of my favorite packs in the game because of the variety it offers, with a ts4 male shirt cc open till the chest to a high neck chic t-shirt and pant options for men as well.

The highlight is that this cc comes with hair options as well, which suits your character to a T. The items are available in several swatches and bring forth a hip and cool ensemble that you can’t miss out on.

11. Secret Society Collection

Secret Society Collection

I cannot emphasize the beauty and charm of this cc, which consists of everything you can think of, with clothes, hair, accessories, and so much more in one collection.

There are 9 items in total, and they are inspired by a dark academia vibe. The hair is available in 24 swatches, and other items are also in several colors. So you cannot miss out on this incredible cc.

12. KK Basic Set

KK Basic Set

We’ve covered a lot of outdoor Sims 4 male clothes ccf, but your male sim also requires a comfortable and everyday outfit, and this cc offers precisely that. There are 30 tops and 25 bottoms with various patterns and colors.

Just looking at this ensemble would make you feel relaxed, and they are perfect for chilling at home. Some of them include brand names, others include graphics, and so on.

13. Leather Jacket

Leather Jacket

Nothing can be compared to the good old leather jacket because it can enhance an outfit’s appearance by ten fold. Pair it with a t-shirt, tank, or anything else.

Choose from the 4 swatches and give your character an ultra modern twist with just a click of a button. Download it now, and you won’t regret it.

14. Male CC Pack

Male CC Pack

A shirt paired with jeans is the most casual and most relaxed outfit, which is so effortless, and most women have a fantasy about a guy with folded shirt sleeves and a well built body.

So to make your avatar be the limelight of every event and occasion, you must get this pack, which includes a belted as well as oversized cargo jacket, jeans, and sunglasses. So a complete package with just one download. Sweet!

15. Male CC Basics

Male CC Basics

Basic t-shirts are such an underrated piece of clothing because they can be paired with anything and everything. When you can’t decide on what to wear, go for a basic solid colored t-shirt because it’ll never disappoint you.

So here are 5 variations; a thermal top, rolled long sleeve, rolled-sleeved hoodie, simple long-sleeve top, and a basic long sleeve collared shirt. These come in 25 swatches so that you can wear them every day, and no one would even know.

16. Ankle Cut Pants

Ankle Cut Pants

Ankle length pants have recently gained popularity again, and for the right reasons. Depending on the occasion, they can be used as casual or formal wear.

The detailing in it is pretty impressive, such as there’s a small cut at the end of the pants, and it’s available in high waist and low waist versions as well. You can find them in 13 neutral tones so that they can compliment whatever your character wears on top. Isn’t that thoughtful?

17. Underwear CC Essentials

Underwear CC Essentials

As the name suggests, this cc is an essentiality because, duh! This cc consists of 7 variations and 2 styles: one is an original EA mesh, and the other comes with a huge bulge.

You can choose from the 30 swatches accessible to you with solid and patterned options, and they are suitable for teens to elders. Your sim can’t do without underwear, so it’s best to download this cc.

18. Athletic Set

Athletic Set

You should have a separate outfit for when your character decides to go for a run or to the gym, and this custom content is the ideal choice for that.

It combines style and comfort and comes in a relaxed fit, with 24 EA swatches for both top and bottom. It’s hat compatible as well, so everything’s going right for this content. All you have to do is click on the link, and you’re all set.

19. Male Sweatsuit

Male Sweatsuit

Comfort is loosely fitted clothes, and sweatsuits are the right option for it. There are 4 tops and 4 bottoms in 22 swatches for you to try on your sim and let them lounge around the house in style. The swatches include solid as well as tie dye colors, and they give a new meaning to fashion.

20. Vampire Male CC Set

Vampire Male CC Set

Even vampires need to look their best; after all, they have a reputation to maintain. Meet this cc pack, which includes a long overcoat, a feathered hat, and buckle boots. The outfit’s in 32 colors, the hat’s in 26 swatches, and the boots come in 12 colors.

Now, even your vampire sim can look stylish while sucking the blood of their victims because compromising on fashion is never an option.

21. Biker Jacket

Biker Jacket

This is a jacket that I’ve seen a lot of men owning even in real life, and the uncanny resemblance of this cc with the real one is astounding.

It includes a jacket, a sweater, and an undershirt in 33 swatches, and the detailing on the jacket with zippered elements is the highlight of the whole outfit. It’s base game and HQ mod compatible, which is a bonus feature.

22. Bathing Suit Recolor

Bathing Suit Recolor

Your character can’t wear their everyday clothes for a swim, right? So download this mod that comes in 9 recolor swim shorts, ideal for a swimming session or for a beach vacation.

Teens to elders can wear these knee length trunks and either go shirtless or pair them with a t-shirt; it’s up to the players. No matter what you decide to do, these shorts will surely make heads turn.


1. Male Beanie

Male Beanie

Beanies have always been popular for their laid back and casual vibe, and they can enhance the beauty of any outfit. Wearing a t-shirt and jeans, pair them with a beanie.

Going for a denim outfit, wear a beanie. It goes well with every casual clothing item and adds its own charm to the whole outfit. So choose from the 15 swatches available to match every outfit of your avatars.

2. Face Scarf

Face Scarf

This is quite a trendy face scarf, which also supports a fundamental cause, “Black Lives Matter,” which is written on it.

It’s a bold and edgy look that fits with every casual piece of clothing and is more of a street smart look. It’s located under the Necklaces category in CAS and is accessible in 8 swatches. So get your hands on it right now.

3. The Beard Set

The Beard Set

There are a lot of players who might not want their male avatars to be clean shaven. So this cc is for them as it features 3 varieties of beards in 24 swatches and makes your character look more masculine and serious. It’s located under the facial hair category and is quite an excellent element to add to your avatar’s features.

4. Patterned Beanies

Patterned Beanies

Since we’ve covered plain beanies, why not recommend a few patterned ones as well? Because they add a unique flair to a character’s personality and outfit.

Beanies add such a cool and cute element to your avatar, and this one comes in 23 swatches, so you’ve even more variety to choose from. Teens to elders can pair it with any outfit of their choice for that chic look.

5. Hand Tattoos

Hand Tattoos

Hand tattoos on men are the sexiest thing, and you can’t argue. This cc features small tattoos on the back of the left hand, with a fire element, a few twinkling stars, and some finger tattoos as well. It’s the ultimate accessory that a person can add to their look for an edgy and hip look. It’ll go well with every outfit, from casual to formal.

6. Male Body Hair

Male Body Hair

Creators have worked a lot on their creations to make them as realistic as possible, and this is one such cc, which features body hair. There are 2 styles to this, one is curly chest hair, and the other is straight/wavy.

There are 22 variations based on the coverage area of the hair. It comes in 8 colors, like black, brown, gray, blonde, etc. So add this realistic custom content to the game because of how natural it is.

7. Nails for Men

Nails for Men

Men wearing nail polish is the new cool, and we’re here for it. There are 49 colors to choose from, and the highlight is that it comes in 5 styles, such as one with chipped nail polish, the other with glossy nail paints, and so on. It’s incredible the level of detailing the creator has put into it. So you should definitely consider downloading this cc.

8. Spontaneous Spectacles

Spontaneous Spectacles

Glasses add an intellectual as well as a cool nerdy look to a person’s personality. These oval and square shaped glasses do the same, and they are available in regular and sunglasses versions.

The standard frames and lens of the sunglasses come in 40 swatches in total for both shapes. It’s quite an essential element to have in your wardrobe.

9. Male CC Set

Male CC Set

Eyes are the windows to your soul, and if you download this custom content, then they’d be beautiful windows.

In addition to eyes, the focus of this set is on lips and contours as well because they all contribute to highlighting the eyes. There are even eye bags in several variations that you can add to your avatar’s features for a more detailed appearance.

10. Eyes N22

Eyes N22

Here’s another gorgeous and detailed cc, including beautiful pairs of eyes that accentuate the features of your avatar and make them even more attractive.

The eyes are pretty realistic and natural looking and come in 45 swatches. It’s suitable for all age groups and genders, and a minor feature like eyes can make a lot of difference. You’ll realize this once you download this mod.

11. Acc Set

Acc Set

You’ll be in awe of the accessories that this set offers the players because they are nothing like your standard accessories.

There’s jewelry for ears, a bayonet, jewelry tears, and so much more that it’ll make your sim stand out from the crowd. The swatches range from 4 to 11 colors, and I cannot elaborate on their contribution to your sim’s personality and appearance.

12. Layered Necklace

Layered Necklace

Who says men can’t wear jewelry? In fact, men wearing jewelry is the hottest thing because of how perfect it looks on them. But you must choose the right one, and this cc is the right choice.

There are three layers in this necklace that are made with intricate detailing and are available in 10 swatches. It’s the ultimate accessory for formal as well as casual wear.

Sh**s and Socks

1. Collection of Male Sh**s

Collection of Male Shoes

Sh**s are the first thing that people notice about a person, and they judge their personality through that. So make sure to keep your sh**s squeaky clean, and this mod is the ideal one to ensure that.

There’s a mix of 8 pairs of sh**s, with dressy sh**s, ankle boots, sneakers, flip flops, and so on. It covers every occasion your character might be a part of in their entire life. They come in 7-12 colors to offer a wide variety.

2. Desert Boots

Desert Boots

Boots are such luxurious and elite sh**s that you cannot help but have one pair in your wardrobe. Therefore, this cc was created for Sims 3, but also made it to the fourth installment of the game.

There are 12 swatches, so take your pick and pair them with any and every piece of clothing. It’ll go well with casuals and semi-formals as well.

3. Loafers


Loafers and formal events go hand in hand because these dressy sh**s complement formal suits in the best way possible.

So add this classy element to your outfit, which comes in 10 swatches and 2 variations. It’s suitable for a teen to elder sim. Download this mod without a shadow of a doubt because you’d undoubtedly need them at one point.

4. Sneakers


How can we not add sneakers to this list; after all, they are what the youth is wearing with every outfit possible. These are available in regular and higher platform versions, with 13 and 17 swatches, respectively.

They come in original colors only, but add a trendy and hip look to your sim’s personality, plus it’s base game compatible. 

5. Classic Oxford

Classic Oxford

Classic is in its name itself, and that’s exactly what these sh**s are. You can never go wrong with Oxford sh**s because they are made to fit perfectly with formal wear and also as everyday sh**s.

There are 8 swatches, and they are accessible to all age groups because these classic sh**s are for everyone. There’s no point in resisting. Get these sh**s for your male characters asap!

6. Stretch Chunky Boots

Stretch Chunky Boots

These are my favorite kind of boots because of how cool they are, and they are perfect with cargo pants or any jeans.

The detailing in it, with laces and textured soles, makes it an ideal addition to the CAS. So take your pick from 15 swatches available in a beautiful variety and make your avatar wear it with every other ensemble.

7. Essential Socks

Essential Socks

Sh**s without socks are incomplete and a grave mistake as well. So you must definitely own a pair of socks to go with sh**s, and this cc offers 29 varieties of them in different patterns and colors.

Some are regular ones, while others are more quirky, and they are all base game compatible plus, they work for teens to elders so that you can opt for this right now!

8. Male Converse Sh**s

Male Converse Shoes

Again, one of the most popular sh**s to date because of the comfort and casual vibe it offers to the wearer.

There’s not one person who hates converse sh**s, and this cc is the same; with 30 swatches to choose from, you can’t even try disliking them. It pairs so well with multiple ensembles and adds a trendy element to the whole look; what else can you ask for?


1. Male Hair CC Pack

Male Hair CC Pack

When it comes to this section of the list, let’s start with this impressive pack, which includes 6 maxis match hairstyles, ranging from short curly hair and wavy hair to mid length ones. They are available in 26 to 36 colors and are base game compatible as well.

It’s suitable for teens to elder avatars and is even compatible with hats. You’d indeed find something for your sim in this pack, and some of these options are specifically curated to include Sims 4 black male cc.

2. Male Hair Pack Pt 2

Male Hair Pack Pt 2

This pack features more of a historical hairstyle that maybe kings or princes used to sport but with a modern touch to it. It includes three variations of curly hair with 28 swatches and is base game compatible as well.

You can also pair it with a hat, and you’re all set. Honestly, it’ll make your avatar look like a Greek god or someone with a romantic personality. That’s the power of a hairstyle.

3. Cute Short Hair

Cute Short Hair

Here’s another pack, which comes with so many unique hairstyles that you’d be tempted to download it. It incorporates 9 short, medium, and long length hairstyles, so there’s something for everyone.

The highlight is that it includes 2 accessories as well, a hair band and a bandana, and you can find them in the hat category. Take a pick from the 18 EA swatches and decide your avatar’s vibe.

4. Levi Hair

Levi Hair

I cannot get over the beauty of this hairstyle with a messy and disheveled look, with a majority of them falling on the forehead.

It’s a handsome and cute look for any male avatar and is available in two versions; one with stray strands and the other without them. However, I’d recommend going for the first one. It comes in 24 swatches, and they are hat compatible.

5. Phaethon Hairstyle

Phaethon Hairstyle

This long hairstyle is an absolutely stunning cc with beachy wavy hair exuding major Greek god vibes, and it has an appeal and a charm that leaves you wondering about this hairstyle for a long time.

It’d definitely make heads turn when your avatar walks by, so get this hair cc in 28 swatches for teens to elders and pair it with an appropriate outfit.

6. Morgyn Hair

Morgyn Hair

How can you not fall in love with this gorgeous curly hairstyle, featuring a side parting with the majority of the hair on one side falling over the forehead in a messy way?

Royal is the word to describe it, so take your pick from the 32 colors available and drool over how hot your character is. They’ll look like a knight in shining armor.

7. The 90s Male Hair Set

The 90s Male Hair Set

So here’s another set that includes 6 different hairstyles with such a wide variety that you can select either one or all of them for your male sim.

There are 24 swatches and 6 ombre ones that are base game and hat compatible. Some have a cool and edgy look, whereas others have a more intellectual look. So go for the ones that suit your avatar the most.

8. Miguel Hair

Miguel Hair

Are you more inclined toward a man bun than short hair? Then here’s something fabulous for you. This cc features a man bun with stray strands framing your sim’s face beautifully and exuding a charming vibe, making your character look like a rom-com hero. This base game compatible option comes in 24 swatches and is quite an irresistible look.

9. Cicero Hair

Cicero Hair

Major angelic vibes. This hairstyle is a masterpiece with gorgeous curly locks falling on the forehead and a braided band of hair going from one side of the head to the other.

You can also add a laurel accessory to it for a more authentic vibe, and it’s located in the hats section. Take your pick from the 24 colors available and let your sim look like the ruler of a magical place. This is the perfect way to end this list.


This is where we end our list of Sims 4 male cc. You can create an entire ensemble with the items listed in this article, including clothes, sh**s, accessories, and hair cc.

There is more such custom content available, but the ones mentioned here are the ultimate ones, and you’ll agree with us once you check out all these CCs.

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