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21+ Best Sims 4 Doors CC & Mods (All Free) – 2024

Imagine a house without a door; it sounds weird, right? So now that you’re getting a door for the home, why not get a beautiful one? After all, most of the people would only see your house from the outside, so let’s make it worth their while. 

Since the game doesn’t offer a lot of options to the players, a lot of creators took matters into their own hands. Here’s a list of excellent Sims 4 doors cc that would enhance the beauty of any place from the outside and the inside. Let’s take a look. 

List of Custom Content Doors

Now, when it comes to doors cc mods, the recommendations below are some of the best creations you’d come across. 

1. Metal Shutter Door

Metal Shutter Door by Hydra

If you’re opening a cafe or a restaurant, or have a garage, then this metal shutter door is the perfect one because this set features doors with graffiti and cool street art, which makes even a metal door look beautiful.

There are 15 swatches available that are base game compatible, with gorgeous flowers, cute kittens, sea waves, etc. It’s a pretty realistic cc, in my opinion, and you should definitely download it.

2. Autumn Crevice Door

Autumn Crevice Door by Algu Build Buy

This beautiful front door, which gives an autumn vibe with its wooden door in 17 colors is a must have.

It’ll look perfect if you pair it well with the surroundings, and since there are several swatches to choose from, you’d find one that fits perfectly.

3. Café Window & Door Set

Café Window & Door Set

This is one of the prettiest CCs available on the list because of its aesthetic and charming appearance that would tempt people to come to your cafe.

It’s available in multiple colors, including pink. It’d look perfect, and you’d know that once you add this cc to your game.

4. Love For Gothic Windows And Doors

Love For Gothic Windows And Doors by Sixam

If your character lives in a mansion or a castle, then you’d obviously need doors and windows to look the part.

Therefore, this custom content is the ideal one as it features massive windows and doors that exude a gothic vibe, which is absolutely mesmerizing. They are available in several colors, so choose the one you prefer.

5. My Style Doors Recolor

Who wants dull doors when you can have these vibrant neon led doors? However, you’d need the High School Years expansion pack to use this cc. There are several swatches available, and each one is absolutely cool and attractive. It’ll draw people toward it.

6. Farmhouse Door and Arches

Farmhouse Door and Arches

This option incorporates the rustic and modern vibe perfectly well and features a sliding door, unlike the standard ones.

So you won’t miss the traditional feel while also adding a modern touch because it’s essential to move with the times as well.

You can find these doors for tall and short walls with a double or single arch. It’s accessible in 12 swatches, so pick the one you love.

7. Bonjour Front

This set is pretty modern and chic, with wooden doors in several designs, such as vertical lines, tiles, steel grids, textured double doors, etc.

There are 13 such swatches that you can choose from, including small and medium sizes. It adds a flair to the whole space and would make you want to download it asap!

8. Korean Traditional Window and Door

Korean Traditional Window and Door

For those who are obsessed with Korean culture and heritage, then these traditional windows and doors are the right choice. I absolutely love this doors cc mod, and so would you. The windows are available in two variations, closed and open, which is the highlight of it.

9. Leeds Construction Set Part 1

Leeds Construction Set Part 1 By Mutske

You’d be in awe of these doors that exude a Victorian and contemporary vibe and are available in wooden texture. There are multiple swatches in various colors, such as white, brown, etc. Some include transparent grids, while others are opaque, so it’s up to you which you find the right fit.

10. Akiridian Door

Akiridian Door By Zaneida

This door looks like a portal to another realm because of its craftsmanship. It features a circular door with a sci-fi vibe in a sleek black finish and blue color with a led light in the middle as well.

It’s way too cool for you not to be tempted to have it for your space. Also, it’s compatible with the base game, which is a plus point.

11. Nzuza Bedroom Door

Nzuza Bedroom Door by Jomsims

Those who believe in the concept of “less is more” would love this cc because of the textured doors that look soft and squishy in appearance and are quite minimalistic. It’s available in 4 solid colors: black, brown, white, and gray. The pattern’s quite pleasing to the eyes and is ideal for bedrooms.

12. Functional Folding Steel Glass Door

Functional Folding Steel

Here’s another simple yet modern design with a steel door and with translucent glass, and the best part is that they are sliding doors.

One variation folds to the left, while the other to the right. Pick from the 14 swatches available, and it’s a Maxis Match doors cc as well.

13. Modern Doors Dream

Modern Doors Dream

If you want simple doors that are functional and also magnificent to look at, then this is for you. There are 4 minimalist designs; one with alternating patterns, one with horizontal lines, one with yin and yang patterns, and the other with tiny white dots. All these variations are available in one file. So download it and make your place a beauty.

14. Morus1 Doors

Morus1 Doors

A lavish and extravagant door is what this cc offers you with its wooden texture and mosaic flower patterns on it.

However, there are three variations, one with 6 panels, another with 4 panels at the bottom, and the last one includes 2 panels at the bottom. It’ll make your house or any place feel luxurious and elite just by the addition of a door. Crazy, right?

15. UK Phonebox Door

UK Phonebox Door

Some players might wish to take a risk and try something out of the box because who wants a regular door when you can have one looking like a telephone booth?

This option is functional as well as decorative, and you can either use it in the house or for office purposes; it’s up to you.

16. Wooden Three-Panel Door, Colored

Wooden Three-Panel Door, Colored

Wooden doors have their own charm because they are the classic doors that everyone wants to have. So download this mod asap because it features several gorgeous colored wooden doors that are vibrant and colorful. They’ll give the feel of freshly painted doors, and that’s the best kind.

17. Toilet Stall Doors

Toilet Stall Doors

How can we leave behind toilet doors on this list? Those who have the City Living and Cats & Dogs expansion pack can enjoy this vanilla cc, which is modern and offer cubicle style doors.

You can pick from the 14 colors available, such as pink, green, blue, maroon, etc. These are located in the Build/Buy mode under the Door section.

18. Arlette Door

Arlette Door

This is quite a unique front door design with its top rounded off and features a circular glass panel as well. There are 5 wooden swatches to choose from in neutral colors, such as black, brown, white, etc. It’s one tiled door and is ideal for small walls, and it’s available in the Build/Buy mode’s Door category.

19. Shut The Front Door: Curb Appeal Set

Shut The Front Door

When it comes to this cc, it features one of the most popular designs that you might have seen in movies or tv shows with a rectangular door, including a mailbox window as well.

You can take your pick from the 7 swatches and let your door do all the talking. The beauty of your house would enhance to a whole other level because of this subtle addition.

20. No More Dingy Doors

No More Dingy Doors

A bright and vibrant door is what you’re in store for with this excellent option. It’s a pretty modest design and is a replica of the EA design but in better color swatches; therefore, it’s named “no more dingy doors.” So those who preferred this EA design but wanted a fresh look can opt for this custom content.

21. The Notjustador Collection

The Notjustador Collection

We’re ending the list with a gorgeous design, which is every bit colorful and exudes a fairytale vibe. However, you’d require the Strangeville pack for it.

You can choose from the 16 swatches offered by the creator that include unique colors that would instantly cheer anyone. There are 6 varied doors in this set, so you can go for the one that fits your house.


Are you satisfied with our recommendations? We’ve compiled this list based on some of the best Sims 4 doors cc that innumerable players have loved and downloaded in the past.

You won’t be disappointed, regardless of which door you go for, because they are all impressive in their own way. Thanks to the creators, we have more options to decorate our house or any place in the game.

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