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Best Sims 4 Funeral CC & Mods – (Download) – 2024

Death is inevitable in real life and even in the virtual one because Sims 4 strives to be as close to reality as possible while maintaining a fantastical notion.

Therefore, there’d come a point when your sim would get too old and die eventually, or they might even die tragically due to some circumstance.

Whatever the case, the players would want to plan a funeral for them, and that’s when these Sims 4 funeral cc and mods would come into play because there isn’t any memorial or funeral feature in the game, so you’d have to add mods and custom content for it. 

Funeral Custom Content

Here’s a list of excellent and valuable funeral CCs that would add the right flavor to the gameplay when it comes to this tragic time. 

1. Funeral Parlor

Funeral Parlor

This is the place you’d want to have in the game because it consists of everything you’d need regarding the funeral preparations, from tombstones, Sims 4 cc coffins to flower arrangements.

You’d find everything at this one shop, and it’s base game compatible as well. Players can either download the items individually or in a pack; it’s up to you.

2. Funeral Deco Sims

Funeral Deco Sims

When it comes to this option, it’s one of the important content because it adds more deco sims that are only there as objects to give a look that there are more people attending the funeral.

If this happens, actually, that a lot of sims attend the funeral, the game would start lagging, but not with this cc.

These deco characters only have one purpose, which is to look sad. Since they are more of an object, they stay in one place only.

3. Funeral Chapel Item Poses

Funeral Chapel Item Poses

There are specific poses that you’d want the people attending the funeral to have, such as a grieving pose or a praying one.

So you’d find 5 poses in this cc, including one where a sim is kissing the late person. However, there are a few requirements for some of the poses, where you’d need specific furniture, etc.

4. SimsCity 4 Morgue Set

SimsCity 4 Morgue Set

Here’s another aspect that you might want to include for a more realistic element and for a more complex storyline. It consists of 6 items, such as stackable body bags, two different kinds of body sheets, decorative deceased Sims (creepy!), and a morgue slab and fridge.

The highlight is that these elements come in low and high poly, so you can opt for the one that’s compatible with your hardware requirements.

5. Royal Funeral Pose Pack

Royal Funeral Pose Pack

If your character lived royally in the game, they deserve a royal farewell as well. You can try out the eight poses in this pack for grieving sim parents as the poses are for royal or military parents who are part of the funeral, and poses for those carrying the casket as well. You can use it for a historical or a royal storyline or maybe just to pay an ode to your character’s life.

6. Mortician Career

Mortician Career

If you’re looking for a new career for your character, then what about being a mortician, working in a morgue? Your character must have a stomach of steel to do this job because they’d have to work with grieving families to help them prepare for the funeral.

Once they reach level 4, they can choose any of the two branches: Funeral Director or Medical Examiner. It’s a pretty unconventional career option, which is also a requirement in the game, so give it a try.

7. Dignity Funeral Parlor

Dignity Funeral Parlor

Here’s another funeral cc parlor, which offers all the necessary things that you require to plan a memorial, with cremation and embalming services as well. It’s built on a 40×30 lot, and you can also use it as a residential lot or a museum.

You can use this building for various purposes, and it’s located in Willow Creek. It’s compatible with every EA pack that has been released since July 2018, which is the best part about it.

8. Funeral and Enchant Veiled Hat

Funeral and Enchant Veiled Hat

A black hat is a classic one in funerals, and this one is particularly fascinating because it features black lace and roses on a pointed hat.

It might give somewhat witchy vibes, but we love the drama it brings forth. It’s always available in white color, but the real feel is in the black one, in my opinion. It’s quite a gothic look, and a lot of players love that.

9. Sims 4 Funeral Mod

Sims 4 Funeral Mod

If you want to add funerals as a new social event, then in that case, you’d have to download this mod, which includes a custom funeral event for the game and offers various elements, such as a wreath, a casket, a musical instrument, and so on that would make a funeral memorable.

This mod consists of a lot of objects, and you’d have no need to download any other specific cc or mod for it. There’s nothing more realistic than what this option offers.

10. Mortem


I cannot emphasize the realism this cc adds to the gameplay and storyline, and it’s one of my favorite custom content.

The way this option deals with the idea of death is highly natural, where there’d be no grim reaper and no possibility of saving your character by gifting them death flowers, and so on.

Your character would die and lay down on the ground in a body bag, and the other character must call a medical examiner, who’d be an NPC, to take the body after examining it. Once the examination is done, you can plan a funeral for the sim. As I said, it’s as real as it gets.

11. Funeral Service Event

Funeral Service Event

We’re ending this list with a mod that allows you to plan a funeral for your pets as well, and the deceased sim or pet can also be there for their funeral as ghosts. The active sim of the household must give a eulogy, and you can invite other people as well to attend the memorial.

To give a eulogy, you must have an urn or a tombstone because this interaction is only available through it. Everyone would arrive in black clothes, like in real life.


These Sims 4 funeral CCs are a pretty exciting gameplay element because of the extra realistic layer it adds, and also give you something immersive to indulge in. It can’t get better than this, and the gothic or slightly darker turn of events would make for an excellent storyline.

Since death is inevitable, why not add this extra feature to make the whole process more complex and detailed?


Can you have a funeral in Sims 4?

Yes, you can have a funeral in the game if you choose to go ahead with it. You’ll have the option to call the funeral home and make the required arrangements.

How do you give a eulogy in Sims 4?

To give a eulogy, your character must have level 6 in charisma, an urn or tombstone of the deceased person in the inventory, and a podium on the lot. When you click on the urn or tombstone, an option to give the eulogy appears.

What to Do When Someone Dies In Sims 4?

Once your character dies in the game, an urn or a tombstone will appear in the inventory, and it’s up to you whether you wish to place that in a suitable place or sell it for 5 simoleans. You can’t ask for it once you’ve sold it, though.

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