Sims 4 lot Traits

Sims 4 lot Traits | Cursed lot – On ley line | Haunted, House, quake zone, Registered Vampire Lair

Lot traits Sims 4 are a part of the City Living Expansion Pack with 52 features in total. It gives your home a shiny, new look along with other interesting additions.

Sims 4 change lot Traits

You can choose 3 attributes, and you can add or delete them whenever you want. There are a few features you can’t remove in city living. 

How to change lot traits Sims 4

Sims 4 change lot traits are in your homes in build mode. You can access it through the button in the top right corner or by pressing F2. In build mode, click on the small house icon in the top left corner. To delete a characteristic, choose the one to remove and click on the small x in the corner.

Lot traits Sims 4

Base game – 

  • Sims 4 House Traits: This trait would make them excel in cooking, mixology, handiness etc. It’d boost their development by 50%.
  • Bracing Breezes: this would enhance your athletic skills by 50%, and you can also look after your wellness skill with the Sims 4: Spa Day.
  • Great Acoustics: it gives 50% upgrade in developing your guitar, piano, violin, and singing skills. Those with the entertainer career or those looking for making side money can use this.
  • Fast Internet: skill development in programming, writing and video gaming are augmented by 50%. 
  • Private Dwelling: this would save you from annoying neighbours and guests. No one would visit your house until you invite them.
  • Natural Light: it develops your painting and photography skills with an increase of 50%.
  • Teen Neighborhood: this would be good for your teenagers to have friends of the same age.
  • Science Lair: enhance of rocket science and logic skills by 50% and it is also needed if you want to visit Sixam. 
  • Convivial: to practice your social skills and give a 50% boost to your charisma, comedy and mischief skills, this trait is for you.
  • Off The Grid: you wouldn’t be able to use any electrical appliances like television, computers etc. and your shower options would be ‘take a quick and tepid shower’ only.
  • Clothing Optional: here, wearing clothes in your lot is optional. You can roam around naked, covered with pixels.
Sims 4 lot Traits | Cursed lot - On ley line | Haunted, House, quake zone

City Living

  • Gnomes: the gnomes trait would repair all broken things in the household.
  • Sunny Aspect: this would make you feel either, inspired, energized or happy from 6 pm to 6 am.
  • Romantic Aura: the sims in your household would have a flirty moodlet when they are engaged in romantic endeavours.
  • Child’s Play: if your child is playing with a children’s object, then they’d feel a playful mood. It applies to adults with this trait also.
  • Home Studio: it’d help in making more money by creating better objects and selling them.
  • Gremlins: this attribute would break random objects at your home when you are asleep. It improves the handiness skills.
  • Grody: it makes you nauseous by 1 in 3 chances whenever they eat, drink or use the bathroom.
  • Good Schools: this improves performance in school. You’d also receive a ‘quality education’ moodlet sometimes.
  • Sims 4 Cursed Lot Trait: this quirk would cause food spoiling, uncomfortable feeling during regular tasks and death by exhaustion or electrocution.
  • Haunted: the Sims 4 haunted lot trait would make ghosts appear in their household every night. They’d cause drama and break a few objects.
  • Sims 4 Penny Pixies: to earn extra money, do things around the house. Finding money would get you a happy mood.
  • Mean Vibe: if they do mischievous things, then it’d get them an angry mood.
  • On Ley Line: giving birth to twins or triplets would become higher with Sims 4 on ley line.
  • Quake Zone: earthquakes would appear randomly due to Sims 4 quake zone, making your sim feel tense.
  • Great Soil: this would ensure better quality plants and faster growth.
  • Filthy: this attribute would turn your place dirty frequently. You’d need a maid to clean the house.
  • Party Place: it enhances your romantic and friendly interaction. The social event’s goals are easier to achieve.
  • Chef’s Kitchen: it improves your food taste and also gives you an inspired moodlet. Sims with refined palette quirk who eat high-quality food can use it.

Locked Apartment Traits

These characteristics cannot be added or deleted to/from any apartments in the lot traits Sims 4.

  • Serviced Apartment: it is an expensive apartment in the Sims 4: City Living. You get a free maid to keep the place clean.
  • Great View: this trait provides a view when you are near a window and gives them a fantastic view moodlet.
  • Historical: a piece of décor, a plaque would be in your home which you can’t delete or move someplace else.
  • Quiet: this feature would let you sleep as you won’t have to worry about noisy neighbours anymore.
  • Romantic fireplace: you can’t move this fireplace or delete it, and you’d feel flirty around it.
  • Lively Neighbors: this attribute would keep you awake due to the parties going on with your neighbours.
  • Needs TLC: the apartment in Sims 4 needs tlc would have roaches, mice, power outages etc.


  • Vampire Nexus: vampires can visit your home in the Sims 4 vampire nexus, and it’d be a bonus if you are working on vampire powers.
  • Sims 4 On A Dark Ley Line: the chances of a baby being born as a vampire to human parents, increases. Vampire twins or triplets are also possible.
  • Registered Vampire Lair: to receive things from other vampires, use this feature.

Cats And Dogs

  • Training Ground: the pet training skills boost by 50%, and your pet learns faster.
  • Dog Hangout: you would have dog visitors with whom you can become friends and feed them.
  • Dog Friendly: you can bring your dog to community lots. It is fruitful for the ones with Friends of the Animals Aspiration.
  • Cat Hangout: cats would visit your home, and if you leave food for them, they’ll remain happy.
  • Cat Friendly: it allows you to bring your cats to community lots. It’d be useful in Friends of the Animals Aspiration.
  • Breeding Grounds: this is the pet version of On Ley Line. Your pets can have more than one baby in their litters.

Jungle Adventure

  • Peace And Quiet: you could enjoy reading books and learn skills quickly. Their tense mood would vanish easily also.
  • Creepy Crawlies: this would affect your mood as spiders, bees and bats would come out of nowhere.

Get Famous

  • Hottest Spot In Town: the food and drinks are expensive here. If this trait is in a restaurant, you’d need to pay to get a table.
  • Up-and-Coming Hotspot: it is a community lot, and your celebrity sims can get discounts on food and drinks.
  • Celebrity Home: if you’re famous, few people would have access to your home due to the Sims 4 celebrity home trait. But if you aren’t recognized, you’d get negative moodlets.

Island Living

  • Island Spirits: you’d come across haunted spirits. You can either, commune with, release or banish them.
  • Volcanic Activity: it is similar to the quake zone Sims 4 with random volcanic eruptions. The ground would shake, and lava bombs would rain.

Locked Trait

This attribute is specifically in Sulani and can’t be removed or changed. 

  • Oceanic Paradise: you can swim in the oceans with the aquatic animals. Non-mermaid ones can call dolphins and play.

Discover University

  • Study Spot: it is to study and complete homework faster, you’d get a boost to skill-building also.
  • University Student Hangout: you can find food and drinks 30% cheaper here.

Eco Lifestyle

  • Eco Lot: it is an eco-friendly lot which moves towards this objective 10% faster.
  • Geothermal: the power bills are at a rate of 28.57 per day, and you’d get a Warm Waters moodlet after swimming in the pool.
  • Landfill Lot: 20% faster pace of eco-footprint towards industrial. The dumping of trash would be here, and any left trash will turn into trash plant after 3 am.
  • Natural Well: it has a cut down in water bills at a rate of 28.57 per day. You’d get A Fresh Spring Water happy mood for drinking water.
  • Reduce and Recycle: in this, doing the sorting of the trash can before sending them to the garbage dump. Roaches and flies would appear if the trash overflows. The generation of food compost and garden compost is in the inventory.

Sims 4 lot traits cheat

There are no cheats for this mod, but you can refer to the ‘how to change lot traits Sims 4’ mentioned above to remove a feature.

The Sims 4 lot traits are all about setting up your household any way you want. You can be as imaginative as possible. You have a whole lot of varieties to choose from so go ahead. Another mod with a similar name, but different features is the traits mod. Do try it out!

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