Sims 4 Drunk Mod

Sims 4 Drunk Mod | Drinking mod- Download (2024)

We’ve all imagined ourselves getting drunk and acting tipsy in front of our friends, but reality’s different. Age restrictions and their potential harm often prevent us from trying alcohol in real life.

But fret no more! We’ve got you covered. You can experience the real-life rush of alcohol by playing drunk in sims 4. All you have to do is follow this guide on Sims 4 Drunk Mod to know more. So let’s get started.

About the Sims 4 Drink Mod

If you’re enjoying the Sims 4 game for a long time, you must have discovered that there is no whiskey or wine accessible in the game. Although some pubs are functional, they deliver beverages and simple cocktails.

Why go to a pub and enjoy only beverages and water?

Reasonably, this is something crucial in line with the user forum of this version. The user platform constantly wants events on the software. The drinking mod enables you to get intoxicated at a pub and do some dazed follow-ups after getting befuddled.

Some characters start making quirky expressions, some may take a nap, and others might begin dancing.

Here we have written two stupor versions for you. Downloading guide and simple explanation about sims 4 get drunk mod got stated below.

Sims 4 Drunk Mod | Drinking mod

Sims 4 Alcohol Mod

The characters can chug liquor at the pub, but they won’t get unsteady or anything, which is quite disappointing. Employing the beer mod, you can get intoxicated with any pub beverages. It alters the mood of the characters and transforms the situation for a fixed proportion of period.

For instance, the sim will obtain a ten-plus stunned demeanor code that lingers for forty-five minutes. You will furthermore obtain a delighted, squandered, and tipsy buff.

Drunk Versions

This version uses the “over-medicated” behavior and enlarges some extra fun to the game. Most pub beverages other than h20, caffeine, volatile, and energy mixtures will give your characters a massive amount of chaotic behavior.

If you gulp more and more, the impact will heighten from the order of one to ten. There are three varieties from which you can select your dazed levels. The ordinary three-hour liquor does a little effect of confusing behavior.

In this scenario, your sim will sense slight sleepiness and will take a snooze where it fits their requirements. The six-hour daze will augment some additional napping periods. The twelve-hour, however, is the real boozer mod.

It expands an overwhelming trance and compels your character to take a limited of two dozing intervals. No matter the seasoning you take, the consequence of dizzy rendition is bizarre mannerism, bluffing, not moving upright, and wandering gazes.

Downloading Instructions

  • Install and unzip the record on your computer
  • Position the container index in your mods location
  • Launch the game and allow cheat modes in the console
  • Resume the console again

Candy’s Chug Intoxicated Dazed Mod

Suppose you’re searching for the nicest sims, four drunken versions, then search no longer. This edition enables you to get intemperate in the console. There are three various editions on the platform.

Liquoring up more will make your sim get tipsy, and relying on their existing behavior, they might plummet into the bottom and snooze. This cheat code will impact your character for three to twelve hours. You can also utilize the gameplay to get a crapulous version for teens.

Availability of Self Made Beverages

This cheat code entitles you to make further personalized booze at the pub or at your house. There are more than fifteen glasses that you can begin from. In expansion to this, there is numerous peppiness for each beverage preparing method.

The Basement Intoxicated Edition

This edition has a tiny bit more barfly aspect. It puts in narcotics and more serious liquor in the console.

One will get more alcohol cc, opiates, and powdered mixtures in the game. Your characters will sense after stupor effects after the sip. Hangover relies on how many glasses you have each day.

Teenagers, on the one aspect, can also get barfly. But in this scenario, bodyguards at the bar can ask for your identity card and occasionally ask you to evacuate the bar’s location. For this, we propose you make a false identity card from the pc.

Downloading Guide:

  • Install the Zip file and take it out
  • Remove the forenamed codes and restore documents (if it’s not updated and is ongoing)
  • Position the subject of the index into the code location
  • Allow Script code and C in the game’s basement settings
  • Open the console again


Can You Get Drunk In Sims 4?

Yes, you can; all you are required to do is follow the instructions stated above. Try different mods and situations and keep an eye on your character’s behavior. For more information, please take a look at the mod versions.


All this is such a fun way to take pleasure in our fascinations in the safest way possible. The Sims 4 Drunk Mod allows us to lose ourselves in a world full of fornication and illegalities.

Nothing’s more fun than trying the forbidden. We hope this guide was able to fulfill your hidden desires in the most seamless way possible. So happy gaming!

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