Sims 4 Faster Eating & Drinking Mod

Sims 4 Faster Eating & Drinking Mod (Updated) 2024

If you have been a dedicated player in the Sims 4 game, encountering everyday eating actions might look exceptionally boring. It may not be this mundane for a beginner, but as time goes by and as you begin to progress the levels, you realize how time-consuming such simple actions are. Therefore you might feel the need to hasten them.

So we are here to help you fasten your simple everyday actions especially eating, which takes up a lot of time and is incredibly boring to look at in your daily life. For that, we have laid down some of the best ways in how you can increase the speed of your Sim’s eating habits in a much faster way than ever possible. So let’s look at the sims 4 faster-eating mods below.

Basics About The Eat Faster Mod

Before we dwell on the detailing aspects of this guide, one must fully know what it exactly is and how one can access it in the game.

So the Mod goes by the name – “ Sims Eat and Drink Faster AND Optional Version: Prefer to eat at Tables Included.” This Mod can be found at the sims resource original website and can get installed to run smoothly in the game.

Also, one basic thing to remember about executing this Mod is that it does not deteriorate the quality of your gameplay and merely creates different results so that the fast tactics can get executed in the game.

The Sims 4 Eat Faster Mod


After installing this faster eating and drinking Mod, the foremost thing that you will notice is that the excessive basic animation of your Sim’s eating habits like moving their heads or making eating gestures will get automatically removed.

The purpose why these animations exist is so that the game mimics real-life eating gestures in the most accurate way possible. Though it might create a reality stimulating experience and make the game look more interesting, these simple animations might look exhausting if one is an everyday player of the game.

They take up a lot of time and serve no purpose altogether. So this faster eating Mod eventually helps tackle that problem only and clears all these unnecessary actions so that one can jump quickly back to the game itself.

Smooth Gameplay Experience

Another thing to note is that this Mod does a great job not hindering gameplay experience. The player might notice this because the game merely does not haste or skip through some eating gestures, but it simply makes them finish their food faster than ever.

Also, it does not break any mechanics or functionalities of the game though it somehow makes your Sim finish their food faster than before.

Social Situations

You might even speculate that your Sim, while sitting in a social situation, might look awkward if they finish faster than the others, but that’s not the problem at all.

All this poses no problem because these functions in a very intelligent way to speed up their spending habits without tampering with the smooth experience of the game.

The Quick Eating Mod


The Mod features four flavors

  • Ravenous – The highest function in the sims game speeds your sims consumption of food from 1 to 800 base_weight. It reduces all the interactions to a minimal level and somewhat does a great job of giving your Sim a faster finish.
  • Hangry: This function also takes a huge change from 1 to 600 base_weight, along with lessened distractions and extended animated gestures. This one removes much distraction and lessens the interaction to a much greater extent.
  • Peckish – This function takes a whopping turn in your Sim’s base_weight consumption from 1 to 400. It decreases your food intake and tons of distractions for the animations to run to reduce the food-eating experience.
  • Slow Eater – Passive Consumption of food changes from 1 to 200 of the base_weight of your Sim. So this briefly reduces your eating time through distracted gestures with small intervals in between for the animations to run. This function is tackled by the quick eat Mod to speed up the eating process.
The Quick Eating Mod


One of the biggest questions that the players get regarding the Mod is their compatibility in the game. There have been some issues with Mod hanging or simply reducing the gameplay experience.

But the biggest good news about this Mod is that it is exceptionally compatible with the base and the later versions of the game. So this makes it a very trusting mod that can get employed in every version of the Sims game.


We hope you could find a very simple solution to your complicated problem. We all agree that sims 4 is an incredible game in how it stimulates life, but somehow some repetitive gestures can look extremely boring to an everyday player. That’s why eating habits or gestures can prove to be super exhausting if not given the option to skip them.

So, we hope you could beat this mundane experience of your game through the sims 4 faster eating Mod that we mentioned above, and we expect that it solved all your problems.

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