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Sims 4 Fat Mod (Latest) – Download (2024)

Being fat isn’t stigmatized anymore, especially in the sims four games where you get a hands-on experience of being a little more chubby than usual. This unusual yet unique mod has taken over the internet now, primarily among the sim community cause it’s so fun.

Its rising popularity and the desensitization it creates for chubby people have got applauded a lot, which explains why so many people use this mod. So to take a much better look at it, let’s check out the sims 4 fat mod for a more exciting gaming experience.

A Brief Introduction To The Fat Mod

Getting on the curvy side isn’t impossible anymore, as many guides are available to execute the fat mod. This article’s purpose is to deliver exactly that, and it will help you find the finest process for the mod and the ways to execute it. Here’s a link if you want to check them out –

Then let’s take a look at it.

How Roburky’s Fat Mod Works On The Sims

Instead of dawdling here and there, this mod has it all, be it the ways of execution, thorough process, or other options in one menu. By allocating all the features in one mod, it becomes easier for the simmers to have fun playing with the mod as everything becomes accessible in one pack. It’s better to take this one instead of various other mods if you prefer to do everything in one mod.

Sims 4 Fat Mod
Sims 4 Fat Mod

The Big Fat Sims 4 Mod Pack

This one is another great mod pack that includes everything you want to get your hands on. This mod has an assortment of various fattening mods that can help you achieve your goal of getting a chubby sim.

The most remarkable thing about this mod is that it has several bonuses and perks that come along with it that feel like a free ticket, considering how effective the mod is among its counterparts.

It comprises the following options and factors.

The Gain

The gain mod is quite unusual but effective, which is pretty ordinary as it got only designed for females. This restriction of gender renders it quite simple as it has rather little variety. But the factor affecting it is quite simple as one contracts the weight virus resulting in a chubby frame.

The Fattener

This fatter sims mod is sort of like spreading the fattening virus. This trait enables you to fatten those around you by simply being next to them.

Comfort Eater

It stays true to its name as you sim binges on food when they are sad or bored. Comfort foods are mostly sweeteners which are a major contributing factor for gaining weight. This mod also resembles the food disorder named binge eating as one eats even though one is full as the appetite never gets satisfied.

Expanding Waistline

Fitness experts always measure the fat tendency of a person through their waistline as it is a major defining factor when it comes to gaining additional weight. So fattening the waist is like a straight ticket to your destination mark of achieving fatness, and this mod helps you accomplish that, so do use this to fatten your way through.

Weight Powers

Supernatural powers can be your best option if you find executing the above options tiresome. This mod bestows you with power levels that help your sims regulate their weight through supernatural means that can get called shapeshifting for more refined imagery.

Gainer Career

Actors like Christian Bale are known for changing their weight drastically for film roles like the mechanic, American hustle, American psycho, etc. because their career demands them to do this. So if you want your career to get based upon losing or gaining weight, you must try this one.


Prefer to have a big natural appetite rather than using artificial means to gain weight? If yes, then this can be your best option as it makes you eat a ton without ever being satiable enough to go about a day.


The simplest among all is this one. It just directly fattens your sims without any extra effort. If you hate going through eating a lot or needing a particular situation to add some extra pounds, then this can be your best friend for the same. Check this one out for a more straightforward approach.

The Menu

Despite the concrete structure of the game, it does provide a very customizable menu. Everything can get set according to your preference, and you have the complete liberty to alter the game as per your priority. The platform is easy to handle and quite understandable as everything is straightforward.

You can adjust the setting from high to low to normal as you like. In the roBurky category, you get many fitness options to choose from according to your preferences. Alas, all you are required to do at the end is restart the game for smooth functioning of the mod. Rest the pack takes care of it all.

No Npc Fitness Change

If you like your sims to be versatile according to various settings, this option in the menu can help you achieve that, as it modifies or alters the muscles of your sims if you want to get the household work done. It’s quite a great option, considering how one wants to swap body features when it demands it.

No High Metabolism

High metabolism is known to cause weight loss to a much greater extent. So disabling it can help you slow down the decay of your muscles and fat, thereby rendering you chubby and curvy at the same time. Even if your sim already possesses the ‘High Metabolism’ mod, it won’t interfere with your goal of achieving a chubby frame.

Expanded Fitness Limits

The most amazing option to ever exist in this one is it contains all varieties of body types you wish your sims to look like, be it lean, slim, skinny, muscular, or chubby.

You get it all as it has all the options of the body image you wish to replicate. It’s fascinating to see how incredibly modders can screw around with such default systems and create images as they want their sim to be. It’s like creating an imagined ideal version of a sim, which is undeniably remarkable.

Another Physique Alter Mod

What if you could stretch some parts of your sim’s body to make them look fat? Then it probably won’t be difficult to fatten them, right? If you agree with this statement, check the following mod below.

Physique Range Increaser and Decreaser

You can be chubby, bony, toned, or slender it all depends on which variation you select. With a fixed set of exercises, your sims can look muscular, lean, or fat based on the option you employ.  It has around twenty-one variations for more body types that can also be used on animals, whether dog or cat or anything.

Extended Physique Sliders

Gym freaks will drool over this one as this mod makes you sims chubby first and muscular second. This mod got particularly designed to keep the heavy plus firm layout in mind, which is extremely fun to work around with your sim.


What sets this sims 4 fat mod apart from others is its unusual practice of fattening that often gets shamed by society. Going against the odds of picking a fat frame, one gets to experience themselves in a chubby fashion which normalizes the way we look at fat people. So we hope you had fun rummaging around these mods to spice up your game.

Happy gaming!

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