Not So Berry Challenge

Not So Berry Challenge: | Sims 4 Colors Generations(Updated) 2024

Before you get to know anything about the Not So Berry Challenge, you need to understand what the berry sims are. This will help clear off the air when it comes to an understanding of this challenge.

Who is the Berry Sims?

Berry Sims refers to one specific variant of the Sims that is popular for their colorful hair, skin, as well as eyes. This is paired with colorful clothing items that match their skin color, and so. In general, their individual names come from the color they are.

Say, for example, a character that looks pink might be called Strawberry Shortcake. This means they have genetics that is unnaturally colored. The sims are named after a sweet treat of the same color.

This particular term was primarily popularized and coined by the simmer known by the name “Berry.”

Now that you know who the berry sims are let us understand more about the associated challenge.

Not So Berry Challenge Sims 4

Do you love the colors in the Rainbow but hate the berry Sims? Is playing with the berry Sims your call for the day? This challenge might surely get the job done. The Sims 4 Not So Berry Challenge is a 10-generation legacy that focuses on the creation of new experiences and bright colors.

Not So Berry Challenge Sims 4

What are the basic rules of this challenge?

When opting for this challenge, you need to consider a lot of factors and adhere to a certain set of rules. Listed below are all the regulations you need to keep in mind when opting for this Sims 4 challenge.

  • Each of the heirs needs to represent the generation’s color, such as makeup, clothing, or hair. However, having brightly colored sims skin isn’t necessary.
  • The spouse’s skin, hair, or clothing color doesn’t matter, given the fact that they aren’t actually a part of this challenge. However, if it has been stated that the color of the spouse needs to be considered, you can opt to do anything you want with them.
  • One can use the money cheats as well. However, it doesn’t have to be used excessively. You can use the code “Freerealestate” to get access to your very first home in the game. However, this is just the cheat you can opt for, and later nothing works.
  • You can choose to live wherever desired. However, this can change if a certain regulation related to living spaces has been listed under your generation.
  • Each generation needs to complete aspiration as well as a career told by the heir. However, this can be ruled out if stated otherwise.

Sims 4 Not So Berry: Challenge Types

Generation One-: Mint

Here are some of the features of generation one:

  • Mischievous scientist
  • Love for the mint color
  • Career driven individual with scope for some silly pranks
  • Hanging out with close friends
  • Love for luxury
  • Need what is best for family and self

Aspiration: Mischief Chief

Career: Scientist

Traits: Jealous, Vegetarian, Materialistic

Rules to Follow

  • Master the scientist career & complete your aspiration as Mischief Chief
  • Logic skills and master mischief
  • Complete collection of elements

Generation Two-: Rose

The features of generation two include:

  • Children have everything but long for more
  • Adults have trouble committing to relationships
  • Completely immersed in a career
  • No such materialistic instinct
  • Love for your child

Aspiration: Serial Romantic

Career: Politician

Traits: Snob, Hot-Headed, Romantic

Rules to Follow

  • Just have one child
  • A master career as a politician & complete aspiration as serial romantic
  • Charisma skill master level
  • Leave a partner at the wedding altar
  • Get married

Generation Three: Yellow

The generation three features include:

  • Absent relationship with mother
  • Spend time alone as a child wondering about space
  • Passion for space exploration
  • Willing to do anything to reach Sixam

Aspiration: Nerd Brain

Career: Astronaut

Traits: Ambitious, Clumsy, Loner

Rules to Follow

  • Master handiness skill and rocket science
  • Master the astronaut career
  • Complete the aspiration as Nerd Brain
  • Should build a rocket ship to visit Sixam
  • Enter a secret lot that is located in the Oasis Springs
  • Never have close relations or friends except for grandparents

Generation Four: Grey

The features of fourth-generation include:

  • A feeling of being different than others
  • Need to play basketball outside
  • Good at other sports as well
  • Dream of becoming a professional athlete
  • No existing relationship with parents
  • Make up for the same with the children
  • Love for singing

Aspiration: Bodybuilder

Career: Athlete

Traits: Slob, Active, Music Lover

Rules to Follow

  • Master the art of parenting, singing, as well as athletic skills
  • Master the athletic career
  • Complete the bodybuilder aspiration
  • Have three failed relationships prior to finding a spouse
  • Good friends with the children
  • Movie night for the family every Sunday

Generation Five: Plum

The features of the 5th generation are:

  • Good at everything
  • Difficulty picking a reliable career
  • Have a medical career for most of the life
  • With time you realize professional dancing is your career
  • Quit the job to join entertainer career
  • An indecisive kind of oddball

Aspiration: Renaissance Sim

Career: Doctor, Fast Food, Entertainer

Traits: Non-committal, Genius, Dance Machine

Rules to Follow

  • Master dancing with two more skills chosen by you
  • Achieve 8th level with six skills
  • Complete the aspiration for Renaissance Sim
  • Get divorced & remarried again with the very same sim
  • Need to live in 3 different worlds through the life

Generation Six: Orange

The features of the 6th generation are:

  • You are considered the family’s black sheep (With orange hairs, though!)
  • You were brought up in a household that was hectic
  • Your prime passion was to introduce mayhem
  • However, you are bad at actually being evil
  • You love breaking into the neighbor’s house & eating the food in their home
  • People of the 6th generation love baking
  • They spend a good section of their time-consuming sweets

Aspiration: Public Enemy

Career: Criminal

Traits: Self-Assured, Evil, Glutton

Rules to Follow

  • Master at charismatic skills and baking
  • Master the criminal career & complete the aspiration as public enemy
  • Should live within the “Needs TLC” apartment as a young adult
  • Have twins, and there is a potential to cheat for more
  • No one believes your claim to be evil, not even the children

Generation Seven: Pink

The seventh generation of the “Not So Berry” challenge has the following features:

  • In this generation, you grow up poor & living from one paycheck to another
  • You work just like your parents
  • You want to write down romantic novels but fear to quit your existing job
  • As a part of the 7th generation, you are very practical
  • You understand your scope as a writer are very slim
  • You work within your 9 to 5 job
  • After attaining the adult status, you finally pursue the dream
  • You are hopelessly romantic
  • Your unflirty nature renders finding love impossible

Aspiration: Best Selling Author

Career: Business

Traits: Unflirty, Neat, Creative

Rules to Follow

  • Complete the postcard collection
  • Master wellness and writing skills
  • Complete the aspiration as an author who is the best seller
  • Have a beautifully maintained garden
  • Quit the day job to go for dreams

Generation Eight: Peach

The features of the 8th generation include:

  • Taught to follow the dreams by mother
  • Always aimed to work as a detective
  • You aimed to have a career as a comedian
  • You are a detective in the day and comedian in the night
  • You aim to do everything you want to

Aspiration: Joke Star

Career: Detective

Traits: Lazy, Foodie, Goofball

Rules to Follow

  • Marry your co-worker
  • Should learn to play any instrument
  • Master in comedy skills and gourmet cooking
  • Master the detective career
  • Should live within a world different than where they had been raised

Generation Nine: Green

The features of the 9th generation include:

  • You get caught hacking one of the popular tech companies within the game
  • They offer you a reputed position within the firm
  • You are like Penelope Garcia (the one from the series Criminal Minds)
  • You are completely workaholic
  • However, you have a good work-life balance with a lot of fun
  • You part till 3 in the morning and start work at 6

Aspiration: Computer Whiz

Career: Tech Guru

Traits: Geek, Squeamish, Cheerful

Rules to Follow

  • Master the mixology techniques, programming skills, and video gaming
  • Master the career as tech guru & complete the aspiration as Computer Whiz
  • Should accept all the invitations to outings/parties with the friends
  • Must have a minimum of 5 good friends as well as five enemies

Generation Ten: Blue

The features of the 10th generation include:

  • You are the owner of a perfect life
  • You have a loving spouse, white-colored picket fence, as well as beautiful children
  • You also have a secret affair that makes you regret your actions
  • You put your soul to raise the children & fix your marriage
  • You refrain from admitting the involvement in affair & dedicate to being a perfect mother

Aspiration: Super Parent

Career: Critic

Traits: Perfectionist, Gloomy, Family Orientation

Rules to Follow

  • You need to adopt a minimum of one child
  • Master the skill of cooking, photography, as well as parenting
  • Master the critic career & complete the aspiration to be Super Parent
  • Should marry their sweetheart from high school & be with them till death
  • Need to have a one-time affair that is a secret one

What do the colors in Not So Berry Challenge Represent?

The colors within the Not So Berry Challenge tend to represent various activities and emotions with special meaning. Here is the list for you:

  • Red:

The color red represents the self, and selecting this particular category tends to be naturally self-serving.

  • Yellow: This particular color represents the community or society.
  • Green: In this color range, you will find the sims that tend to be helpful or selfless to others.
  • Blue: The color blue represents knowledge in the Berry challenge. It represents the ones with a curious type of lifestyle.
  • Purple: The color purple represents a sense of passion. This type of sims is very passionate about music, art, and more.

Lilsimsie Not So Berry: Various Starting Conditions

  • Rags to Riches: You can start your very first generation using the rule for Rags-to-Riches. You need to move to a lot that is empty and use the cheats in order to set money level to $0.
  • Free Real Estate: As a participant for the challenge, you can make use of a cheat named “Free Real Estate” in order to purchase your very first house. However, you cannot use the money cheats later on!
  • Standard: In this starting condition, you begin with normal money given to you within the game. Here no cheats are allowed.
  • Motherlode: With this starting condition, you can make use of the money cheats as much as needed.

Speaking of berries, here are the places where you can find strawberries.

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