Sims 4 Homeless Challenge

Sims 4 Homeless Challenge | Mod – Download 2024

If yours is a Sim that wants to experience the harsh and deteriorating realities of life, the Sims 4 Homeless Challenge allows you to do just that. Using this mod, you can live on the streets without having to be like other homeowners in the sims game.

Using this mod, one can easily choose a backstory for themselves. Whether you are a girl that has run away from her home or a reputed businessman who managed to get bankrupt and lost the house, job, money, and more!

Regardless of the reason for you to choose the Sims 4 homeless challenge, this mod will allow you a scope to survive with use of different means that are required to slowly create a great life to get by. Although this mod won’t actually make your life easier, it will surely teach you how to respect the privileges you already have.

The mod has been designed to allow the Sims characters to look through life from a different view point. There might be instances where you might see yourself amused or surprised with situations that come along in your pathway.

Homeless Challenge Sims 4: Goal

With the homeless challenge Sims 4, your goal is to get at least 5000 simoleans as cash or you need to have basic house to get things done or complete the challenge. Once the challenge has been completed, if you wish to continue the playing process, the associated restrictions can be removed from the challenge.

Set-Up Process for Homeless Challenge Sims 4

If you plan on using the Homeless Challenge Sims 4, here is the complete set-up process for the same.

  • You need to create your sims character as an adult or maybe a young adult. Try to ensure that the clothes being given to them make a perfect homeless look.
  • Now, purchase an empty space regardless of the size.
  • Set the total fund for your sims character to a zero mark. This can be done by pressing the CTRL+Shift+C option. This will open the game’s cheat console. In the next step, you have to type in the command “testingcheats true” and press the enter button.
  • This will open the game’s cheat console. Now type the command “Money 0”. This will make the Sims account empty with no money to use in the account.
  • Another thing you need to keep in mind is that your sims shouldn’t move out from the plot you just purchased or get engaged or married to anyone.
  • You need to refrain from getting any job.
  • You cannot place any objects on the lot, just the items you have found outside the lot, like seeds or so.
Homeless Challenge Sims 4: Goal

Tips & Tricks to Use During The Homeless Challenge Sims 4

When incorporating the Homeless Challenge Sims 4, you might feel that it gets tough to fill up the needs with no place that can be called home. Plus, it can get harder to try and save money with no job to fill your pockets.

So, here are some tricks and tips you can incorporate into the game during the use of Homeless Challenge Sims 4. However, you can try and incorporate your own tricks as you learn more about this Sims challenge.

Here are a few known to me while playing along with this challenge:

  • Collect metals, fish, frogs, crystals, posters, fossils, etc
  • For gardening, collect all the roadside seeds & plant them all in your lot
  • Once you have access to the Sims Klepto Trait, you can easily steal things and make money off it
  • If the Sims character reaches the 7th Level, they can opt to ask for loans from their close friends
  • You can further visit the community or friends in order to fill up the needs

One thing to remember with the Sims 4 homeless mod is the fact that it isn’t a cc that can be used as multiplayer. You need to incorporate the same into your very own world.

Other Tips for Sims 4 Homeless Mod: Player’s Edition

  • If you lack a proper space to sleep, you can sleep on a bench in the close-by park.
  • Gather plants as per your need
  • Dig up any space and sell the crystals
  • Breed the frogs after every eight hours; If you happen to happen 2 pricey ones, things might add up
  • Refrain from being a hoarder or keep the stuff unused
  • Try and go fishing to make some money without investing anything
  • Growing DragonFruit can work as an amazing way to earn money during your homeless challenge Sims 4.

Mini-Challenges in Homeless Challenge CC

Even though the homeless challenge Sims 4 in itself is a struggle that you wish to experience, you can also invest your time and energy into more of the mini challenges that occur throughout the game. Whenever you complete these challenges in the game, you get more points to complete the entire struggle easier and faster.

The Auntie Edna Challenge

The Sims 4 Auntie Edna Challenge allows you some extra income. In this challenge, a distant relative gets impressed by the way you are handling things in the game regardless of the bad circumstances. In this mini-challenge, you get around 1000 simoleans.

Requirements => 7 points if you have just one skill and 5 points if you have two unique skills

The Building Permit

This mini homeless challenge Sims 4 allows you to build over your lot after you have attained the permit for the same. You can also buy furniture as per your requirement.

Requirements=> Costs about 500 simoleans

Domestic Worker

This particular mini homeless challenge CC allows you to do some household chores meant for the families and help earn yourself a small amount of money.

Requirements=> You have to purchase clean clothes that will cost around 150 simoleans. Plus, you would also have to possess a minimum of 3 skills from the list which include Cooking/ Handiness/Gourmet Cooking or any of these traits Speedy Cleaner/Neat/Mentor.

Instructions to use the Domestic Worker Homeless Challenge CC

  • You need to select a house that has at least 2 sims or maybe more to live and work in. You need to pay a visit to their doorstep at exactly 8:00 am every day. In case you are let in by the house owner, you need to work in the space until 4:00 pm. You have to cook a minimum of 1 group meal, fix, and clean each and everything that is broken. Apart from that, you need to help their children with the homework as well as upgrade the appliances.
  • Your per day wage is about 10 simoleans multiplied by the skills points you hold in things such as Gourmet Cooking, Cooking, Handiness, and so on.
  • At a given point in time, if you do not have any task to take care of, you might go ahead and start reading a book, play chess, watch TV, or take a quick nap on their sofa. Plus, you have access to consume a required portion of your cooked meal. Simply refrain from doing anything that is impolite such as sleeping in the bed or taking a bath.

Community Help

In the homeless challenge Sims 4, you get to befriend the community as they have been aware of your difficulties and situation for quite some time. In this part of the homeless challenge, they get together and collect a certain amount to build you a shelter and help you.


  • To complete this challenge, you need to have at least 5 friends


  • In order to complete this challenge in the Sims 4 homeless mod, you need to create a shelter upon any empty lot which isn’t yours. It could be the ugliest shack with cheapest available furniture such as counters, fridge, sink, toilet, shower, chairs, dining table, sofa, as well as some single beds. You need to change your lot type and make it Generic.
  • You can also use this particular lot to enjoy a simple dinner, rest, use toilet, or take shower. However, you cannot own the same & it is a waste if you plan to purchase more furniture in future.

New You Challenge

With the New You Challenge in the Sims 4 Homeless mod, you can invest some time in taking classes for self-development. This allows you a chance to change the existing traits of your sim.

Requirements:- You need to have at least 500 simoleans or traits


  • In this specific homeless challenge cc, you have to use the cheats that help change the traits. To do so, you need to open your Cheat Console by using the combination “CTRL+SHIFT+C”. After this, write down the command, testing cheats on & press the enter option. Now, write the code cas.fulleditmode & then press the Enter button.
  • After this, modify the command in CAS and you can easily change your desired trait.

Some Frequently Asked Questions and Answers(Q/A): About Homeless Challenge

How do you do the homeless challenge on Sims 4?

If you want to do the homeless challenge on Sims 4, you can do so by following this protocol:

  • You need to create your own sim, which could either be a young adult or a complete adult. Keep in mind that you provide the proper sim clothing for the Sims to look homeless.
  • Purchase a lot that is empty, regardless of the size.
  • Set the total simolean at §0. This can be done by pressing the CTRL+Shift+C option that allows you to open your cheat console. Simply type in the code “testingcheats true” & hit the enter button. Next, open up your cheat console yet again & type in the code “Money O.” This will help empty your existing sims account.
  • Do not get married or move out.
  • In this challenge, you cannot get any job.
  • You cannot place the objects within the lot, simply the items that have been found outside the lot, such as seeds.

Can you be homeless in the Sims 4?

Yes, you can be homeless in the Sims 4 game if you happen to opt for the Homeless Challenge in the game. You need to let go of all your belongings and live without a house on a lot.

Can Sims be homeless?

Yes, the Sims can be homeless if they possess the traits that help them carry out the challenge properly, such as:

  • Being a kleptomaniac
  • Loves outdoors
  • Is a gatherer
  • Digs through the dirt
  • Loves the temperature extremities
  • Has an angler trait
  • Is a moocher

What is the black widow challenge?

If you are wondering what is the black widow challenge, in here, you will need to create a sim that is materialistic, romantic, as well as a snob.

Created by mod maker Simmer Simalot, this challenge requires you to find a husband for the sim, marry him, and finally kill him. This needs to be done continuously up until your sim has managed to kill at least ten husbands.

Once you are out of homelessness, don’t forget to use the family funds cheat to avoid this situation.

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