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How to Write Songs in Sims 4 (Updated) 2024

There are so many music skills out there, from guitar, piano to violin and organ. Those with a musical interest can now earn money from it. Following your passion can be beneficial as well. With Sims 4 write song, you can easily do so, especially if your sim is inclined towards music. 

Sims 4 how to write songs

The precondition of writing a melody is to be at level 8 of that musical skill. For example, if you want to use a violin to write a tune, it must be at level 8 only. 

At level 8, click on that particular skill, and you’d come across two or three options, whereas more options are available as you progress further to level 9 or 10. Writing a melody is a difficult task that can’t be completed in a go as it takes almost 12 hours to complete it. 

Sims 4 write music

It is essential that if you leave a tune in-between, you should continue the same one instead of starting a new one. A music sheet would be present in the inventory, click it to use the same music sheet. Your sim can also play these melodies on different instruments once they complete writing it. 

You have the choice to use instruments or microphones for singing, only when you are at no less than level 3 skill. 

Sims 4 Write Song | How To Write & Writing Songs (Updated)
sims 4 writing songs

Sims 4 writing songs

The instruments for songwriting are – 

  • Guitar – The Sims 4 base game skill
  • Violin – Base game 
  • Piano – Base game
  • Singing – City living expansion
  • Dj mixing – Get together expansion
  • Pipe organ – Vampires game pack
  • Media production – Get famous expansion

Sims 4 license song

Licensing music can earn you money, but licensing only one melody every week per instrument is allowed. Those of you who want to earn more money from this can make their characters excel in more than one variety to accredit more music.

If you have a creativity aspiration, it will act as an added benefit. You’d be awarded a 40% boost in your skills whenever you feel inspired.  To acquaint yourself with more such career options, check out the aspirations mods as well. 

A prerequisite for warranting lyrics is to achieve level 9 in that expertise. But it won’t be that difficult as you already need to be at level 8 to write tunes.

For accrediting a tune,

  • Click on the mailbox
  • Choose license
  • Select the song you want to sell to earn money.

The fee paid to you for Sims 4 license song would range from 100 to 1000 simoleans, and you’d receive it every morning at 10 a.m. 

Sims 4 can’t write song

Those of you who can’t write a melody but do not want to let go of this passion can practice publically to earn tips using the Tips option.

As you rank up through levels, you’d get a bonus of $2 from the other players every time. You have the chance to earn around a hundred simoleans for the first time also.

It might not be a considerable income, but it’d be enough to afford a livelihood. Even if you aren’t playing for the extra cash, writing your lyrics in public would still earn a gratuity. 


The Sims 4 write song is an exciting addition to the game as it gives your sim a chance to be a rockstar. They’d get better at these skills gradually and become rich as they keep earning money. It is a fun concept which every player would love. 

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