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Sims 4 Child Skill Cheats – (Updated) – 2024

We all know that building a foundation for all the knowledge that you gain and the skills that you learn as you grow up starts from childhood. It’s essential for children to learn skills from a young age so that it helps them in the future. The Sims 4 takes forward the same concept and emphasizes skill learning for your gaming avatars since they are a child.

However, you might sometimes get stuck on a specific skill that your child isn’t able to master or level up in. So in such situations, the Sims 4 child cheats come into play, which would be handy in crossing a particular stage to move forward. 

This article would focus on the skills that your child avatar can learn as well as the cheats to help you out in challenging situations. Let’s read further. 

Sims 4 Child Skill Cheats

Now, there are a lot of skills that you need to focus on in the game so that your character can excel in all of them. Let’s understand all of them in detail. 

1. Mental Skill

Mental Skill

This skill focuses on a child’s logic, programming, and video gaming skills, and mastering this ability would help them in maxing out their logic, video gaming, and fishing skills as adults. It prepares them for high school, and they’d also receive the Mentally Gifted Reward trait, which enables them to gain expertise in this skill quickly as adults. 

How to Gain this Skill?

There are a lot of ways for your character to build this ability, such as by playing chess on their own or with others, creating potions on the science table, and so on. There are 10 levels that your avatar would have to complete to max out this skill, and they are as follows – 

  • Level 1: Gain the ability to play chess and use the Science Table.
  • Level 2: Unlock the option to play the Arithmetic Game on the computer.
  • Level 3: No rewards
  • Level 4: They can create a Health Potion using the science table and gain stronger moodlets as they play the Arithmetic Game.
  • Level 5: Unlocks a new Interaction: Talk about Fractions.
  • Level 6: Acquire the skill to research on simpedia.
  • Level 7: They can create an Emotion Potion on the science table and receive stronger moodlets by experimenting on the science table and playing on the jungle gym.
  • Level 8: No rewards
  • Level 9: They can now Attempt Mental Telepathy and can also gain mental skill from researching on simpedia. 
  • Level 10: Unlock the option to create a Stink Drink on the science table and acquire the logic, fishing, and video gaming adult skills.

Cheat for the Mental Skill

Follow the steps mentioned below to cheat your way through a level or the entire skill. 

  1. Click on Ctrl + Shift + C (PC users); PS4 and Xbox One users can hold all four triggers simultaneously.
  2. Input “testingcheats true.”
  3. Now, enter “stats.set_skill_level skill_child_mental X” and ensure that you’re in control of the sim you wish to use this cheat on. 
  4. Replace X with whatever level you want them to achieve. For instance, stats.set_skill_level skill_child_mental 8. 

2. Creativity Skill

Creativity Skill

When it comes to creativity, your character would learn instrumental, painting, and writing skills. Once they max out these abilities, they’ll gain the Creatively Gifted Reward trait, which would help them in the future to learn all the adult creativity skills at a faster pace. 

How to Gain this Skill?

There are 10 levels to max out this expertise, and all of them would be fun for you and your character. For instance, they could draw on the activity table, play with dolls, play the guitar or violin, etc. 

  • Level 1: They can Draw various Shapes on the Activity Table.
  • Level 2: Gain the option to Draw a Vehicle on the Activity Table.
  • Level 3: They’ll enjoy more while playing on Jungle Gym.
  • Level 4: Acquire skills to Draw People on the Activity Table.
  • Level 5: They can gain the Inspired Moodlet from Dollhouse.
  • Level 6: Acquire expertise in Drawing Animals on the Activity Table.
  • Level 7: They can have more fun on the Jungle Gym and can even write a Dollhouse Story on their computer.
  • Level 8: Gain the option to Draw a Monster on the Activity Table.
  • Level 9: They are now able to Narrate a Tale of Dolls in the dollhouse.
  • Level 10: They can begin to learn piano and violin skills. 

Creativity Skill Cheat

The cheat to progress faster in this skill is as follows – 

  1. Enable the cheats as mentioned above. 
  2. Type “stats.set_skill_level skill_child_creativity X.”
  3. In place of X, enter any value, and your avatar will reach that level. 

3. Social Skill

Social Skill

Gaining this ability would improve your avatar’s communication skills and help them interact with others in a better way, and also make them good with words. They’ll gain the Socially Gifted Reward trait when they max out this skill. 

How to Gain this Skill?

Your character can start off by talking to their friends, and family members, or they could talk to stuffed animals, perform puppet shows, and so on. Your avatar would have to complete 10 levels to achieve this skill. 

  • Level 1: Sims can interact with other sims and use the “press to talk” on some toys
  • Level 2: Acquire the option to watch
  • Level 3: No rewards
  • Level 4: They’ll receive a stronger moodlet while watching
  • Level 5: Gain a stronger moodlet from playing with teddy bears.
  • Level 6: They can talk it out with a stuffed animal and gain the skill to research idioms on the computer.
  • Level 7: Unlocks new interaction to talk about school
  • Level 8: No rewards.
  • Level 9: Unlock the option to talk to stuffed animals about all negative feelings.
  • Level 10: They’ll begin to gain charisma and mischief skills.

Social Skill Cheat

Now, here’s what the children skills cheat to master the social skill is – 

  1. Enable the cheats by clicking Ctrl + Shift + C and typing “testingcheats true.”
  2. Then, input “stats.set_skill_level skill_child_social X” in the dialog box.
  3. Replace X with any value of the level you want your character to achieve. 

4. Motor Skill

Motor Skill

Here, we have the last skill that your child sim can learn in the game, which emphasizes improving their physical fitness and involves the movement of the entire body. Maxing out this skill would help your character gain the Physically Gifted Reward trait, which is valuable as they become an adult because it’ll increase the speed at which they gain the fitness skill. 

How to Gain this Skill?

Your avatar can gain motor skill by playing on the jungle gym, using the monkey bars, or they could practice typing on their computer. Let’s look at what the 10 levels in this skill consist of. 

  • Level 1: They can play on jungle gym and practice typing.
  • Level 2: Your character will start getting more coordinated.
  • Level 3: Unlocks new interaction to Ask for Typing Tips.
  • Level 4: They can now play Keyboard Commander on their computer.
  • Level 5: Gain the ability to Hangout on Monkey Bars.
  • Level 6: Acquire a unique moodlet while playing keyboard commander.
  • Level 7: They’ll receive stronger moodlets while playing on monkey bars.
  • Level 8: No reward.
  • Level 9: No real reward, but they may gain this skill at a quicker pace.
  • Level 10: Achieve stronger moodlets from monkey bars.

Motor Skill Cheat

If you want your sim to get physically gifted as soon as possible, then try out this shortcut method.

  1. Enable cheats.
  2. Input “stats.set_skill_level skill_child_motor X.”
  3. Now, in place of X, enter any skill level out of the 10 mentioned above, and your character will achieve that. 

Adult Skills for Children

There are specific adult skills that even a child can learn once they max out the basic cheats mentioned above. It’ll benefit them greatly to learn these skills when they reach adulthood. 

1. Creativity

  • Violin
  • Piano

2. Mental

  • Video Gaming
  • Fishing
  • Logic

3. Social

  • Charisma
  • Mischief

Sims 4 Child Skill Cheat for Toddlers

Sims 4 Child Skill Cheat for Toddlers

Even toddlers can learn a few skills in the game, and there are kids skill cheats as well that’ll help you out on the way. 

1. Communication Skill

Toddlers have 5 levels in this skill, and to achieve this ability using shortcuts, enter the following cheat code – 

stats.set_skill_level Skill_Toddler_Communication 5

2. Imagination Skill

Toddlers have a colorful and strong imagination, and the way they view the world is different from that of an adult, so the max child skills cheat for this ability is – 

stats.set_skill_level Skill_Toddler_Imagination 5


What is the cheat to max out a child’s skill in Sims 4?

To max out any skill of your child avatar in the game, click on Ctrl + Shift + C and enter “testingcheats true.” Now, input “stats. set_skill_level skill_child_mental X” and replace the X with 10 to max out the skill or with any other skill level you want your character to achieve.


These were all the skills and the Sims 4 child cheats that would help you out as your character attempts to move on from one level to the next. These skills are essential for your avatar to learn so that they come in handy when they reach adulthood.

You can always rely on these cheat codes to help you avoid all the hassle and the entire process of skill learning by just entering the level you want your character to reach.

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