Sims 4 Money Cheat

How to get Money, Skills, Love in The Sims 4 (Updated) 2024

Everything in the real world requires money, and the Sims 4, being a life simulation game based on reality, also brings forth the same concept.

However, there’s one advantage in the game, which is that players can use the Sims 4 money cheat to earn funds without any hard work from their end.

Since the jobs in the game don’t pay extremely well and require your character to do a lot of work, a lot of players prefer using shortcuts rather than going down the standard path. 

In this article, we’ll discuss the various fund cheats that you can use when you’re in need and wish to buy something essential. You can also use this shortcut to make your avatar a millionaire. 

What is the Money Cheat for Sims 4?

Instead of one, there are various Sims 4 money cheat PS4 for different purposes that you can opt for. However, before we move on to what those codes are, let’s understand how to enable those cheats. 

  • PC users, click Ctrl + Shift + C. 
  • Mac users, press Command + Shift + C.
  • Sims 4 money cheat Xbox One users, hold all four trigger buttons simultaneously.
  • Now, enter “testingcheats true” and hit enter.

Now, you’re all ready to enter the codes mentioned below to acquire as much amount as you want. 

  • Rosebud – 1000 simoleans
  • Kaching – 1000 simoleans
  • Motherlode – 50,000 simoleans
  • FreeRealEstate On – This would make all the lots in the world free of cost. Input “FreeRealEstate Off” to reset this feature.
  • Money X – Replace the X with any amount you want, and you’ll gain that amount. For instance, the Sims 4 money cheat 9,999,999 would be – Money 9999999. 
  • household.autopay_bills true – You won’t have to pay household bills anymore. Input “household.autopay_bills false” to reset this setting. 


How do you get a million dollars in Sims 4?

If you want a million dollars, then enable cheats by pressing Ctrl + Shift + C, typing “testingcheats true,” and then inputting “Money 1000000.” You’ll receive the desired amount instantly.

What cheat gives you the most money in Sims 4?

There are three shortcuts to get funds that you can use, where Rosebud and Kaching would help you gain 1000 simoleans, and Motherlode would offer you 50,000 simoleans.

Why are Sims 4 money cheat not working?

If the shortcut to acquire funds isn’t working on your PC or any other system, then it might be because you have not enabled the cheats by following the correct process. Press Ctrl + Shift + C, input “testingcheats true,” and then type the code.


Now that you know all the Sims 4 money cheat that you can use in the game, it’ll make things easier for you. Wish to buy a house but don’t have enough funds?

These shortcuts would help you out. But don’t rely on them too much because your character’s earning money by putting in effort and going to jobs also has its own charm.

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