Sims 4 Satisfaction Points Cheat

Sims 4 Satisfaction Points Cheat | Aspiration Points | Rewards Cheat & Points (2024)

The Sims 4 satisfaction points give you a chance to modify your sim’s personality and change their lives. You can buy the ‘never weary’ feature wherein your sim wouldn’t sleep and hardly feel hungry. You can use these points for improving their art or getting quick promotions as well, or the Sims 4 satisfaction points cheat also comes in handy. 

How to get satisfaction points, Sims 4

One way to earn these things is to fulfil Aspirations. You also have the option to change aspirations as many times as you want. Pick a social charisma if you’re levelling up or if you are painting and collecting, then you can move on to something for an artist or a collector.

Even if you have no aspiration, you can still progress by completing a few requirements if you’ve done those tasks already once. You can earn up to 3,000 to 5,000 achievement score by fulfilling one aspiration which can get you a pretty good reward trait. But to obtain more of such reward traits, you need to complete 2-3 goals. 

Satisfaction points cheat Sims 4:

You can use cheat codes as well to gain count. To do so, enter ctrl+shift+C on a windows PC or Cmd+shift+C on a Mac. The complete manual would open, and you need to enter the code for each cheat. To use these cheats, type ‘testingcheatson’ in the console. You can also write ‘testingcheats true’ or ‘testingcheats yes’. 

The brackets are not essential and if you find two options in the parenthesis, then choose the one that applies. For example, to free all the real estate in the game, type ‘freeRealEstate on’. All the cheats won’t be available, but you can access them in the Sims Forums, Sims Online and Carl’s Sims 4 Guide. 

Sims 4 rewards cheat:

To earn achievement scores for rewards, type ‘sims.give_satisfaction_points # into the console but instead of using #, write the number of points you wish to gain and enter. You can use these numbers in the reward store.

Example – sims.give_satisfaction_points 200 200 satisfaction total are gained through sims rewards cheat. 

This also reminds me of Sims 3 lifetime rewards that works on similar lines.

Sims 4 Satisfaction Points Cheat | Aspiration Points | Rewards Cheat & Points
Sims 4 Satisfaction Points Cheat

Sims 4 whim points cheat

Whims are considered the easiest way to earn the amount since all you have to do is what your sim feels like doing.

For example, he might get inspired and wish to paint a picture, or if he feels energized, his whim might be to exercise. Whims turn on automatically, but due to a patch, it would switch off on its own. So to turn on your whim, go to your game options > game play > show whims.

Those whims can help you gain extra 2000-3000 points. Sometimes, you might earn them for free just for not paying attention to them, and on some occasions, you might find whims that match with your current goals so you can pin them to earn rewards. 

Sims 4 aspiration cheat

Each time you complete an aspiration, it is added to your achievement tally. For example, for the bodybuilder aspiration, 50 scores are gained for finishing the 8 hours workout.

The count would keep on increasing as you move ahead and complete more aspirations. You can buy rewards through these numbers from the rewards store. Sims 4 cheats aspiration are useful for gaining scores.

Sims 4 satisfaction points cheat pc

To spend your acquired sum in the rewards store, go to the aspiration tab in the top right-hand corner where a small present icon is available, that would be the rewards store.

The items fall into two categories – potions and reward traits. These items help you in the game, so make sure to earn them and purchase those rewards. 

Sims 4 reward points cheat

Another way to earn the amount is by completing holidays, and even the custom made ones. You might not get a huge reward out of the sims rewards cheat, but it does help. Babies of Father Winter would earn more amount on completing whims as compared to others.

Sims 4 complete aspiration cheat

It is equally important to earn achievement marks from completing aspirations as much as gaining reward traits from the rewards store. Cheat code for aspirations is ‘Aspirations.Complete_Current_Milestone. This cheat would ignore all the requirements and provide you with the full reward.

As soon as you do this, the next aspiration milestone awaits you. By pressing the up key on your keyboard right after using the cheat, you can skip levels in a flash and earn the marks for it. 

You can also gain all the reward traits from these aspirations without actually completing them by typing in these shortcut codes.

  • Anglers Tranquility (Angling Ace Aspiration) – traits.equip_trait AnglersTranquility
  • Appraiser (The Curator Aspiration) – traits.equip_trait Appraiser
  • Beloved (Friend of the World Aspiration) – traits.equip_trait Legendary
  • Companion (Soul Mate Aspiration) – traits.equip_trait EternalBond
  • Expressionistic (Painter Extraordinaire Aspiration) – traits.equip_trait Expressionistic
  • Fresh Chef (Master Chef Aspiration) – traits.equip_trait FreshChef
  • Handy (Nerd Brain Aspiration) – traits.equip_trait TheKnack
  • Hero Of Strangerville (Strangerville Mystery) – traits.equip_trait HeroOfStrangerville
  • Hilarious (Joke Star Aspiration) – traits.equip_trait Hilarious
  • I Am The Master (Vampire Family Aspiration) – traits.equip_trait TheMaster
  • In The Know (City Native Aspiration) – traits.equip_trait InTheKnow
  • Long Lived (Body Builder Aspiration) – traits.equip_trait Longevity
  • Mastermind (Public Enemy Aspiration) – traits.equip_trait Mastermind
  • Melt Master (Grilled Cheese Aspiration) – traits.equip_trait MeltMaster
  • Natural Leader (Leader of the Park Aspiration) – traits.equip_trait ClubPresident
  • Naturalist (Freelance Botanist) – traits.equip_trait OneWithNature
  • Patriach/Matriach (Big Happy Family Aspiration) – traits.equip_trait PaMatriarch
  • Perfect Host (Party Animal Aspiration) – traits.equip_trait PerfectHost
  • Piper (Musical Genius Aspiration) – traits.equip_trait Piper
  • Player (Serial Romantic Aspiration) – traits.equip_trait Player
  • Poetic (Bestselling Author Aspiration) – traits.equip_trait EpicPoet
  • Potion Master (Master Mixologist Aspiration) – traits.equip_trait PotionMaster
  • Professorial (Renaissance Sim Aspiration) – traits.equip_trait Chronicler
  • Regained Humanity (Good Vampire Aspiration) – traits.equip_trait RegainedHumanity
  • Role Model (Super Parent Aspiration) – traits.equip_trait SuperParent_RoleModel
  • Shrewd (Fabulously Wealthy Aspiration) – traits.equip_trait Invested
  • Survivalist (Outdoor Enthusiast Aspiration) – traits.equip_trait Survivalist
  • Thrifty (Mansion Baron Aspiration) – traits.equip_trait ValuedCustomer
  • Tormentor (Chief of Mischief) – traits.equip_trait Bane
  • True Master (Master Vampire Aspiration) – traits.equip_trait TrueMaster
  • Unstoppable Fame (World Famous Celebrity Aspiration) – traits.equip_trait UnstoppableFame
  • Vicarious (Successful Lineage Aspiration) – traits.equip_trait LivingVicariously
  • Webmaster (Computer Whiz Aspiration) – traits.equip_trait Webmaster
  • World Renowned Actor (Master Actor/Actress Aspiration) – traits.equip_trait WorldRenownedActor

Sims 4 aspiration point cheats

At times, the game needs to be made easier, and therefore the cheats are our only way out. Cheats are basically shortcuts for you to reach success as quickly as possible. A few of the cheats which can help you move ahead in the game without much hassle are –

Sims 4 happy cheat 

To change the needs of your sim, press shift and choose Cheat Need, then Make Happy to influence their mood. 

Sims 4 motives cheat

These cheats focus on a specific motive.

  • fillmotive motive_bladder
  • fillmotive motive_energy
  • fillmotive motive_fun
  • fillmotive motive_hunger
  • fillmotive motive_hygiene
  • fillmotive motive_social

Max motives Sims 4

This cheat fulfils all the motives, sims.fill_all_commodities.

To increase your traits and to be able to afford rewards such as potions to influence the mood, these counts are your lifeline. The Sims 4 satisfaction points cheat mentioned above would be able to help you out when you are stuck or want to advance at a fast pace. 

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