Sims 4 Move Objects Cheat

Sims 4 Move Objects Cheat – (Guide) 2024

If you have been playing the Sims 4 game for long, you might be acquainted with the cheat codes that surface every now and then. However, if you are unaware about these cheat codes; let us help you understand more about the MoveObjects cheat code.

In essence, the Move Objects Cheat Sims 4 is a cheat code that allows the users a chance to place their desired objects anywhere with no interference from the objects around.

How can you use the cheat?

In order to use the cheat, you need to open your Sims 4 cheat console with use of the combination CTRL+Shift+C. Now, type in the code “bb.moveobjects” & press the enter button. In order to disable the cheat you need to hit enter on the cheat code again.

For the best results as you place the objects while using the cheat, you need to press the keyboard’s Alt button & you can easily place the objects with no particular grid limitations.

How to move objects up and down in Sims 4?

This particular cheat doesn’t simply stop here itself. It also allows you to place the objects up and down, even if the object is needed to be placed on the walls or not!

In order to move the object up, you can press the number 9. Now, to put this object back down, you need to press the 0 button in the Sims 4 relationships cheat.

The Sims 4 move objects cheat isn’t limited to the Fountains and Pools itself. However, most objects that you put into them can’t be used in any way.

You can easily experiment using this cheat with no possible limits! One of the best things you can opt for with this particular cheat is the fact that it can be used to place Fountain Sprinklers within the pool.

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  • Sims 4 move objects cheat codeis best to be used for decorative as well as non-functioning objects. Things such as wall art, landscaping, sculptures, etc can be easily moved with this cheat.
  • Some of the objects like doors and windows might not respond properly to the move objects cheat code.
  • You might experience slight glitches with the graphics or movement where 2 or more objects tend to overlap.
  • You might also experience things surfacing every now and then at places where you might not want them to come up.
move object | bb.moveobjects

How to open the cheat console for MoveObjects?

  • If you are using PC for the game, hold the CTRL button along with Shift and then press the C button
  • If you are using MAC, you need to hold the command button along with shift & press the C button
  • For PlayStation 4 users, the 4 shoulder buttons needs to be pressed in one go
  • For Xbox One owners, the 4 shoulder buttons should be held at one go

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